COROS PACE 3 Review | Is It Really That Good?

COROS PACE 3 Review| Is It Really That Good?

Feather-light design, unbeatable battery life, enhanced heart rate sensor, advanced GPS, and many more. COROS PACE 3 review has been skyrocketing, and is hailed as the next generation super affordable sports watch, jam-packed with training apps and features.

COROS PACE 3 is a premium GPS Sports watch with enhanced feature-rich options, created exclusively for triathletes and runners who wish to maintain a record of their workouts. It flaunts an extended battery life with seamless wear, equipped with cutting-edge sensors backed with unparalleled accuracy for metrics including GPS tracking, and heart rate monitor.

The COROS PACE 3 shines for its seamless integration with third-party health apps and its empowering diverse workout and training plans. This article includes the latest information on COROS PACE 3 release date and compares its updates from COROS PACE 2. Read our honest COROS PACE 3 review, which helps you to decide if it will be worth buying.

Highlights Of COROS PACE 3

The next generation of GPS Sports watch, the COROS PACE 3 release date is on August 29, 2023, and is packed with multiple training features. It is one of the lightest smartwatches with a nylon band and is highly affordable with enhanced features. 

Unveiling a wide array of exciting features, the COROS PACE 3 is considered to be the best option for all athletes and fitness enthusiasts, equipped with state of the art optical heart rate sensor, blood oxygen measurement sensor, Dual Frequency GPS and barometric altimeter with unparalleled accuracy for GPS tracking, pace, distance, and heart rate metrics.

COROS PACE 3 is hailed as a sleep-tracking marvel with precise sensors combining 24×7 comfort and impressive battery life that shows insights into sleep recovery to aid users suffering from insomnia and other sleep-related illnesses. 

Furthermore, it is equipped to discern the user’s four distinct sleep stages by calculating the resting heart rate and works as a holistic wellness tool, making thousands of tech nerds across the globe look for COROS PACE 3 review from experts like DC Rainmaker.

Product Details

COROS PACE 3 offers various new and enhanced features when compared to COROS PACE 2. It offers the following new features and specifications.

New Features

  • Advanced sensors for optical heart rate sensor, blood oxygen measurement sensor, Dual Frequency GPS and barometric altimeter.
  • Enhanced reliability on metrics such as heart rate, pace, distance, and GPS tracking.
  • Top-notch durability of hardware and software aspects that ensure an overall enhanced performance.
  • Enhanced battery life from 25 hours to 30 hours with GPS on-time regular mode and 50 hours to 60 hours in UltraMax mode.
  • Reduced weight from 48g to 30g.
  • Increased storage capacity from 16 MB to 64 MB.
  • Reduced from 4 dials to a digital dial + a button.


  • Call and message notifications.
  • Device location via Find My Phone.
  • Sleep tracking with 24×7 comfort.
  • Impressive battery life.
  • Accurate sensors that monitor recovery patterns and sleep stages. 
  • Third-party integrations with trending health and fitness apps like Nike Run Club, Strava, Apple Health, and Google Healthkit.
  • Make training plans and download workout plans with a wide range of personalized goals ranging from 5k to ultra distances.
  • Monitor Heart Rate Variability (HRV) via an optical heart rate monitor.
  • Monitor blood oxygen level with SpO2 tracking.
  • Supports playback music for the best workout experience.

Tech Specs

  • Display size – 1.2 inch
  • Display resolution – 240 x 240 p
  • Weight – 30g / 1.05oz
  • Memory – 4GB
  • Battery life – Daily use: 24 days; GPS Mode – 38 hours
  • Strap material – Quick-release Silicone band
  • Lens material – Corning Glass
  • Benzel material – Fiber-reinforced polymer
  • Water rating – 5 ATM
  • Price – $229 USD / AU $399 / £219.


Honest COROS PACE 3 reviews are the need of the hour. With multiple new smartwatches in the market, customers who have tried out the device and can provide a hands-on COROS PACE 3 review often remain the deciding factor, that encourages users to buy the product. 

Tech nerds are eagerly waiting for the detailed review from experts like DC Rainmaker. Search no more for the COROS PACE 3 review. We have carefully dissected and reviewed the latest performance-focused wearable tech just for you.

COROS PACE 3 offers various legendary new features that were not included in its predecessors like,

1. Next-Generation GPS

COROS PACE 3 is redesigned with an All Systems satellite chipset, with an enhanced optional Dual Frequency that enables your GPS to be more accurate, even in challenging conditions like high-rise buildings or in the deep forest.

2. Follow Your Own Path

Run confidently beyond your neighborhood by using powerful tools like Breadcrumb navigation and other apps like Turn-by-turn alerts. 

3. Go Beyond The Distance

Longer battery life of over 38 hours with continuous GPS tracking or up to 24 days of Daily use, COROS PACE 3 can maximize your time spent on the device.

4. New Activity Modes

COROS PACE 3 provides a wide range of activity modes that includes hiking, trail running, snowboarding, skiing, etc. that optimizes accurate measurement of your physical activity.

5. Transflective Touchscreen Display

COROS PACE 3 enhances visibility for all users under bright sunlight with Always on Display, and Night mode for better readability even when it is dark.

6. 24 x 7 Comfort

The sleek body and super light weight of 30g make COROS PACE 3 comfortable and easy to wear throughout the day and even during the night. 


  • Numerous precise metrics.
  • Outstanding measure of road and light trails.
  • Extended battery life.
  • Affordable price.


  • Stripped-back smart features.
  • Slower touch screen
  • The lightweight design could feel flimsy.

Wrap Up

Staying up to date with the new technological advancements and making the right decision of investing in the right device poses the main concern of all tech-savvy users, as it could be a huge lifestyle-altering decision. Especially when it comes to buying smartwatches that have now become an integral part of our everyday lives. We hope that this COROS PACE 3 review has put all your doubts to rest, and helps you to make the right decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Coros Pace 3 Worth It?

Of course yes. With new enhanced and unique features like extended battery life and metrics precision, the COROS PACE 3 is so worth it.

Q2. Is Coros As Good As Garmin?

Yes, COROS PACE 3 is as good, if not better than Garmin.

Q3. Does Coros Pace 3 Have Music?

Yes, COROS PACE 3 has a background music play feature, that enables users to listen to music while working out.

Q4. Is Coros Pace 3 Waterproof?

Yes. COROS PACE is waterproof.

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