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Leaked.cx Discord

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No longer need to wait for the latest releases. Leaked.cx is now coming up with music leaks that fans have to wait for weeks for the official release. And now, you can join the Leaked.cx Discord!

If you are also hunting for the upcoming music leaks, you should start streaming the Leaked.cx now. If you are already on Discord, you can join the Leaked.cx Discord too and enjoy exploring upcoming music videos with friends. 

To join the Leaked.cx Discord server, you have to log in to discord.com and then click on the Leaked.cx Discord server link. Next, click on the ‘Accept Invite’ button, and you are in! 

However, finding the official Leaked.cx Discord server link may be difficult as this forum site does not share the discord server link on their site. If you are unable to find Leaked.cx on Discord, you can try alternate websites like Leaked.to. 

What Is Leaked.Cx Discord Server?

Music fans hunting for the leaked music videos can calm down and just log in to the Leaked.cx website. This site is truly popular with 1.4M visitors per month. However, the site is now under maintenance for some technical issues. 

But, that does not mean that you have to demote yourself. Let’s join the Leaked.cx Discord server instead. It is noted that the official Leaked.cx Discord server does exist. However, as the official site has gone under maintenance, you may find the Leaked.cx Discord server no longer exists. In that case, it is suggested to visit similar servers like Leaked.to Discord server, which will serve the same purpose. 

Is There Leaked.Cx Discord Server?

As we were talking about Leaked.cx Discord server does exist. However, since the website has gone under maintenance, you may not find the Leaked.cx Discord server. It can be speculated that the server has been deleted or suspended for some reason. In that case, you can find Leaked.to Discord server or Discord leaks online, which are alternative to the Leaked.cx server.

Leaked.Cx Discord Server Link

As mentioned above, Leaked.cx Discord server is no longer available. However, we have found the best alternative discord server that can serve the same purpose – Leaked.to Discord server. Leaked.to Discord server link is available online. You can browse for the server link using any search engine. However, that could be a tedious job! So, here we are sharing the server ink for Leaked.to Discord server. To join this server, click the link below:

Leaked.to Discord server – Click To Join 

How To Join Leaked.Cx Discord Server Link?

Joining the Leaked.cx Discord server could be super easy. However, the server link is not available. If the server is revived, we will update you here and share the joining procedure. However, if you find the server link first, feel free to share it with us and follow this general guideline to join the server:

Log in Discord account > Click on the invitation link to open > Click on ‘Accept Invitation’ > Accept the Terms and Conditions > Done! 


We all love to get a sneak peek of the upcoming music and music videos before its official release. However, leaking a sneak peek of the upcoming music is not legal and thus rarely found on the internet. Leaked.cx is one such website that often shares music leaks and entertains music lovers. You can join this forum site anytime it comes to live and enjoy music leaks. Stay tuned for more updates. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Why Leaked.Cx Is Not Working?

Leaked.cx is closed and showing 503 notifications. Currently, the webpage is displaying the message “An unexpected database error occurred. Please try again later.”

Q2. Is There Any Leaked.Cx Alternative? 

Yes, there are many alternatives to Leaked.cx; here are the top 5 alternate sites- ktt2.com, hastitleaked.com, ourgenerationmusic.com, beatstars.com, and  hiphop-n-more.com.

Q3. Is Leaked.Cx Hacked?

As reported in August 2022 [in Twitter] Leaked.cx was hacked. It was the only public mention found regarding the Leaked.cx site hack. 

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