More Investors Than Ever Are Capitalizing On the Trend of NFT Investing

Trend of NFT Investing

An ever-increasing number of people are aware of NFTs (non-fungible tokens), many having already purchased or traded one. NFTs are digital assets recorded on the Ethereum blockchain, a ledger similar to the network that supports Bitcoin, bought and sold online, mostly with cryptocurrency. An NFT can be a game, a collectable piece of art, or a real-world object (e.g., real estate). It features a unique numerical identifier that can’t be duplicated, guaranteeing ownership of backed assets. 

Anyone can invest in NFT tokens (and it’s a pretty simple process), meaning NFTs aren’t limited to professional investors. Many are keenly interested in owning tokenized assets like music, which can be sent to anyone, anywhere, anytime, as long as there’s a good Internet connection. It’s possible to sell the underlying assets to liquidate the purchase or have them listed on a marketplace that allows for NFT lending and borrowing. The NFT should be deposited into a smart contract, with clear terms defined for the lender and the borrower.  

 NFTs Can Be Bought And Sold Through a Marketplace Like Binance 

To invest in NFTs, it’s necessary to have cryptocurrency. Most NFT markets accept only Ether payments. ETH can be purchased from an exchange like Binance, which allows users to connect their bank accounts and transfer money directly into the crypto wallet. For security purposes, it’s advisable to use a hardware wallet, which protects contents from virtual and physical theft. The current Ethereum price can be used to determine how much Ether to buy. The type of order used will impact how much one pays per coin and how fast the order is completed. 

Transferring Ether from one wallet to another is quite simple. After completing a “send” transaction requiring a target wallet address, it’s necessary to patiently await confirmation. The wallet app functions as a portfolio tracker, so managing investments is straightforward. Gas fees apply to any transaction on the Ethereum blockchain. They cover the energy costs a miner needs to verify transactions and reward them for their endeavors. Gas fees are higher when there are multiple transactions on the Ethereum blockchain, so it’s recommended to finalize trades when the network is less congested. 

What Are The Most Extensive NFTs Sold (So Far)?  

Many tokenized assets are available, and honorable mentions include collectables, music, access tokens, metaverse land, etc. As one of the world’s largest centralized NFT marketplaces, Binance allows anyone to browse and trade virtual land, in-game items, or art pieces. It’s worth mentioning that the platform is only available to account holders, which doesn’t include U.S. residents. Those interested in NFT investing will find many webinars on how to get started.  

Value for money isn’t about achieving the lowest price; it’s about acquiring benefits and perks. Like every venture, an NFT project must strike a chord with the investor. The quality of the work and the team’s track record adds to its value. Many NFT projects make available a roadmap of what they’ll do to add value. If only a small number of people invest in the project, investing becomes risky.

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