MSI Afterburner Discord | How To Join?

MSI Afterburner Discord

MSI Afterburner Discord is officially launched by MSI so that MSI Afterburner users can communicate with each other. Joining MSI Afterburner Discord is a super gun! Because in this popular Discord channel you can discover more gaming friends than you can imagine!

The most popular graphics card program, MSI Afterburner, is widely utilized for a good reason. It is trustworthy, compatible with all cards (including non-MSI), provides you with all control, enables you to view your hardware in real-time, and, best of all, it is totally free! Now that I have introduced you to MSI Afterburner, let’s join MSI Afterburner Discord Overlay and win a chance to resolve any issue related to MSI Afterburner in seconds while discussing MSI Afterburner Discord. 

If you are new to Discord and are finding a way to join the Discord server, then here is a quick guide for you on joining the MSI Afterburner Discord  Discord server. To join the MSI Afterburner Discord > Discord Account > Login > Link > Accept Invite > I am Human. 

Let’s explore the article and learn more about MSI Afterburner Discord. 

What Is MSI Afterburner Discord?

MSI Afterburner Discord is dedicated to all MSI Afterburner Discord users. If you are a fan of fighting games, then you must be familiar with MSI Afterburner. Joining the MSI Afterburner Discord can help you to meet with the MSI Afterburner users. If you are already using MSI Afterburner and looking for people using the same software and wish to discuss their updates or any use, the MSI Afterburner Discord Overlay is the platform you should consider. MSI Afterburner Discord has more than 7,092 members and counting. Let’s click the invitation link shared in this article and join the discord server today! 

MSI Afterburner Discord Link

MSI Afterburner Discord is so popular among gamers, that you can get hundreds of search results if you hit the keyword on Google. However, not all of the links available on the internet are good. Most of the links are either spam links or lead you to 404 error pages. But, not to fret! We have found the official MSI Afterburner Discord server link just for you! Click the link below and join the server now! 

The MSI afterburner is a freely available software that can be used with graphics cards from all brands. You can control your graphics card and hardware in real time using this software. Using this software, you can change the GPU’s clock frequency and voltage, not just this, you can even control your fan speed using this software.

MSI Afterburner Discord Link

How To Join MSI Afterburner Discord?

If you are new to Discord and are finding a way to join the MSI Afterburner Discord server, then here is a quick guide for you on joining the server.

To join the MSI Afterburner Discord Server > Discord Account > Login > Link > Accept Invite > I am Human 

Step 1: Open your Discord Account 

Step 2: Login into your Discord Account

Step 3: Click On the link to join the MSI Afterburner Discord.

Step 4: Click on Accept Invite

Step 5: Check on I am Human box

Step 6: Voila! You have joined the MSI Afterburner Discord.

Now that you have joined the MSI Afterburner Discord Overlay, not to mention that you have to follow the discord channel rules, or else we will be banned by the admin! 

MSI Afterburner Discord Overlay

MSI Afterburner Overlay is the UI that allows you to monitor and visualize the hardware parameters of the system. It includes GPU, RAM, Fan speed, and much more. You can also control the parameters as well like the core voltage, core clock, and memory clock.

MSI Afterburner Discord Overlay Not Working

If the MSI afterburner overlay is not working, then here are some causes of this problem.

  • If the latest version of MSI Afterburner is not installed
  • You did not install the RivaTuner Statistics Server
  • The framerate option is not selected under the Monitoring Tab
  • When the application detection level is not set to low in the RivaTuner Statistics Server (RTSS)
  • The On-Screen Display support is not enabled in the Riva Tuner
  • If your game doesn’t allow a third-party FPS counter.

Here are some fixes to resolve the issue.

  • Reinstall the MSI afterburner.
  • Enable Framerate from the Monitoring tab.
  • Change the settings under the Benchmark tab.

MSI Afterburner Discord – Rules To Follow 

Following are the rules that you should consider to be part of the MSI Afterburner Discord server:

1. Don’t spam the channels or overburden them with text, links, or graphics.

This includes the habit of “Line breaking,” or repeatedly breaking up your communications into separate lines.

2. Keep conversations jovial. No insulting, yelling, or harmful conduct against other members. Respect one another.

Banter is acceptable, but if it turns into an actual mean-spirited conversation, it should be discussed elsewhere.

3. There must be no adult (18+), excessively graphic, NSFW, or contentious messages.

Just don’t post it if you feel it is inappropriate. If you must use profanity, use it sparingly and infrequently.

4. No remarks that are extremely offensive or racist or sexist.

This includes any and all phobic remarks; we ask that you respect one another and treat one another well.

5. Avoid linking to or promoting other websites, Discord servers, or services.

If you receive any DMs from anyone advertising to you, kindly let us know.

6. Absolutely no trolling.

7. Avoid discussing post deletions or moderation conflicts on the Discord server.

Let a moderator know if you want to contest any removal that affects you.

8. English should be used in conversations.

Please stick to English only since this server is primarily used by Americans.

9. Pay attention to the text channel and stick to your topic.

Please try to keep your talks on-topic as each channel has been set up for a specific reason. Please utilize the #general-chat channel for anything arbitrary.

10. Technical assistance guidelines

Please be aware that this server is not being watched by MSI Support. Please get in touch with support for your region at if you are experiencing problems with any MSI hardware or software.

11. Questions about new product introductions or promotions?

Please contact your local MSI for more information if you have any queries about new product launches and sales promotions (

12. Do not DM or tag MSI staff members or server administrators. DMs from moderators should NOT be requested.

Avoid doing anything to avoid @MSI Moen’s DMs-based mockery. The moderators cannot provide DM technical support. Only DM them if there are any server problems.

13. Don’t beg. Soft begging is included in this.

14. To notify the team of major rule violations, only tag moderators with @Moderator. Do not tag each one separately.

15. Avoid acting in someone else’s place.

That is somewhat unacceptable, buddy.

16. Enjoy yourselves!

If you violate the aforementioned guidelines, the server may mute, kick, or ban your account. The moderation team has the last say on violations.

Wrapping Up

MSI Afterburner Discord is one of the most active Discord channels that you can be part of. Go through the article again and follow the steps to join the MSI Afterburner Discord. Got a question? Let me know in the comment box. Follow Deasilex for more updates on Discords. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Using MSI Afterburner Safe?

This system program allows you to manually adjust the voltage, clock speed, as well as fan speed of your video card in order to overclock it. Although this software is safe for laptops and won’t harm the hardware, overclocking can cause a computer to become unstable.

Q2. Do You Need MSI Afterburner?

In addition to being one of the greatest GPU overclocking tools available, MSI Afterburner is a fantastic resource for all of the GPU tuning requirements, including overclocking, underclocking, undervolting, and a long list of other tasks.

Q3. Can You Damage Your GPU With MSI Afterburner?

Since I only purchased this software to perform some under- and overclocking, I was concerned that I would damage my graphics card by fiddling with the settings. I didn’t mean to, but this software makes it very simple to make a mistake. Your GPU cannot be damaged.

Q4. Is MSI Afterburner Good For PC?

It features a great UI that is comparatively simple to use. Even if you don’t want to overclock and/or overvolt the GPU, MSI Afterburner is a great program for monitoring the GPU, CPU, and systems temperatures, among other things. However, you must have some expertise in what you’re doing.

Q5. Does Overclocking Increase FPS?

Yes, your games and media apps will typically run faster if you overclock your GPU. Overclocking the graphics card may not be as beneficial on more powerful systems, but if your games generally run at 40 or 50 frames per second, an increase will be noticeable.

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