Best NFT Influencer On Twitter | Top 20 NFT Influencers!

Best NFT Influencer On Twitter

Looking for guidance in case of investing in NFTs well NFT influencers can help you the best. Find out the best NFT influencer on Twitter from whom you can gain tips for the same!

NFT influencers are the ones who have lots of experience in collecting, creating, and investing in NFTs. Users who are interested in knowing more about NFT space especially follow these influencers on Twitter. Most of these influencers are talented and are aware of how to simplify difficult keywords into easy intellects which can be easily understood by beginners also. If you are also into it then find the best NFT influencer on Twitter and follow them.

Best NFT influencer on Twitter are Snoop Dog, Gary Vaynerchuk, Yam Karkai, Pranksy, DeezeFi, Farokh, BoredApeYV, Punk6529, Matty, Artchick, Ohhshiny, etc. Find the rest of the top NFT influencers in the below sections.

This article brings you the list of best NFT influencer on Twitter who can help you in gaining knowledge about NFTs. If you are seeking tips and tricks every time you think of starting investing in NFTs then this article is a must for you!

Best NFT Influencer On Twitter 2023

In previous times, influencers were considered popular personalities like celebrities and were invited for brand promotions. But for brands and users, it became difficult to find the ones whose target audience or genre is the same as theirs. In the NFT universe, influencers are allowed and are well eligible to launch their own merchandise and monetize their own videos and build a brand that may get in demand in the market. Influencers do this because NFTs let them trade their commodities through their channels to their fans and followers without collaborating with brands.

Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) are a kind of virtual assets that evolved on blockchain networks. These NFTs are on Twitter also where users have their accounts, and profile pictures of bored apes, feeds are loaded with token and blockchain-related talks and also discussions of dip purchasing. Among thousands of NFT influencers finding the right one for you becomes difficult with different and multiple criterias. However the internet is overflowing with self-made experts but out of them only a few deserved to be followed. To know who are the ones who need to be followed on Twitter for their useful information and tips on NFTs.

If you are looking for the best NFT influencer on Twitter whose path you can join and become a part of their journey of hustling then here you will find the top 20 and most popular NFT influencers in 2023 so that you can make a solid presence of yours in the blockchain universe.

01: Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg is an iconic hip-hop influencer who retains his place at the top of the best NFT influencer on Twitter list in 2023. Snoop Dogg is behind the most famed NFT-based Twitter account “Cozomo de’ Medici”. Other than this, Snoop Dogg has also managed to collect multiple NFTs like Bored Apes, CryptoPunks, Doodles etc. 

02: Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk is also popular by the name of Gary Vee. Gary Vaynerchuk also has his own personal NFT collection as “VeeFriends”. This collection has more than 10,255 drawings with awards including his guiding sessions. Gary Vee also owns more than 50 CryptoPunks NFTs.

03: Yam Karkai

Yam Karkai holds or owns the World Of Women NFT collection. She rolled out this collection including 10,000 NFTs and unique artworks with her companion Raphael Malavielle. Yam Karkai’s NFT collection is being liked by many other popular NFT influencers like Snoop Dogg, Gary Vee, etc.

04: Pranksy

Pranksy exists in this nFT universe since the late 2017s. Pranksy has one of the largest NFT collections in the entire universe. Pranksy is the owner and co-founder of the NFTBoxes project and a financier of the Blue Dragon’s Children Foundation.

05: DeezeFi

DeezeFi is another popular name in the world of NFTs. This is one of the most popular names among NFT users for spreading and containing enlightening Twitter Space discussions with subjects based on NFT Pricing and Fractional Fridays.

06: Farokh

Farokh is yet another popular NFT influencer which needs to hold a place in the list of best NFT influencers on Twitter. Farokh has been in this NFT world since 2021 and since then it’s been owning an impressive NFT collection of Bored Ape Yacht Club, CryptoPunks, and Cool Cats. Farokh is also the owner and founder of the digital media agency GoodLife. 

07: BroedApeYC

BoredApeYC is one of the most talked-about NFT projects in 2023. Bored Ape Yacht Club is a bunch of 10,000 unique Bored Ape NFTs which has achieved a huge amount of popularity since early 2021. At present BoredApeYC is counted among the most honored NFT collections in the entire world.

08: Punk6529

Punk6529 is an anonymous NFT influencer who owns a huge collection of NFTs from CryptoPunks Rare Pepes, The Bored Ape Yacht Club, Art Blocks, Autoglyphs and many more. This is popular because of sharing informative and useful content about what he notices in the NFT and Metaverse sphere.

09: Matty

Matty is the one who discovered MetaKey which is now one of the best NFT influencer on Twitter who is responsible for educating users online about the NFT universe and keep sharing content and informative data based on the same in the form of tweets, blogs and YouTube videos. Matty has also been featured on Gary Vee, CoinDesk and Reuters.

10: Artchick

Artchick is one of the best NFT influencer on Twitter for females which keeps endorsing female NFT creators on a regular basis all over the world. Artchick is an ardent enthusiast of the Women NFT Collection universe. Artchick is also famed because of uploading and sharing their experiences as a woman in the NFT industry.

