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Itsfunneh Discord

Who doesn’t like Itsfunneh? If you are playing Roblox, you must have dreamt to play with Itsfunneh for once! Well, you can make your dream come true just by joining the Itsfunneh Discord server! In this article, we have shared the Itsfunneh Discord server link with you!   

Itsfunneh is one of the finest Roblox players, you would like to join. Itsfunneh created Itsfunneh Discord server with KREW and named the server KREW. Hence, joining with Itsfunneh on Discord is actually joining the KREW Discord server. 

Join The Itsfunneh Discord Server By;

-log in to your Discord account
-click on the official link of KREW Discord
-accept the joining invitation by clicking on the “Accept Invite” button.

Joining the Itsfunneh Discord is crazy fun as you not only get a chance to talk to Itsfunneh on this Discord server but can also play Roblox games with her [if lucky!]. Share already has 10 million+ YouTube subscribers and most of her YouTube followers are also trying to reach her on KREW Discord. So, join now, before it gets too crowded! 

What Is Itsfunneh Discord Server?

Itsfunneh is a popular YouTuber gamer. This Canadian-Vietnamese-Chinese YouTuber has won the heart of millions of fans with her gaming skills. She is now available on Discord too! Although she has not launched any official Itsfunneh Discord server, she is with the KREW Discord server jointly with other super gamers! 

So, if you are hunting Itsfunneh on Discord, let’s start with joining KREW Discord and then start following her discussion thread. You can also join her on the voice channel and share your gaming experience. The KREW Discord server already has 289,912 active members and is gaining more. Let’s join now and start following Itsfunneh on Discord. 

Is There Itsfunneh Discord Server?

Well, if you are looking for an official Itsfunneh Discord server, there is none. 

Itsfunneh has never launched her official Discord server. However, she is co-parenting [or hosting!] “KREW” Discord server! So, if you intend to find Itsfunneh on Discord, you should join the KREW Discord. 

Itsfunneh Discord Server Link

As we were talking about, there are no official Itsfunneh Discord server links available online. 

However, you may bump into one or two Discord servers tagged with Itsfunneh, which are fan-made. Itsfunneh officially joined the Discord server through KREW. you can find her streaming live and discussing games on the KREW Discord server. Hence, here is the official KREW Discord server link for you [the same you can find in her YouTube bio too]

KREW Discord Server – Click To Join

How To Join Itsfunneh Discord Server Link?

To join the Itsfunneh Discord or to be specific KREW Discord, open > Log in to your Discord account > Click on the Discord link > Accept Invite > Choose topics for Notifications > Next > Choose Color for your name tag > Next > Read and Agree server rules > Finish! 

Joining the KREW Discord is super easy and takes only a few minutes. Here is a quick guideline for you:

Step 1: Log in to your Discord account. 

Step 2: Click on the KREW Discord link [shared above in this article]. 

Step 3: Click on ‘Accept Invite’.

Step 4: Choose topics to receive notifications, you will have four options to choose. Then click Next. 

Step 5: Choose your favorite color among all 10 color options for your name tag and then click on Next. 

Step 6: Read and Agree with the server rules followed by clicking on the ‘Finish’ button. 

Done! You have successfully joined the KREW Discord server. 

Itsfunneh Discord Features

Being an Itsfunneh fan, it might be overwhelming for you not to find a dedicated server to Itsfunneh. However, she is available on the KREW Discord server! Also, joining KREW is an amazing experience for Roblox fans. Here are some amazing features of KREW Discord, that you need to consider: 

1. Find the latest news related to Roblox games. 

2. Find YouTube content updates from Itsfunneh early. 

3. Participate in server events and win worm prizes. 

4. You can join the #Chill channel and hang out with cool gamers, including Itsfunneh. 

5. Join the #Arcade to get gaming commands and strategies. 

6. Also, the server has an Amusement park, where you can find music bots. 

7. Find pro-roblox players including Itsfunneh on this server, hang out with them, and share strategies! 

Itsfunneh Discord Server Rules

Now that the Itsfunneh Discord server does not exist, it may hurt you. However, do not get disappointed, you can join Itsfunneh on the KREW Discord server. However, we should warn you that the KREW members follow very strict rules. Here are the rules and regulations that you have to follow as a KREW member:

Rule 1: Be nice to other members of the server.

Rule 2: Anything hateful, illegal, or derogatory is not allowed. 

Rule 3: No NSFW content is tolerated. 

Rule 4: Do not post any content that causes harassment. 

Rule 5: Self-promotion and advertising are not allowed. 

Rule 6: You are not allowed to talk about any controversial or triggering topics. 

Rule 7: No inappropriate or offensive usernames, statuses, or profile pictures will be tolerated. 

Rule 8: Ping @KREWGUARD for any urgent issue. 

Rule 9: This server is for English-speaking people only. 

Rule 10: Be civil, and welcoming and always obey the Discord terms and guidelines. 


Joining with Itsfunneh on Discord is amazing. Although she has no official Discord server, she is available on the KREW Discord server. You can join her on KREW Discord. Also, do not forget to follow her on Instagram. Her fans are all requesting her to launch the official Itsfunneh Discord server; however, she is still cool finding her place beside the KREW only. Hope, she is gonna come up with her own server soon! Till then, join the KREWs and enjoy Roblox! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Where Can I Find Itsfunneh Server?

The official Itsfunneh Discord server has not launched yet. You can find fan-made Itsfunneh servers only. 

Q2. Is Itsfunneh Available On Discord?

Yes, Itsfunneh is now available on Discord. She is on the KREW Discord server. 

Q3.  How To Find Itsfunneh On Discord? 

If you wish to find and join Itsfunneh on Discord, you have to join the KREW Discord server. Itsfunneh is only available on  CREW Discord. 

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