How To Boost Your Story In Snapchat+? Let’s Increase Engagement!!

How To Boost Your Story In Snapchat+

Would you like to increase the number of views on your Snapchat Story? Then, try the Snapchat Boost feature for that! If you are a Snapchat Plus then it is quite easy for you to do that! Wondering how to boost your Story in Snapchat+? Then, jump right in to get all the coolest details about the process involved!

Boost Story on Snapchat is one of the coolest features released on social media. When you boost your Story in Snapchat+, users can easily increase engagement of their Stories and move their Stories to the front of the line for their Snapchat friends to view them. This will increase the chances of your friends watching it on priority!

To boost your Story in Snapchat+, open your Snapchat account, and navigate to your profile. Then, open your Private Story, and swipe up. Then, tap on the Story Boost option, and tap on Boost.

Do you know what’s the best part about the feature of Boost Story on Snapchat? Well, your friends won’t get to know that you tried to boost Story! So, delve in to know how to Boost your Story in Snapchat+, and get all the benefits!

What Does Snapchat+ Boost Do?

What Does Snapchat+ Boost Do

If you are not aware of what is Boost Story on Instagram or Snapchat, then let us make it clear that Boost Story is a feature introduced on social media that helps users to increase engagement of their Stories. Boost Stories is one of the most-loved Snapchat Plus features that allows Snapchat Plus users to boost their private Stories by adding them to the front of the line and making them more likely to be viewed by their friends. 

Now that you have got to know what is Boost Story on Instagram and Snapchat, it is time to level up your Story views by trying out this feature. But before that, you need to know that there is only one Boost Story on Snapchat per week, which means that users can only boost one private Story per week that will only be visible for 24 hours. 

How To Boost Your Story In Snapchat+?

To Boost your Story in Snapchat+, open your Snapchat account > Profile > Private Story > Swipe Up > Story Boost > Boost.

To boost your Story in Snapchat+, you can add a private Story from your account because this Boost Story option is only available for private Stories. Once you have posted your Private Snapchat Story, here is what is to be done. 

Step 1: Open your Snapchat account and tap on the Profile icon at the top left corner of your screen. 

Step 2: Next, scroll a little, and tap on the Private Story that you recently added and wish to Boost. 

Step 3: Now, swipe up to open up the options list, and tap on the Story Boost option.

Step 4: You can tap on the Boost option to confirm that you want to Boost your Story in Snapchat+.

How To Stop Story Boost On Snapchat? 

If you want to stop the Story Boost feature on Snapchat, then there is no way to do that but always remember that Snapchat Boost Story is applicable only for 24 hours. If you turn on this Boost Story feature on Snapchat, then you won’t be able to turn it off yourself, and it will automatically vanish after 24 hours. So, before you try to Boost your Story in Snapchat+, remember two things, this feature can’t be turned off manually, and you can only boost one private Story per week.

Wrapping Up

Snapchat has been successful in increasing its user base by launching its premium version of the app, Snapchat Plus. The best part is Snapchat Plus comes with its own benefits. Whether you wish to increase your engagement or want to show off in front of your friends with Snapchat Astrology or Snapchat Planets, Snapchat Plus can help you with that. Moreover, you can boost your Story in Snapchat+ and increase Story views with ease, but it is important to choose wisely which Story you want to Boost per week, otherwise, you need to pay an extra amount to boost more than one Story per week! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Is Story Boost Snapchat Meaning?

A. Story Boost on Snapchat is a feature for Snapchat Plus users that allows them to boost the engagement of their Private Snapchat Stories.

Q2. How To See Who Rewatched Your Snapchat Story?

A. If you are a Snapchat Plus user, a small eyes emoji will appear under your Story that shows how many friends have rewatched your Snapchat Story.

Q3. Can You Turn Off Story Boost On Snapchat? 

A. No, you cannot turn off Story Boost on Snapchat as there is no provision to change it until now. It automatically turns off after 24 hours of boosting your Story.

Q4. What Is The +1 More On Snapchat Story?

A. +1 on Snapchat Story means that someone who is not your Snapchat friend has viewed your Snapchat Story.

Q5. Does Snapchat Boost Score?

A. Yes, Snapchat boosts your Snap score if you keep sharing snaps with your Snapchat friends.

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