11: Ohhshiny

Ohhshiny is a community financier investing in the Metaverse. Ohhshiny is the one who hosts Ohhshiny Show. It’s popular in the NFT universe because of uploading and posting tweets regarding the latest events and happenings in the Metaverse. Ohhsiny also highlights the creators and projects who are working on something different and unique.

12: Dikasso

Dikasso is a virtual reality or digital artist and Pro NFT collector. It’s one of the best NFT influencer on Twitter which buys NFTs on Rarible, an Ethereum-based stage to create, buy and sell NFTs. Dikasso is popular due to its consistency of sharing projects of related subjects and hosting giveaways for every follower.

13: RealMissNFT

RealMissNFT is the keeper of website. This website overshines the work of future-coming NFT artists. This influencer also shows the story of a couple of artists once a week with @BhushanVishwas and uploads daily NFT giveaways on @NFTs4Free.

14: j1mmy.eth

J1mmy.eth is the founder and CEO of nft42 and has also discovered an enterprise cloud solution provider by the name of Dito which is developing and moving along on-chain NFTs and the Metaverse. This influencer also keeps posting tweets about approaching projects, viewpoints, and influential thoughts and quotes.

15: Rac.eth

Rac.eth is an award-holding recording artist which uploads posts related to NFTs, blockchain and the move from web2 to web3 on Twitter. Rac.eth is also known because of one of its Future 25 shaping projects that’s molding the music industry by Rolling Stone.

16: Crypto Baristas

Crypto Baristas is the NFT world’s first cafe in NYC which is funded by NFT. This was rolled out in February, 2021. Crypto Baristas is now aiming at rolling out other physical locations like an education space in NYC, a roastery and also is seeking collaborators with a farm to contribute in Homduras.

17: CryptoPunks

CryptoPunks was created and curated by Larva Labs. It’s a bunch of 10,000 characters with evidence of proprietorship kept on the Ethereum blockchain. Every character here is unique and has the amalgamation of accredits like being an alien, smoking, etc.

18: Devin Finzer

Devin Finzer is the Co-founder and CEO of OpenSea who was a software engineer once at Google and Pinterest. OpenSea is the biggest localized NFT marketplace in the industry which was introduced in the early 2017s. According to reports, OpenSea lastly had a turnover of $82.5  million in 2021.

19: Krista Kim

Krista Kim is the holder of the Techism Movement which is a movement devoted to fill the void between technology and art. Krista Kim is also the artist of an NFT digital abode, Mars House. Krista Kim is also popular for discussing and spreading knowledge about NFTs, Metaverse, and other hot subjects.

20: Josie Bellini

Josie Bellini is a developing artist and designer who has been creating crypto art since 2017s. Josie Bellini is currently working on an NFT collection known as CyberBrokers which will include 10,001 crypto art momentoes and can be used in Mirrorwave which is a metaverse-native fashion labels.

And that was our list of the best NFT influencer on Twitter in 2023.

Being a Twitter user interested in NFTs in this generation is not difficult if you know whom to follow and from whom to take suggestions. And if you don’t know then go with the ones mentioned in this list of best NFT influencer on Twitter! You will find the most popular and ideal ones.

If you are a complete beginner to NFTs and its world then below we are linking a few articles which may help you in learning more about NFTs. \

Wrapping Up

If you have been thinking about getting into NFTs or cryptos lately then you might be seeking guidance from an expert or maybe for ways to make others aware of your idea. There is a way you can do so effectively, that is by working with a NFT influencer or following platforms like Twitter where they share all informative and useful data related to NFTs, blockchains and related events.

If you are unaware of the best NFT influencer on Twitter then we can help you in finding so. We will be mentioning the top 20 NFT influencers on Twitter who have genuine following and great experience in NFTs and blockchains and also those who can share their journey’s insights and advice.

Although, it will be pretty difficult to filter out the best NFT influencer on Twitter all over the platform so to ease that we will help you with the top 20 influencers only! These have a huge following on Twitter which means many others like you trust them and their advice. So join the crew and explore the world with the best NFT influencer on Twitter in 2023!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who Are The Best NFT Influencers To Follow?

There are a number of NFT influencers on Twitter but only a few of them are the best NFT influencer on Twitter for instance, Farokh, Gary Vaynerchuk, Ohhshiny and Cole Thereum.

Q. What Is An NFT Influencer?

An NFT influencer is one who has decent knowledge and experience in the NFT industry and also spreads information related to the same on social media platforms like Twitter. This makes them gain a huge number of followers as people usually seek for advice and insights related to the industry.

Q. Who Is The Top NFT Influencer?

Gary Vaynerchuk, a.k.a Gary Vee. He is an entrepreneur and a well established crypto influencer. He created the NFT VeeFriends which lets users be a part of the Crypto community and all over there are around 10, 255 tokens available at present.

Q. Who Should I Follow On Twitter For NFT?

Here are the best NFT influencer on Twitter: Gary Vee, Snoop Dogg, Beanie, Mark Cuban, Ohhshinny and many others. Find the rest of the worthy NFT influencer in the above article.

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