Companies Entering Metaverse Apart from Facebook

Companies Entering Metaverse Apart from Facebook

Facebook picked up the perfect time to change its name to “Meta”. This created a sense of confusion between the newbies that the Metaverse concept has been introduced by Facebook. But, this is not true. So, to clear your doubt here we are with the list of the companies that are going to launch their Metaverse like Facebook. 

The term “Metaverse” was first coined in the year 1992 by Neal Stephenson. He was an author and introduced the concept of Metaverse in his Science-Fiction novel, Snow Crash. His interpretation of the Metaverse said that the 3D Avatars will be able to meet in virtual places and have discussions. Well, this Science-Fiction genre novel is going to be purely scientific soon.

In the announcement about changing Facebook’s name to Meta. Mark Zuckerberg said that the company will become a Metaverse company within five years from now. Well, Facebook is going to take five years but there are few companies that have been secretly working on the Metaverse environment.

So, here we are with the post that will tell you about the companies that are entering the Metaverse apart from Facebook. Let’s not waste much of your time and start with the list.

Metaverse Like Facebook

As we said there are various companies that are secretly working to develop their own Metaverse like Facebook. Some of these companies are developing the gaming universe while some are focusing on developing the virtual office environment. Let us have a look at these Metaverse companies one by one.

1. Microsoft Metaverse

Metaverse Like Facebook - Microsoft
Image Credits: The Verge

If you think that only your personal and social life will be affected by the introduction of the metaverse concept. Then my friend you are as wrong as the people who think “the earth was flat”.

Microsoft is focusing on developing the Metaverse like Facebook that could help the professionals to attend meetings and have important discussions wearing the VR sets, sitting at home.

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The office-oriented approach of the tech giant Microsoft was introduced to the world during the Covid pandemic, when Microsoft introduced “Office 365”, to help the professionals in easily managing the work from home situations.

Microsoft is soon planning to release another suit that will use AR and VR to develop a sense of office. It was also told that the users will also be able to make their avatars and then use them in the virtual office environment created by Microsoft.

2. Nvidia

Metaverse Like Facebook - Nvidia
Image Credits:

The Metaverse concept can be called a revolution in the graphics world. How?? Well, this is because now you will be able to see the virtual images in 3D. So, the next company we are going to mention in the list of the Metaverse like Facebook is one biggest graphics companies ever.

Any Guesses???

Yeah, we were talking about “Nvidia”. if we see the Metaverse technology as the shift of the graphics industry then Nvidia has got all the reasons to pivot towards the development of its Metaverse.

The company is already known for developing top-quality video cards for supercomputers and VR Applications and Artificial intelligence. 

Talking specifically about the Nvidia Metaverse, Nvidia is developing the “Omniverse”. Omniverse would be a Metaverse in which the users will develop their own 3D avatars. Nvidia is paying attention to every small detail. The company is also going to use facial tracking techniques, 3D animation, and speech recognition to make the avatar ideal for interacting with the real and physical world. 

3. Roblox

Metaverse Like Facebook - Roblox
Image Credits: CNBC

David Baszucki has been bragging in front of the media that their company has predicted the introduction of Metaverse almost 17 years ago. 

Talking about the familiarity of Roblox among the users then it has got a total of 203 million monthly active users. If you are looking for a Metaverse like Facebook to invest in then choosing Roblox is not a bad idea.

The company has already started developing the photo metaverse using AR and VR technology. Roblox has already started to invest in the Meta Universe and the production of Virtual Reality tools for the games. The company is already using digital currency to trade in-game purchases.

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4. Niantic

Metaverse Like Facebook - Niantic
Image Credits: Adweek

Talk about AR and VR, the first gaming company that would strike anybody’s mind is “Niantic”. Yeah, thanks to Pokemon Go that gave us a sense of metaverse before the actual Metaverse was introduced. Niantic was the company that developed the game Pokemon Go. It used AR and VR technology, blend them with the real world, and developed a game that gave us a sense of the first Metaverse. 

If you have never played the game then let us tell you that it develops another world in your device. Now, you have to move your device around and find the Pokemons that are found inside the phone world. You can capture these Pokemon and meet with other trainers on the game.

The company has been continuously improving its game that uses AR and VR. So, there is a hundred percent chance that Niantic will develop its Metaverse like Facebook soon.

5. Qualcomm 

Metaverse Like Facebook - Qualcomm
Image Credits: Mobile World Live

Well, Qualcomm might not be the exact Metaverse like Facebook, but, the company is focusing on being the building block for the Metaverse era.

The company will develop an application called the Qualcomm spaces that will help the other companies to develop the new AR applications. The company has already collaborated with the scientists and claims that the platform developed by them will help the developers to make the Metaverse applications that will work cross-device with ease.

6. Tencent

Metaverse Like Facebook - Tencent
Image Credits: South China Morning post

Moving further in the list of the Metaverse like Facebook, we have “Tencent” one of the world’s biggest publishers. In one of the recent interviews about Metaverse Tencent president Martin Lau said, “Hardware will probably be an assisting condition but not the necessary condition”.

It is clear from the statement that the company will be focusing more on the software part than the hardware development. But, there is also news about the company developing a complete game gear for the users.

7. Unity

Metaverse Like Facebook - Unity
Image Credits: Seeking Alpha

You must have heard or read this name many times. Unity is one of the best 2D and 3D game engines that allows the creators to develop their game idea on its platform without letting them worry about the code.

Starting with the popularity of the platform almost 71 percent of the total games present on the Android platform run on Unity and if you combine the PC games, Mobile games, and the Console games then it owns the share of more than 50 percent.

As the world is shifting towards the Metaverse like Facebook, Unity is also planning something big and soon you will be able to play the Unity games in the Unity Metaverse.

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Wrapping Up

We hope that your doubt about only Facebook developing the Metaverse is cleared after viewing the list of the Metaverse like Facebook. All the companies mentioned above are secretly developing their Metaverse and will soon release their version of the virtual world (Metaverse).

If you still have any doubt in your head then feel free to ask us in the comments section. We will be happy to hear from you. If you found this article informative then do share it with your friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which Companies Are Working On Metaverse?

There are various companies that are working on Metaverse like Facebook. Some of these are:

  1. Meta (Facebook)
  2. Microsoft Metaverse
  3. Nvidia Metaverse 
  4. Roblox Metaverse 
  5. Niantic Metaverse
  6. Qualcomm Metaverse
  7. Tencent Metaverse
  8. Unity Metaverse

Q. Who Is Creating The Metaverse?

There are various companies that are on their way to developing the Metaverse like Facebook. Majorly these are the gaming companies that use the in-game NFT tokens to help people play and earn.

Q. What Is A Metaverse Company?

A Metaverse company is the one that is developing the Metaverse using Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality Technology, and Virtual reality.

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