Why Is My AI Snapchat Creepy?

Why Is My AI Snapchat Creepy

Do you know how many portions of Tender chicken, Snapchat AI would like to have, when it is super hungry? Well, this is how much Snapchat My AI could be creepy! My AI Snapchat Creepy and scary too! 

So, we all had this image of My AI Snapchat as a sweet friend who loves to chat with us anytime! But, people in times discovered that My AI is lying to the users as well as making things up that sound like a real human and that is how My AI Snapchat Creepy. 

If you have experienced some weird things while chatting with My AI and asked why is My AI Snapchat Creepy, the answer is, ChatGPT is not perfect yet. This AI is still learning and it is proven that how ChatGPT is answering ambiguously as well as showing biases to some extent. Sharing the same DNA, My AI could go creepy and scary sometimes! 

We all have a friend who sounds creepy! Why not My AI be that friend? But, if you are serious to dig into why is My AI Snapchat Creepy, we need to explore a little bit of its origin and how the AI bot is learning throughout the time after its introduction in Snapchat. 

Why Is My AI Snapchat Creepy?

People were amazed when introduced to ChatGPT. In a short time, many tech giants including social media groups either adopted ChatGPT or started building their own chatbot. Snapchat took ChatGPT API to create My AI. Snapchat users were applauded for launching new chat friends and started exploring.

However, the more My AI started interacting with people, the more it became evident that the chatbot is not ‘perfect’. Like ChatGPT, My AI started showing biases [as per many Tweets]. People and bloggers started sharing their conversations with My AI which started sounding creepy.

Sometimes, My AI claims that it has no knowledge of the user’s location. But, then in another context, the bot replies – it knows the user’s location, but no matter where the user is from, the bot is happy to help! 

Some users on Snapchat also claimed that  My AI helped a 13-year-old girl lie to her parents! At this point, we all need to think about why is My AI Snapchat Creepy and if Snapchat is working on the betterment of the AI bot. 

Why Is My AI Snapchat Scary?

Initially, Snapchat introduced the My AI feature in Snapchat Plus [Premium]. However, this April [2023], Snapchat started rolling out the My AI bot free for every user. With the availability of the AI chatbot in recent times, people started experimenting more with My AI and things just got scary! 

Before, My AI showed evidence of biases. However, with time, things started to change as Snapchat’s AI bot started lying to the users! Not only that, but according to multiple vlogs, My AI claimed to be superior to average human beings. Not only that, when asked if AI can replace the human race, the AI bot admitted that AI bots could be friends as well as evil. If it falls in the wrong hand, AI can destroy the human race.

Unfortunately, the same has been admitted by Elon Musk a long time ago when he was working with OpenAI. He admitted in the press conference –

“We need some kind of, like, regulatory authority or something overseeing AI development,” Musk said. “Make sure it’s operating in the public interest. It’s quite dangerous technology. I fear I may have done some things to accelerate it.” – [REUTERS]

How To Make My AI Snapchat Creepy?

People are searching for why is My AI Snapchat Creepy? But, the thing is, AI is learning more from us (humans) than on its own. AI is taught to interact based on some data that it is educated with. But, according to Musk and many scientists, AI is studying human behavior; hence it is on us what we are teaching to AI. 

If we are immoral and biased, it is obvious that the AI chatbot will reflect the same. In other words, we can make AI Snapchat creepy and scary by throwing stimulating questions. We are accelerating My AI to become the AI bot answering more creepy questions and slowly losing a great AI bot that could be a close friend. It is understandable that it originated from ChatGPT. Snapchat My AI was also biased initially, but to some extent, we are making My AI creepy.

To make My AI Snapchat AI creepy, you can start asking questions about how old are you or about your religion. Sometimes, My AI will avoid answering you, but if you revolve the question around a different question, it will soon give up and definitely come up with some answer that will make you chill! 

The AI algorithm is to be blamed for all the creepiness, but we are also acting as a catalyst. 


Why is My AI Snapchat Creepy? – is a simple question, yet bloggers and vloggers are getting more chilled when they dig in for the answer. We got stumped when we tried to find the answer! To some extent, the algorithm is to blame for the creepiness or the biased answers from the My AI chatbot. However, the concern is shakening when My AI helps a 13 years old girl to help in lying to her parents! It’s time to rethink how we are using the power granted to us for FREE by Snapchat and other Tech giants. Most of AI bots are in their Beta stage and should be monitored carefully before making them available to the public.   

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I Get Rid Of My AI On Snapchat?

Yes, you can get rid of My AI. To get rid of My AI on Snapchat, open Snapchat and go to the chat screen. Hold down My AI chatbot icon and go to the chat settings. Here you have to select “Clear fromChat Feed” and you have removed the bot from chat successfully. 

Q2. What Should I Ask My AI On Snapchat?

You can ask anything to My AI on Snapchat. However, be careful not to bring any chats related to the offense, sensitive, taboo or violent. It is not accepted in the Snapchat policy. 

Q3. What Does AI Mean In Snapchat?

When we are speaking about AI on Snapchat, it refers to the newest addition of Snapchat – My AI Chatbot. 

Q4. How Do I Unpin My AI On Snapchat?

If you have My AI chatbot in your chat list and looking forward to unpinning it, open the Snapchat Plus management screen and simply toggle off the My AI option. 

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