Memrise Discord Bot | How To Add It To Your Server?

Memrise Discord Bot

Visiting Japan next month? Whether it is a business tour or vacation, you have very little time in hand to learn Japanese! Solution? Memrise Discord Bot! Yes, now you can learn twenty-five languages apart from your native tongue in just a few days!  

It’s true, with the power of GPT-3, Memrise has launched its very first Discord this May 2023. Now learning a new language has become more enjoyable with the comfort of Discord! All you have to do is add a Memrise Discord Bot on your server. 

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To add Memrise Discord Bot to your server, you have to log in to Discord followed by clicking on the Memrise Discord Bot link. Then choose the server you want to add and click on continue. Done! 

Memrise is the “first AI language-learning chatbot powered by GPT-3 in Discord”. You can learn and practice any language with your friends with Memrise Discord Bot. In this we will show you how to add this bot to your server, the popular bot commands, and how to join the Memrise Discord server.

What Is Memrise Discord Bot?

Memrise Discord Bot is dedicated to all learners who are interested in learning new languages. Whether you are visiting a new country, or chatting with friends from another corner of the globe, learning a new language will always spur the opportunity for you. However, the conventional method of learning a new language will bore you to death and if you have survived, it means you have already jumped out of the boat. 

The new Memrise Discord Bot powered with ChatGPT is a way more attractive procedure to grow a love for learning languages other than your native. According to Memrise co-founder Ben Whately, they never ‘force’ students to learn the language. In the Verge interview he mentioned, “If we spoke about cooking like we speak about language learning, people would say ‘Can you cook yet?’ and you’d say, ‘No, I’m learning about the principles of cooking and temperature control. It’s like, let’s just do the dish.’” 

Memrise Discord Bot Invite Link

Yes, the Memrise Discord Bot invite link is now available for Free!

You can find the link on the internet and on the official website of Memrise. However, to save your effort, we have picked the link for you! Find the link below and click on it to add this smart AI bot in your Discord server. 

Official Memrise Discord Bot invite link 

How To Invite Memrise Discord Bot To Your Discord Channel?

How To Invite Memrise Discord Bot To Your Discord Channel?

To add Memrise Discord Bot in your server, open your Discord account > click on the official Discord Bot link > Choose the server > Continue > Done! 

If you want to add Memrise Discord Bot to your server, here is the guideline for you: 

Step 1: Log in to your Discord account.

Step 2: Click on the Memrise Discord Bot Link that is shared with you in this article. 

Step 3: Choose the server you want to add this bot to. 

Step 4: Click on continue and done! You have added the bot successfully. 

How To Join Memrise Discord Bot Server?

How To Join Memrise Discord Bot Server?

The Memrise Discord Server is also available. If you are interested in joining the Memrise Discord Server and enjoy learning a new language with your Discord friends, then here is a quick guideline for you:

Step 1: Log in to your Discord account.

Step 2: Click on the official Memrise Discord Bot Server link.

Step 3: Click on ‘Accept Invite’.

Step 4: Agree with the terms and conditions.  

Done! You have joined the Memrise Discord Server successfully. 

Memrise Discord Bot Features

If you are still not very impressed with the Memrise Discord Bot, then here are some amazing features of the bot that will make you think again:

1. Memrise Discord Bot is powered by GPT-3.

2. This bot is available for free and can be added to any private Discord server. 

3. You can use this bot to learn any language in just a few days. Currently, 25 languages are supported by this bot. 

4. You can learn a language using this bot solo or with friends by using the /learn solo and /learn together command. 

5.  You can join the Memrise Discord server and try the bot in advance. 

6. This learning bot helps to create a situation-based conversation to facilitate real-time learning. You can pick any situation [like booking a hotel, addressing a new colleague, or visiting a market] and practice real-time communication with the bot. 

7. This learning bot is so popular that it is already integrated into more than 1.7K servers worldwide! 

Memrise Discord Bot Popular Slash Commands

Following are some of the common and most popular bot commands for Memrise:

1. /learn solo: Practice on your own. 

2. /learn together: Practice with your friends.

3. /reply: You can reply to any conversation. 

4. /help: If you need more information about Memrise commands, this command is for you. 

5. /config: You can set language preferences or restrictions using this command. 

6. /learn: Start learning a language with Memrise. 


The world is shrinking faster than ever with the introduction of the internet! Discord is one of many platforms that helps you to make friends worldwide. The exposure is huge so does the opportunity. If you are multilingual, you can explore more windows of opportunities globally on social media platforms including Discord. Memrise Discord bot gives you an amazing opportunity to learn a new language while gaming and making new friends!

Moreover, this is Free! What is taking you so long to make the decision? Try the Memrise Discord bot now and share your experience with us! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Memrise Bot Free?

Yes, the Memrise Discord bot is now available for Free. You can add this bot to your server and enjoy learning a new language every day! 

Q2. Can You Become Fluent With Memrise?

Yes, the Memrise Discord bot is one of the most entertaining ways to become fluent in any language. 

Q3. How Many Languages Can You Learn From Memrise?

For now, Memrise offers the opportunity to learn 25 languages. In the future, it is expected that they will add more languages. 

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