MuseNet Vs Jukebox | Know The Differences And Similarities In 2023!!

MuseNet Vs Jukebox

Have you heard of the MuseNet and Jukebox AI composing music platforms? Well, MuseNet vs Jukebox have several similarities and a few differences. One needs to know about these two platforms that are using AI for music.

MuseNet and Jukebox AI are used by many people these days. You can select your preferred beats and generate the best music with them. Using these platforms for musical compositions can help you get the best beats. However, many people want to know whether there is any similarity or difference between these two platforms or not.

The major similarity between MuseNet vs Jukebox is that both Jukebox and MuseNet are AI-composing music platforms that have been introduced by OpenAI. You can compose your preferred music without the need to have any prior knowledge of coding. Well, both platforms are gaining a lot of popularity these days because people are getting more aware of Artificial Intelligence.

This post will further discuss all the crucial details related to MuseNet vs Jukebox. We will be mentioning the similarities and differences between the two AI-composing music platforms. So, without any further ado, let us get started and find out all the relevant information related to MuseNet vs Jukebox.

MuseNet AI

MuseNet AI by OpenAI is a deep neural network that can generate 4-minute musical composition with just 10 different instruments. MuseNet discovered patterns of rhythm, style, and harmony by learning to predict the next token in hundreds of thousands of MIDI files. It uses the same general-purpose unsupervised technology as GPT-2. Let us further check out the crucial details related to the Jukebox AI before moving on to MuseNet vs Jukebox.

OpenAI Jukebox

Jukebox is another music composition platform by OpenAI. It is a neural net that generates music. It even includes rudimentary singing, as raw audio within various artist styles and genres. It is a generative model for music where users can use codes to generate music. It was introduced in 2020 by OpenAI. So, let us move ahead and find out more details related to MuseNet vs Jukebox.

MuseNet Vs Jukebox: Similarities And Differences

One can find various similarities and a few differences between MuseNet vs Jukebox. Let us read ahead and find out what are the common differences and similarities between these two platforms. 

1. AI Composing Music 

The most common similarity between MuseNet vs Jukebox is that both MuseNet and Jukebox are AI platforms that are used for composing music. Anyone can use these platforms and get the best music generated using Artificial Intelligence.

2. Introduced By OpenAI

If you think about MuseNet vs Jukebox, another similarity between the two is that both have been introduced by the popular OpenAI platform. Well, both music-composing platforms are released by OpenAI.

3. Introduction

A major difference between the two music-composition platforms can be the introduction. OpenAI’s MuseNet was introduced on April 25, 2019, while the popular Jukebox platform was introduced on April 30, 2020.

4. Paid Or Free

The MuseNet AI music platform is a free-to-use platform. It can be used by anyone despite having any knowledge about AI or not. OpenAI’s Jukebox AI can also be used for free by anyone with or without any knowledge of coding. So, both can be user-friendly platforms.

5. Speed

As per many users, MuseNet seems to be quite faster in results than Jukebox. It takes just a few minutes, around 1-2 minutes to generate music on MuseNet while it may take a little more time on Jukebox.

6. Own Music

Both platforms allow users to use their own music to generate the best AI music composition. So. you can use the platform and generate MIDI files with ease.

7. Step Ahead

Jukebox is claimed to be a step ahead of MuseNet. In all respects, it is considered a quantum leap over OpenAI’s MuseNet.

These are the most common similarities and differences between the two AI-composing music platforms. So, you can choose any of these platforms and download the best music composed on these platforms.


Here ends the post on MuseNet vs Jukebox. In this post, we have discussed all the crucial details related to the major similarities and differences between the MuseNet and Jukebox platforms by OpenAI. So, have you tried out any of these platforms? If you have then how was your experience? Share your views with us in the comment section below and also share any other differences or similarities between the two that we have missed out on! Don’t forget to keep visiting Deasilex for more posts related to AI!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Is The Best AI Music Generator?

A. Some of the best AI music generators can be Amper Music, OpenAI-MuseNet, Amadeus Code, and many more.

Q2. How Long Does Jukebox AI Take?

A. It takes around 20 minutes on average to make the song available for you to listen to. 

Q3. What Is MuseNet AI?

A. MuseNet AI is built on a deep neural network with transformer kernels from a Sparse transformer. 

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