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IVEs Discord

Liz, or Leeseo? Any K-pop lover will clench their teeth before answering. Because all IVEs are that crazy awesome! And now, they are on Discord too! Yes, IVEs Discord has officially launched and is open to join. 

IVE (아이브) is a South Korean girl group rocking the K-pop world. Netizens were looking for more ways to grow connections with the IVE members. The launch of the official IVEs Discord server opens a new way to grow connectivity with K-pop stars. 

To join the IVEs Discord server, open and log into your Discord account. After that click on the official IVEs Discord server link, followed by accepting the joining invitation. That’s it, with just a few clicks, you have secured your membership in the IVEs Discord group. 

It’s the craze of K-pop evolution that you can hardly overlook the popularity of BTS, Black Pink, or IVE among teens worldwide. When K-pop members showed their devotion to music that can conquer the world, they also set examples of hard work and creativity among the teens. If you are a K-pop enthusiast too, then let’s join the IVEs Discord server today! 

What Is IVEs Discord Server?

IVE the popular K-pop group recently announced that they have launched their official Discord server ‘IVEs Discord’. The caption of their announcement was “DIVE! We can’t wait to chat more with you!”.

So, yes! Now, you can expect IVE members to make themselves available to their Discord fans. The official Discord server already has 30,373+ members and counting. 

Although netizens around the world are showering their love for IVE Discord, K-Netz is coming up with a mixed reaction. You may find comments under their official Twitter announcement like “Discord? It’s unusual.”, “Oh, what are they going to do there?!” or “Heol, this is so mainstream overseas. They did well.”

Some netizens also assumed that Starship Entertainment made this stunt to win overseas fans, as they commented “Looking at the announcement in English, they were thinking of overseas fans.” or “Overseas Kakao Talk!”

Is There IVEs Discord Server?

What Is IVEs  Discord Server

Yes, the IVEs Discord server is now live and anyone around the world can join this Discord server!

If you are looking forward to joining the famous K-pop stars on their recently launched Discord server, make sure you have found the genuine official server link. Having said that, there are many IVE fan Discord servers already existing and you may end up joining a fan-made server, instead of the official one. So, be careful! 

IVEs Discord Server Link

As we were talking about, finding the official IVEs Discord server may give you trouble. Hence, we have found the official server for you to cut off your hustle. Here, find the link to the official Discord server dedicated to IVEs  and click on the link to join the server now:

IVEs Discord Server Link – Click To Join

How To Join IVEs Discord Server Link?

To join the IVEs Discord server, open > Log in to your Discord account > Click on the Official IVE server link  > Accept Invite > Answer a few personal questions > Finish!

Maybe it is a little difficult to find the official IVEs Discord server, but it takes only a minute to join this amazing Discord server. Here follow the quick guidelines below:

Step 1: Open and log into your Discord account.

Step 2: Click on the official IVEs Discord server link that we have shared with you in this article.

Step 3: Click on ‘Accept Invite’

Step 4: Choose the ‘language channel’ you prefer. You will have two options, either English or Korean. Click on Next

Step 5: Next you have to choose “Who is your bias?” among all the 6 IVE members list. Click on Next

Step 6: Choose your continent, you will have six options. Click on Next

Step 7: Next choose your preferred pronouns

Step 8: Click on Finish.

Bingo! Now, you are a valuable member of the IVEs Discord server.

IVEs Discord Features

Joining the IVEs Discord means winning the opportunity to chat with famous IVE members like An Yujin, Gaeul, Rei, Jang Wonyoung, Liz, and Leeseo! However, there is more to it. Here are some of the amazing features that you can enjoy being part of the IVE Discord community:

1. Get a chance to chat with any of the six IVE members. 

2. Find more social news regarding IVE. 

3. Find updates on which IVE member is doing what in real-time. 

4. There are six channels dedicated to the six IVE members. Join any channel and start chatting with your favorite K-pop star. 

5. Join the ‘Events’ shared on the server and win exciting prizes. 

IVEs Discord Server Rules

Adhering to the rules is a ‘must’ to be part of the IVE legacy, even if you are trying to be a part of the IVE Discord community. So, here is a glimpse of the rules that you have to abide by being an IVEs Discord member:

Rule 1: You have to adhere to Discord ToS and Partnership CoC at all times.

Rule 2: Respect all the Discord members and keep the server SFW. 

Rule 3: Do not share any personal information that compromises your personal identity.

Rule 4: Self-promotion and advertising are prohibited. 

Rule 5: If you attempt to bypass any filtered word, you will be banned from the server at once. 

Rule 6: Check ‘Channels & Roles’ for any query related to the change of roles. 

Rule 7: Fan wars are strictly prohibited. Have respect for all K-pop groups. 

Rule 8: Posting paywalled content is not allowed. 


It’s IVE, Black Pink, or BTS, we are all looking forward to welcoming all the K-pop stars in Discord. The IVE group officially debuted on December 1st, 2021; since then they have ruled on our hearts. Yujin, Gaeul, Rei, Jang Wonyoung, Liz, and Leeseo -all six members are the reasons we are glued to I’VE albums. Looking forward to enjoying more amazing works from IVE, till then you can join IVEs Discord and share your thoughts. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Is The Name Of IVE  Fandom?

The name of the official IVE fandom is DIVE (Korean: 다이브).

Q2. Who Is The Youngest Member Of IVE?

Leeseo is the youngest member of IVE. She debuted when she was only 14 years old. 

Q3. Who Is Ace Of IVE?

According to the fans, Wonyoung is the ace of IVE. She excels in almost every skill. 

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