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Merry Christmas Discord Bot

Less than 10 days are left in Christmas and everyone is busy getting ready for Christmas this year. If you are a regular user of Discord, then why not make Discord Christmas bots ready too? In this post, we will cover the Merry Christmas Discord Bot.

If you will search for the Merry Christmas Discord bot, then you won’t find one bot there. There are a lot of Christmas Discord bots that you can try out. We will provide you with a list of the best Merry Christmas bot Discord that can be useful for you. Every bot has got its own unique features.

Among the list of Merry Christmas bots, here is a guide on how to add a bot to your server. Go to the User List and select Merry Christmas Discord Bot. Now click  Add to Server and Select Server where you want to add it.

We will be discussing the Merry Christmas Discord Bot. We will find the best Merry Christmas Bots out there. How to add these bots to the server and what are their features and rules? So, without further ado, let’s start.

Merry Christmas Discord Bot

The Merry Christmas Discord Bot is a Discord bot that has been created for the Christmas season especially. The Discord bot provides a lot of new features all around the Christmas festival. This bot will keep you updated about the time left in the Christmas season in your time zone.

What Are The Features of Merry Christmas Discord Bot?

Here are some features that are offered by different Merry Christmas Discord Bots.

  1. Daily countdown
  2. Santa Tracker
  3. Countdown widget
  4. Time left for Christmas in.
  5. Secret Santa
  6. Discord RPC
  7. Jokes
  8. In your timezone and language
  9. Christmas Radio

Merry Bot Christmas Discord Link

Here are the different Merry Christmas Discord bots that you can add to your server ahead of the Christmas festival.

  1. Christmas Radio – Discord Christmas radio bot can play the Christmas songs on your server using the Xmas bot and know how many days are left in Christmas. Be ready with Christmas music discord bot.
  2. An Elf’s Christmas Discord BotThis is a Winterfest Xmas bot that is full of fun.
  3. Catch it! –  This is a simple discord Christmas bots that spawns items that can be caught and collected in your inventory. The top members of the server will be shown on the leaderboard.
  4. Chris Radio –  This is the best discord Christmas bots that brings Christmas to your server with many songs. So make this Christmas more wonderful using the Christmas music discord bot.
  5. Secret Santa – Secret Santa discord Christmas bots gets the names of all participants who join, shuffles them up, and assigns a secret Santa to every participant secretly.
  6. Xmas 101 – This Xmas bot gives the most creative winner on Top.GG’s 2021 chilly hackathon.
  7. Christmas BotA discord Christmas bots to show an accurate countdown to Christmas day.

How To Add Merry Christmas Discord Bot To Your Discord?

Merry Christmas Discord Bot

To add the Merry Christmas Bot to your Discord Server go to User List > Select Merry Christmas Bot Discord > Add to Server > Select Server.

Step 1: Go To the user list on Your Discord account.

Step 2: Next, select the Merry Christmas Bot Discord and click on it.

Step 3: Now, select “Add to server”.

Step 4: Next, select the server you want to invite the Bot to.

Merry Christmas Bot Discord Commands

Here are the main commands that can be used in most of the Merry Christmas Discord Bot.

  1. /days : Get the number of days left until Christmas in your timezone
  2. /hours : Get the number of hours left until Christmas in your timezone
  3. /joke: Get a random one of over 100 Christmas jokes
  4. /minutes: Get the number of minutes left until Christmas in your timezone
  5. /months: Get the number of months left until Christmas in your timezone
  6. /radio: Get the link to add the Christmas Radio bot to your server
  7. /seconds: Get the number of seconds left until Christmas in your timezone
  8. /secret-santa blacklist: Manage the naughty list
  9. /secret-santa list: Check who each participant is assigned to
  10. /secret-santa show: See who you need to give a gift to
  11. /total: Get the total time left until Christmas in your timezone
  12. /weekday: Get the day of the week that Christmas Day is on
  13. /weeks: Get the number of weeks left until Christmas in your timezone
  14. /donate: Donate to unlock additional features
  15. /help: List the available commands
  16. /info: Get information and statistics about the bot (link to the stats dashboard)
  17. /invite
  18. /suggest: Submit a suggestion
  19. /suggest-joke: Submit a new joke
  20. /server set: Update your server’s settings (timezone, locale, etc)
  21. /server reset: Reset your server’s settings (timezone, locale, etc)
  22. /server view: View your server’s settings (timezone, locale, etc)
  23. /setup: Set up the countdown webhook or widget
  24. /toggle: Toggle the countdown on/off (same as the `enabled` server setting)
  25. /user set: View your personal settings (timezone, locale, etc)
  26. /user reset: Reset your personal settings (timezone, locale, etc)
  27. /user view: View your personal settings (timezone, locale, etc)
  28. /ping: Get the connection information

Wrapping Up

Here we conclude our post on Discord Christmas rules. If you are in need of multiple accounts you can use this Christmas Bot discord to run multiple accounts with ease. You can easily switch between the accounts as well. This is a very useful Bot. If you find this post useful, share it with others. Visit Deasilex for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Is Discord Snow Giving?

Snowgiving is the Discord event that has been organized to celebrate the Discord this December on the internet by supporting a good cause. This event will also give out tons of fun rewards. It also supports charity partner “Crisis Text Line”. This event will be celebrated with Charli XCX.

Q2. How To Join  Snowsgiving Discord?

You will need to have the Discord Nitro for participating in this event. This event will be hosted from 5th December to 12th December. You can have access to additional exciting rewards. Every day, you will enjoy different gifts during the Christmas Snowsgiving event.

Q3. How Do You Get A Christmas Theme On Discord?

You can easily change the theme to a Christmas theme on Discord. Just go to the settings and then go to the themes. Here search for the Christmas theme. Apply that theme and you are ready.

Q4. How To Make Christmas Profile Picture?

You can use different websites to create the Christmas profile picture for your Discord. You can create your image or gif and use that on your Discord profile.

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