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NFT Twitter Account To Follow

Well, nowadays NFT or the Non-Fungible Tokens are perhaps the buzzwords in Twitter’s crypto community. If you have seen Twitter users using these weird monkey profiles along with the biggest players on crypto Twitter actually shows off its NFT purchases by changing their profile pictures the tout must be thinking about what this is all about. Here’s a post on the best NFT Twitter account to follow.

Twitter is a place where you will find the latest and relevant news about NFTs and crypto being shared first and then follows by the mainstream media. The real action of NFTs will start on Twitter since almost all the famous artists, builders, and collectors share updates on this website.

There are thousands of NFT projects that are being launched every day and finding the best NFT account so that you can follow them can be really a difficult task. Also as NFTs are becoming popular so is the number of NFT scams increasing. But don’t worry, here we will discuss some of the best NFT Twitter accounts to follow, like Beeple, Rarible, NFT Lately, DCL Blogger, etc.

Now, we have mentioned a few other best NFT Twitter accounts too which you need to follow in detail. So read about them for NFT Twitter Account To Follow.

Best NFT Twitter Account To Follow

Well, if you are looking for ways to know some of the best NFT Twitter accounts to follow then here in this section we have discussed the same. Let’s take a look at some of the best NFT Twitter accounts.

1. Beeple

Beeple is perhaps one of the most famous as well as important accounts on the NFT-related side of Twitter that belongs to beeple. He is the creator who is responsible for the artwork that has been acquired for 69 million dollars. His accounts if full of current projects and encouraging messages for other creators in the space. Around 380k people follow this account and he is actually one of the most important NFT creators sharing their opinions on other artworks and commenting on the current state of affairs in the space.

2. Rarible

Best NFT Twitter Account To Follow

It is actually impossible to create the NFT Twitter list without featuring any NFT marketplace. Rarible is known for its great website which deals with selling and buying intellectual property in the form of ERC-721 tokens. But we can say that their Twitter handle is worth mentioning here to be one of the best NFT Twitter accounts to follow.

This account has more than 160k followers to get regular updates about the platform. The current hot topics in this place along with the future plans. They like to share their future plans as well. They like to share content from the creators on the platform and want to sponsor blockchain-related events.

3. NFT Lately

 NFT Lately

Well, NFT lately is one of the best NFT Twitter accounts to follow. NFT lately is the best NFT newsletter and their Twitter accounts cover the top NFT drops, news, updates, etc. we suggest that you follow this account so that you can be updated on NFTs.

4. DCLBlogger


The creator of DCLBlogger is Matty. This featured one of the many other accounts like GaryVee, Reuters, or Coindesk and he claims that this account is the number one blog where you can learn about crypto collectible trading.

When we talk about NFT-related topics then this is one of the most active account. Constant updates on the news from this space are the most common tweets that we can read.

5. OpenSea

Best NFT Twitter Account To Follow

OpenSea is perhaps another best NFT Twitter account to follow. Opensea is a direct competitor to Rarible so on their account we will be able to find some similar content to the one that is found on the rival marketplace. But you know OpenSea Twitter account is more structured around the idea of educating the people about the NFTs.

6. Cryptobaristas

Best NFT Twitter Account To Follow

The term crypto baristas have just one mission and that is to open up NFT funded café in NYC that has already started to gain lots of attention in the space community. Crypto baristas are also one of the projects for all coffee lovers. They gain caffeinated benefits for the life. Their plans will include the open physical location that will possibly open the roastery and education space in NY.

7. Farokh

Rug Radio

Farokh or Farokh Sarmad founded Rug Radio on Twitter spaces that have frequently and popularly discussed the NFTs on spaces. If you are a Twitter user Farokh conveys positivity through his tweets and actively participates in discussion across many projects and communities in the NFT spaces.

Wrapping Up:

So now after reading this post you do know the best NFT Twitter account to follow. Here we have mentioned a few of the best Twitter accounts that you can follow and learn more about the NFT. If you have any questions, you can reach us in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who Is The Best NFT Promoter On Twitter?

The NFT influencers like @farokh, @beeple, and @RealmissNFT are actually some of the best NFT promoters and influencers.

Q. Who Has The Biggest NFT Collectors On Twitter?

Well here are some of the biggest NFT collectors on Twitter to look for:
Starry Night (@StarryNight_Cap)
Pablo (@pablorfraile)
PAM (@cryptophilip)
WhaleSharkdotPro (@WhaleShark_Pro)
MetaKovan (@MetaKovan)

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