Lost Ark Reddit Server | How To Join?

Lost Ark Reddit Server

MMORPG Lost Ark, commonly referred to as LOA, was created by Smilegate RPG and released by Amazon Games. Released initially in November 2018 in KR Available right now in NA, SA, and EU. If you have already joined the Lost Ark Discord server, then it is recommended to you join the Lost Ark Reddit Server too. 

Created 8 years ago, the official Lost Ark Reddit Server is booming like anything. For any updates related to the game or the server, you must join Lost Ark Reddit Server. In general, Lost Ark is a challenging game. In actuality, upgrading a player’s character to the greatest level in this game is not too difficult. So, if you are stuck in the game, we recommend you to go through this article and learn how to join the Lost Ark Reddit Server.

To join Lost Ark Reddit Server, go to > type on the Search bar: r/lostarkgame > click “Join.” If the server is not open to all, send a private message.

If you are one of the Lost Ark fans looking for a guide or game-related update, join Lost Ark Reddit Server today. Go through the article and learn how to join Lost Ark Reddit Server. 

What Is Lost Ark Reddit Server?

The 2019 MMO adventure role-playing game Lost Ark was created in collaboration with Smilegate and Tripod Studio. In February 2022, Amazon Games launched it in Europe, North America, and South America after Smilegate published it in South Korea in December 2019. The social footprint of this game is as strong as the Gameplay itself! From Twitter, and Twitch to Discord and Reddit, you can find the official Lost Ark Server on every platform. 

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The official Lost Ark Reddit Server was created on Nov 14, 2014. A subreddit account for Lost Ark is also available! Type in in the Reddit search bar – r/lostarkgame, and you will find the official Lost Ark Reddit Server! This server page is counted among the top 1% of Reddit servers with a 1.8K browsing history. 

If you are curious about how to join Lost Ark Reddit Server, go through the next section. 

How To Join Lost Ark Reddit Server? 

How To Join Lost Ark Reddit Server

To join Lost Ark Reddit Server, first, go to, then type in the search bar: r/lostarkgame. At last, click “Join.” If the server is not open to all, send a private message.

Before joining the Lost Ark Reddit Server, make sure to read the rules and the FAQ page. This will prevent you from being fired a few days after getting the go-ahead. After all, holding the membership should be considered equally as important as joining the server. Here is what to follow:

Step 1: Visit, sign in, or Register on Reddit: Use your username and password to log in.

Step 2: Enter the name of the Reddit server you’re interested in, in the search bar. Here, search for r/lostarkgame to find the Lost Ark Reddit Server.

Step 3: Hit the “Join” button on the page.

Step 4: Enjoy sharing thoughts on Lost Ark Reddit Server.

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Lost Ark Reddit Server – Rules To Be Followed

Following are the rules that you should abide by while being in the Lost Ark Reddit Server community:

  1. No badgering or flaming.
  2. No trolling, please.
  3. No junk mail.
  4. Avoid using excessive foul words.
  5. NSFW rules should be adhered to.
  6. No material compromises the fair play of the game.
  7. Don’t talk about specific mod actions.
  8. There are no trading or buying/selling posts of any type.
  9. No pleading for money.
  10. Don’t talk about or file appeals for gaming bans here. Do not discuss your customer service experiences with AGS or Smilegate.
  11. No advertising for guilds, clans, or private communities.
  12. Show each other respect.
  13. No too crowded entries.
  14. Remain focused.
  15. Self-promotional materials must be educational or useful.
  16. Videos may be removed at the moderator’s discretion.
  17. Only English posts.
  18. No entries, videos, thumbnails, or names that are deceptive or clickbait.
  19. Abusive behavior toward users, moderators, developers, or publishers may result in a temporary or permanent ban without prior notice.
  20. No external platform linkages. Don’t send visitors to other websites.
  21. No gloomy or quitting threads, please.
  22. No gifts or unapproved promotions of any kind.
  23. Submissions need to be pertinent to the game. Politics, religion, social and economic issues, and other topics will not be covered in threads.

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Wrapping Up

Although Lost Ark can’t properly be categorized as a sandbox MMO, there are plenty of ways to pass the time while playing it. Many players enjoy searching for collectibles, while others enjoy teaming up for end-game dungeons or engaging in PvP combat. Let’s join Lost Ark Reddit Server and learn more details about this game by following the steps mentioned in this article. Got a question? Drop it in the comment box. Follow Deasilex for more updates on Lost Ark. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Lost Ark Still Popular?

It was launched by Amazon Games in February 2022 in America and Europe, where it immediately became well-known. On the gaming platform Steam, Lost Ark generated about 280.58 thousand peak simultaneous players in November 2022.

Q2. Is Lost Ark Censored On Reddit?

The only instance of “censorship” I can think of is that they changed the default starting clothing to one that is more covered up; otherwise, none of the other outfits have been altered. A few seconds into the game, the original costume is still attainable (common drop from super early-level monsters).

Q3. Why Do People Like Lost Ark So Much?

Character mechanics and combat in Lost Ark develop steadily; leveling up to 50 teaches the fundamentals, but the endgame is where the real difficulty lies. Even if it occasionally feels tedious, the combat-focused content always feels satisfying, which is more so than in the majority of games of its kind.

Q4. Is Lost Ark Getting Censored?

In an effort to “better match Western values” with the new class, Lost Ark said it would edit some skins for the future Artist class. According to a Lost Ark content roadmap for 2023, a few of the skins for the future Artist class will be filtered for global distribution.

Q5. Are Lost Ark Bans Permanent?

Lost Ark has enforced banning people on inactive users, some of whom have dozens of hours of gameplay and others who have paid money for the free-to-play game, in a decision that has left several gamers perplexed and upset.

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