How To Send Blank Message Discord? 6 Easy Ways!

How To Send Blank Message Discord

Do you want to send a blank message on Discord but do not know how to send it? Well, don’t worry, we will help you out. In this article, let us see how to send blank message Discord. 

A social platform for VoIP and instant chatting is called Discord. Voice calls, video calls, text messages, media, and files can be exchanged between users in individual conversations or as a part of groups known as servers. With 300 million registered users, Discord is considered one of the most popular social media applications where people mainly exchange messages.

To send blank message Discord, Login to Discord > Select the person to whom you want to send the message > Go to the chat box > Type either “** **” or “*** ***” or “_ _” or “**_ _**” or  _** **_ or use an invisible text generator.

Continue reading to understand how to send blank message Discord and what are the steps involved in it.

How To Send Blank Message Discord?

To send blank message Discord, Login to Discord > Select the person to whom you want to send the message > Go to the chat box > Type either “** **” or “*** ***” or “_ _” or “**_ _**” or  _** **_ or use an invisible text generator.

Discord is growing in popularity because gamers frequently utilize it to stay organized while they play as Discord allows them to communicate with each other while playing. However, it has also established itself in other communities, and many businesses set up Discord servers to encourage a sense of community among their clients. A server can be started at a very low cost. Additionally, there are no advertisements on it, allowing you to chat unrestrictedly.

It is so much fun being a member of this community you can join several servers to meet new people if you want to talk to someone new every day and you can start sending messages. You can also send an empty message for fun purposes or to seek their attention. Sometimes people send empty messages to someone to have their chat on top of others.

We have listed down a few ways in which you can easily send blank message Discord.

Step 1: Log in to the Discord app.

Step 2: Select the person to whom you want to send the message.

Step 3: Go to the conversation page.

Step 4: Finally, in the conversation box enter the characters in one of the above-mentioned ways without quotation marks.

Way 1: Type “** **”

Copying and pasting two asterisks, followed by spaces and two asterisks is the first choice. This markup is typically used to bold text in a standard message. But, by leaving a space, you can send blank message Discord. You can leave any number of spaces in between the asterisks but make sure there is at least a minimum of one space.

Way 2: Type  “*** ***”

Three asterisks, a space, and then three more asterisks. Usually, bolded and italicized text is marked up in this way.

Way 3: Type  “_ _”

This one may be the quickest to type because it uses the fewest letters. Simply put, it consists of two underscores that are close to one another. There isn’t a need for a space between them, but you can if you like.

How To Send Blank Message Discord  --

Way 4: Type  “**_ _**”

Add two asterisks, two underscores, and two more asterisks to the bold and italics combined. Though this option has a lot of characters to type when compared to others, this is also one of the ways to send blank message Discord.

Way 5: Type _** **_

To send blank message Discord, add an underscore followed by two asterisks, leave a space and then continue with two asterisks followed by an underscore. 

How To Send Blank Message Discord -** **-

Way 6: Use An Invisible Text Generator

Go to an invisible text generator > copy text >  paste the copied text into the conversation box 

Step 1: You can visit a reliable invisible text generator and copy the blank text provided by them by clicking on the copy button. 

How To Send Blank Message Discord - invisible text generator

Step 2: Next, paste the copied text into the conversation box of the Discord app and hit send. 

Step 3: Blank message will be sent.

By following any one of the above mentioned ways, you can quickly send blank message Discord.

How To Send Invisible Text Discord?

Log in to Discord > Type message in chat box > select the text to hide > Click on eyeball > Text highlighted > Send message > Spoiler text is blacked out and becomes invisible to other users

Step 1: Log in to Discord.

Step 2: Go to the chat box and type the message.

Step 3: Select the text that you want to hide.

Step 4: A menu will appear over the text.

Step 5: Click the hide icon which is represented by an “eyeball”

How To Send Blank Message Discord - eyeball icon

Step 6: The menu will now disappear and you will see two straight lines on each side of the text that you want to hide.

Step 7: Now, the spoiler text will be highlighted.

Step 8: When you click on the send button, the spoiler text will not be shown to the users and it will be blacked out.

How To Send Blank Message Discord - soiler text blacked

Step 9: The users need to click on the blacked-out text to view the text.

Wrapping Up

To send blank message Discord is so simple but make sure to follow the instructions that we have provided in this guide without using quotations. We hope this article has given a clear-cut explanation of how to send blank message Discord. For more such informative and interesting articles, follow us at Deasilex.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Do You Blank Out A Message In Discord?

Ans. You can use the vertical bars “||” at the beginning and end of the message, or use the “/spoiler” command at the beginning of the message you want to send to the Discord channel, to hide text on the Discord mobile application.

Q2. Is Discord Safe And Free?

Ans. If used properly, Discord can be a secure platform. On this platform, users should feel safe as long as they avoid interacting with unknown servers and only use recognized people. Discord’s security features operate as a solid barrier against offensive information and conversations.

Q3. What Is Discord NFT?

Ans. We track data about the equipment you use to access the services. Information from your IP address, operating system, browser, and device settings, such as your microphone and/or camera, are all included in this. This is Discord NFT

Q4. How To Set Up A Discord Account?

Ans. Step 1: Go to the Discord website and select “Login”.

Step 2: In the area below the sign-in button, select “Register.”

Step 3: Input your date of birth, username, password, and email address.

Step 4: After agreeing to the terms of use, click “Continue.”

Q5. How Does Discord Earn Money?

Ans. On a worldwide level, Discord features a customizable game store where game creators can sell their products. This enables a large number of game creators to independently publish their game on its store and get a 90% cut of sales. Discord levies a 10% cut for selling the games.

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