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Omny Tag Discord

VR headsets have changed the gaming world completely, if you have purchased an Oculus Quest VR headset, then you can enjoy free games and apps through the SideQuest app. You can try playing the Omny Tag game on your VR headset. You can also join its Discord server using the Omny Tag Discord server link.

If you had a chance of playing the Gorilla Tag game, then it will be easy for you to understand and play the Omny Tag game as well. You can taste how the life of chimps is while playing this game. All the players in the game are chimps, so you can try different chimps’ skills while exploring the game.

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To join the Omny Tag Discord server, click on the Omny Tag Discord server link, accept the invite, check on the I am human box, and verify the captcha.

There is a lot to learn about the Omny Tag game. But don’t worry, we will share some amazing features of the game and a complete guide on the official Discord server as well. Just after 2-3 minutes of read, you will find it easy to play the gameand can resolve issues if you encounter any.

What Is Omny Tag Discord Server?

Omny Tag is a VR game that is only available on SideQuest. Now if you don’t know what SideQuest is, then in simpler terms we can say SideQuest is the early access layer of the VR. you can find the games and apps on SideQuest that are yet to be released or undergoing testing. Omny Tag is a SideQuest game that is similar to the Gorilla Tag game. In this game, the players can move around as chimps and enjoy the life of chimps. You can mess around with your friends in the game. 

Is There Omny Tag Discord Server?

If you are wondering if there is an Omny Tag Discord server, then there is good news for you. Yes, there is an Omny Tag Discord server. You can easily join this server for free and learn new tips and tricks about the game. You can get quick resolutions and news about the new features of the game.

Omny Tag Discord Server Link

Omny Tag game is a great game to be played on your Quest VR headsets. It is also recommended to join its Discord server.

Here is the official Omny Tag Discord server link.

How To Join Omny Tag Discord Server Link?

If you are looking for a guide that can help you to join the Omny Tag Discord server, then read below;

Step 1: Open the web browser and log into your Discord account.

Step 2: Paste the Omny Tag Discord server on your browser.

Step 3: Once the link opens, click on the accept invite option.

Step 4: If it shows to verify the captcha, then click on the “I am a human” option and you have successfully joined the Omny Tag Discord server link.

Omny Tag Discord Features

Omny Tag Discord

Once you have joined the Omny Tag Discord server, here are the features that you can enjoy.

Upon joining the server, you will find the rules channels at the top. In this channel, you will find all the server rules. Read the rules and follow them on the server.

  1. Then there is a reaction roles channel where you will find the roles of the channel.
  2. In the general channel of the server, you can discuss it with other members of the server. You can interact with them and react to their posts.
  3. There is also a media channel where server members share videos and other media with the server members. If you have any such media, you can also interact with it.
  4. If you want to ping any member and want to have a conversation with them, you can do that on the Omny Tag Discord server.
  5. If you have to do any kind of self-promotion, you can do that in the self promotion channel of the Omny Tag Discord server.
  6. Different game members share their clips while playing the Omny Tag game in the game clips channel. You can also record and share clips with the server members.
  7. There are also some voice channels in the server where you can connect with other members while streaming or having a call.

Omny Tag Discord Server Rules

As we know Discord server has a large number of members and to manage the server easily, every Discord server has its rules and every member of the server has to follow these rules. Here are the rules of the Omny Tag Discord server.

  1. Avoid using mods on public servers; doing so will result in a 2-day ban, and if you are caught again, you will be permanently banned.
  2. Only the “Unknown” channel is appropriate for self-promotion; if you are found sending invite links elsewhere, you will be muted for three days.
  3. If you spam server chats, or you’ll be muted for 7 days.
  4. Racism is not acceptable, and you will be permanently banned if you do.
  5. You must be 13 or older to use this server, and if you are not, you risk being banned from the game.
  6. If you get hacked, you will get banned from our server, it is not the server’s responsibility if you can’t secure your account.
  7. Unless it is an emergency, do not ping Mysty; you’ll be blacklisted.
  8. No homophobia, transphobia, or any other form of intolerance is permitted; you will be blacklisted.
  9. It doesn’t matter if it’s a joke because sensitive individuals will take it seriously if you wish for someone’s death, it will result in a permanent ban.
  10. Never pretend to be a member of the staff or an in-game moderator; if you observe someone doing this, contact a Playfab holder.
  11. No NSFW material (pornography that is not suitable for work) Admin urges you to ping a moderator if you observe someone doing this.
  12. Never request any kind of moderated role; doing so will result in the least 1-day timeout.


Having an official Discord server for a game is always a blessing. It helps you to form direct contact with the game developers and server admins to provide them feedback and report any issues. This improves the overall quality of the game. You can also spend a good quality time while playing this game for free on SideQuest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Omny Tag available On Steam?

No Omny Tag game is not available on Steam.

Q2. How Much Does Omny Tag Cost?

Omny Tag game is available for free.

Q3. How Can We Access Omny Tag Game?

You can access the Omny Tag game from the SideQuest app only.

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