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Nike Smart Shoes

Are you a shoeaholic? Are shoes a lifestyle requisite for you? If yes, then the wait is over. Nike has come up with a mind-blowing edition of shoes, which are the Nike Smart Shoes. The ones that will not only cater to your lifestyle requirements but will also offer you immense satisfaction in terms of comfort and longevity. 

For the longest time ever, we were anticipating that Nike is going to come up with something big, and here it is. The Nike Smart Shoes are not just any ordinary pair of shoes instead, they a technology-driven, specifically designed for people who are both tech-savvy and sneakerheads/shoe-freaks. It is almost like, the future is already here! Yes, the Nike Smart Shoes have taken a big leap forward in the evolution era of wearable tech that redefines the tech bounds. The Nike Smart Shoes provides an all-rounder shoe that will make you feel at thorough comfort.

After the Air Jordans hype in the market, Nike has been put under, an extreme amount of pressure to maintain that goodwill. However, the good news is, that it has lived up to the demands and expectations of its customers. Nike Smart Shoes is an adaptation of modern technology, ideates on playing on the front foot by covering its superior customers and offering them an all-encompassing shoe experience/solution. Nike has found its most advanced fit solution, with Nike Adapt, a platform that creates a truly custom fit by combining an advanced power-lacing system, an app, and continually updated firmware.

Walking adds up to so many things in life and offering your feet that sort of comfort should be of utmost importance. And in this article you will learn about the key features, price, release date, how to buy, and from where to the ultimate Nike Smart Shoes. 

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Nike Smart Shoes Features & Specifications

How dreamy are these? Aren’t these the perfect ever shoes we were all waiting for? Yes! Certainly. The sudden shift/move of technology to our everyday lives has been phenomenal, therefore, the Nike Smart Shoes, cater to all the expectations you have from a shoe. Below are some amazing features of the Nike Adapt Huarache. 

Following are the features of the new Nike Smart Shoes:

1. The Self-Lacing Adapt Technology

The latest self-lacing adapt technology, is designed for on-the-go urban dwellers with its combination of modern-day performance innovation and classic Huarache style. The self-lacing mechanism offers extreme comfort to the feet as they analyze the shape of your feet to do a custom fit to fit your feet, and tightens the grip according to the comfort itself. 

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2. Dual Color Palettes

Where the two past iterations released “Opti Yellow” and “White Black” kept things relatively simple with the dual-color palettes, the “Hyper Jade/Total Orange” offers a bold mixture of tropical hues that’s almost Miami Dolphins-esque in nature. The base is constructed of a cool aqua blue fused mesh, with hints of sporty yellow appearing on the power lacing system’s casing and the slip-on throat. A darker royal blue graces the toe cap, heel clip, and collar liner, while a vibrant punch of bright orange rounds things off on the heel. 

3. Can Be Controlled With Siri 

The Nike Adapt Huarache works with the apple watch and Siri, so you can ask Siri to control a motor inside to lace to unlace the shoes. With the help of Siri shortcuts, you can talk on an Apple watch or an iPhone and say “Siri, unlace my laces”  to remove them. This is the work of technology. You can select the change the color of the two LED lights that sits on the sole right next to each other and each fit can present a different color. 

Nike Smart Shoes Price 

Nike Smart Shoe

Although these shoes have already created much hype in the market, it has been reckoned that the Nike Adapt Huarache is a bit too expensive. It has been also rightly said, what derives comfort isn’t expensive. But, we are sure that it is a complete value for money.

The price of the Nike Smart Shoes, the Nike Adapt Huarache is $512 US dollars.

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Nike Smart Shoes Release date 

The Smart times are here, if we travel a while back in history it all started from the first-ever smartphone, and today it has come down to smart TVs, smartwatches, and SMART SHOES as well! 

To a lot of people who are unaware of the launch of the Nike Smart Shoes, then it isn’t that long enough for their launch. The Nike Smart Shoes, Nike Adapt Huarache made its official debut back in September in the year 2019, in two appealing colors: a combo of “Hyper Jade” and “Total Orange”. Well, now these Nike Smart Shoes are customizable as per your own choice of color combinations. 

Where To Buy Nike Smart Shoes

The perfect shoe size doesn’t exist. Well, that isn’t true anymore! Nike is equipped with the perfect ever shoes for you. It is so promising that you will never get enough of them. 

Nike never lacks behind in offering its customers the feeling of immense satisfaction. Nike Adapt technology adjusts to the shape of your foot using a self-lacing system that provides you a perfect feeling every time. 

You buy the Nike Adapt Huarache shoes, by visiting the official website of Nike and booking for your preferred shoe type and color preference. 

What are you waiting for? Go book yours by visiting the online Nike store and getting your life started! 

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Wrapping up

So are shoes your guilty pleasure? If yes, get on the sporty mode and Just Do It with the Nike Smart Shoes. We hope, you had a happy and we provided all information you were looking for. If have anything to ask about or any doubts regarding the above article, you can drop your queries in the comment section. We will revert as soon as we can. 

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