Mastodon Decentralized Social Media | Everything You Need To Know!

Mastodon Decentralized Social Media | Everything You Need To Know

These days social media has become so much more centralized than ever before. Most social media platforms are working on algorithms to serve content and ads to users. Well, if I say there is a social media platform that is not centralized and does not work on algorithms. It is exciting, right? Mastodon decentralized social media platform that is decentralized and works in a chronicle order to serve content to users. 

Mastodon is an open-source social media platform. This platform gives access to the content which they want to see, which they want to ignore, or share. Everything will be in the hands of the mastodon decentralized social media user. Mastodon has been in the market since late 2016. 

Mastodon social media works on four key concepts that are decentralized, open source, not for sale, and interoperable. These features made it different from popular social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

In this article, we are going to take you through every piece of information about Mastodon decentralized social media. For more information scroll down. To get the latest update do follow Deasilex. 

What Is Mastodon Decentralized Social Media?

I’m sure you’re wondering how mastodon’s decentralized social media platform differs from others. In this article, you will know about Mastodon Decentralized social media. Elon Musk recently bought Twitter, but it has caused some uncertainty in the minds of the users, and they started looking for an alternative. Well here comes the Mastodon Decentralized social media platform which is becoming the favorite place for social media users. It functions on four key themes which are: 

1. Decentralized 

Mastodon offers users to join whichever community they want to join. There is no centralized system like Twitter and other social media platforms. This means it is not run by any corporation. The user can create a community called the instance. Users can join these instances of their choice and post comments and share. The post will appear in chronological order, not by algorithms. Mastodon says that the instance creator can set their own set of rules and run these instances. 

2. Open-source

Mastodon is free and open-source software. Mastodon says that users can create their own mastodon as users want to see the mastodon. As it says mastodon runs on crowdfunding so they neither sell user data for the ads nor use data for algorithms.    

3. Not For Sale

Well, mastodon does not sell your data to serve ads. That’s why it is an ad-free social media platform.  

4. Interoperable

Mastodon is built on the open web protocol, mastodon can connect with any platform that implements activity-pub. Just with one account users will have access to the whole universe of social apps called fediverse. 

What Are The Features And Uses Of Mastodon Decentralized Social Media? 

Mastodon decentralized social media is popular for its features. As it is a web of interconnected servers that are used for the interaction and sharing of content. This can be done by signing in to one account of the mastodon without creating separate accounts for the different servers. And the best part is your account is owned by yourself and you own all the action words and content. The instance you are part of is also owned by the admin of the community. Here is the  feature of the Mastodon:

  • Users can interact on any server in the fediverse using the activity pub standard on mastodon.
  • The username of the instance is similar to the format of the instance for example “@[Username]@[MastodonInstance.Domain]“
  • Mastodon has a feature to post toots which is similar to tweets. This post can be up to 500 characters.
  • Every instance has its own theme and it is administered by the admin of the instance. Admin can also set its own rule.
  • Mastodon also offers to share messages publicly or privately in an instance or group of instances. 
  • Users have the choice to convert their accounts completely private. 
  • Users can also share a direct message with other users and can also boost posts.

What Is An Instance On Mastodon?

Mastodon Decentralized Social Media

Instances are similar to the community with specific topics like technology, arts, and music. When users join these instances they will get content of the topic only in the instance. You can find links to instances on the server page of different genres. These instances support audio and video, so you will find content in the form of video, audio, or picture in these instances. you can change the instance if you find it of your choice.

Here is the link to the server page where you can join different instances from these pages. 

What Is Tooting On Mastodon?

Just like tweets on Twitter, toots are the same way to share your thoughts in words. As tweets allow only 140 words to be published but toots allows you to share your thoughts in 500 words means you can share a lot more in one go. You can add mentions and hashtags on a toot just like the tweet. In addition to posting pictures, you can also organize polls on Toots.  

How To Join Mastodon Decentralized Social Media?

If you are a first-time user of the mastodon decentralized social media then you have to first either download the app from the app store or you can open it in the browser. After opening you have to create an account. Here are the steps on how to join Mastodon decentralized social media. 

To Join Mastodon Decentralized Social Media Open Mastadon On Your System > Now Tap On Create New Account > Provide All The Information > Click On Signup > Enjoy Exploring On Mastodon

Step 1: Open Mastodon decentralized social media.

Mastodon Decentralized Social Media

Step 2: Tap on create a new account.

Step 3: Now provide the information like user name, email address, and password.

Mastodon Decentralized Social Media

Step 4: After filling in all the required information click on signup.

Step 5: Enjoy exploring Mastodon decentralized social media. 

Step 6: Done.

Is Mastodon Decentralized Social Media Available On iOS And Android?

Yes, mastodon decentralized social media is available on iOS and android. If you are an iOS user you can download it from the apple app store. And if you are an android user you can download it from the play store.  


Well, we will wrap up this article on mastodon decentralized social media here. In this article, we have provided you with all the information about mastodon decentralized social media platforms. If you find it relevant to your problem, spread it to family and friends. If you have any queries, feel free to write them in the comment box.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Does Mastodon Make money?

Mastodon is free and open-source software. That runs on crowdfunding. Mastodon decentralized social media platform is completely dependent on public money for its evaluation and development. 

Q. Who Owns Mastodon Social Media?

Eugen Rochko is the owner of the mastodon social media platform. 

Q. Is It A Good Idea To Switch From Twitter To Mastodon Social Media?  

Well, the mastodon is an open-source and decentralized social media platform. But as Twitter is a centralized social media platform and it works on algorithms means it will provide you content according to surfing on Twitter. Whereas mastodon does not work on algorithms it provides you with content in chronological order. 

Q. How To Set Up A Mastodon Instance?

To set up a mastodon instance you need to have a domain name, a virtual private server, an email provider, and an optional storage provider. There are many instance hosting providers that can help you to create your own mastodon instance without much effort. These instances have control of the creator. They can set up their own rules for the community.  

Q. Which Instance Severe Should I Join? 

Mastodon is not a single social media platform, it is a collection of many. In starting you get confused about which instances you should join. So you can join the largest instance on the mastodon that is run by the developer of the mastodon. To join the mastodon instance you should visit the instance server page on the official website of the mastodon decentralized social media platform.

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