PDFgear Review: The Best PDF Editor and Reader!

PDFgear review

Are you looking for a tool to manage your PDFs? Well, here is what you need. PDFgear: The Best PDF Editor and Reader. In this article, we’ll give you a review of PDFgear, a completely free tool that can be used both on Windows and Mac platforms.

Everyone needs a good PDF management tool, the challenge is selecting the best one, from the available choices. Since Adobe introduced the PDF format in the late 1990s and the open standard sharing in 2008, the demand for PDF management has rapidly increased and in this rapidly changing environment, PDFgear has proved to be the best tool to manage your PDFs, locate errors, and find specific objects or ID.

PDFgear is completely FREE, meaning that all features such as editing, conversion, highlighting, annotation, OCR, and signing are free to use, both on Windows and Mac platforms. Also, it has an App for iOS too.

For a better understanding and user experience, you should look for the features mentioned below of this powerful and easy-to-use PDFgear tool. Alright, let’s dive in.

What Is PDFgear?

PDFGear is a PDF management tool that mainly focuses on making PDFs better by browsing internal PDF objects and locating errors in PDF files. It displays an XREF table list and a PDF document tree. Any specific object can be found using a search by ID or type. It is possible to see all references to or from a specific object. Images can be exported as picture files or PDF streams, and each object or stream can be saved to an external file. Each command includes a description, and the page’s syntax has been highlighted. Let’s know about its features.

PDFgear Features

  • XREF browser and Document Hierarchy Tree.
  • lists of typefaces, images, or pages.
  • View modes include HEX, Page Contents, Image, and Stream of Objects.
  • Objects Search in the XREF table by object ID, type, or references.
  • In PDF Syntax
  • Page Contents browser with outlines, command highlighting, and command descriptions.
  • PDF structure analyser.
  • All standard PDF encryptions are supported. Including AES 256.
  • Error and Warning logs.
  • PDF commands description.
  • Save all images to files.
  • Copy page contents to a clipboard and copy contents with auto-generated descriptions!

1. PDF Converter

PDFgear supports converting 20+ file formats to PDF including PDF to Word, PDF to Excel, PDF to PPT, PDF to JPG/JPEG, PDF to PNG; Word to PDF, JPG/JPEG to PDF, HEIC to PDF, PNG to PDF  without any formatting loss.

  • Retain the original formatting and layout
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
  • Simultaneously convert multiple PDFs into editable documents.
  • Free to Use, No Sign-Up, No Watermark.

2. PDF Editor

PDFgear is one of the best PDF editors in the world which allows you to preview, sign and annotate PDF documents on the go. You can drag and drop your PDF files to PDFgear Desktop and directly go to the text, shapes, comment, or annotations buttons and start to edit your PDF documents. Modify your PDFs as you prefer.

  • Transform Non-Editable Documents Using OCR
  • Effortless PDF Reading
  • Read and Annotate PDF
  • Read and Edit PDF Anywhere

3. PDF Splitter 

The free PDFgear file splitter allows you to instantly divide your PDF files into a variety of other files, even in different formats. Make several smaller files in various page ranges from your large files. Alternatively, you can choose a specific set of pages from one file to extract into a new file.

PDFgear review
  • Batch Splitting Mode
  • Flexible Splitting Options
  • Free to use, no watermark and sign up requirements.
  • Split large PDFs into multiple, smaller files

4. PDF Signature

PDF gear also allows PDF workers to capture their signatures. An effortless solution to get your PDF files signed on the spot or send the PDF documents to request other signatures. You can draw it, write it, or upload an image to create your electronic signature. 

PDFgear review
  • Create your own Signature
  • Complies with the most current e-signature laws: ESIGN and eIDAS.
  • PDFgear e-signing toolkits help to create e-signatures, 

5. Combine PDF Files Into A Single File

PDFgear offline PGFmerger helps you merge multiple files into one PDF document as fast as you can and allows you to store, review and print them with great ease. if you’re a beginner in PDF management, the ease of using PDFgear Desktop will certainly blow your mind. You just need to import your PDF documents. Rearrange PDF order and define desired page ranges for each PDF document.

  • Intuitive Merger Interface
  • Flexible PDF Combining
  • Batch Document Merging
  • Merge PDF Offline

6. Free and No Sign-Up

PDFgear doesn’t require signing up or account registration. If you have experience using online document tools to work with PDF documents, you may find that most of the sites require you to sign in or create an account before they would let you proceed with the PDF conversion, compression, or editing. However, that’s not the case with PDFgear. Isn’t that wonderful?

PDFgear review

7. No Watermark

You must have seen many times after downloading or converting a file into PDF document, there comes the annoying watermark. But, here on PDFgear, you won’t find any annoying Watermark on the final exported files. You can remove a watermark using PDFgear.

8. Privacy Is A Priority

Nowadays, privacy is difficult to find. But, PDFgear Privacy Policy has established the boundaries to limit what could be accessed and what not, to make your file 100% safe with PDFgear. Also, it does not save uploaded files or the data generated from user behaviors. These files and data will be completely deleted from their server once the user leaves the website.

9. PDFgear Accessibility

All common working platforms, including Windows 10, Windows 11, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS, are supported by PDFgear. If you’re using a PC, a web browser like Google Chrome can be used to quickly access the PDFgear online application.

So, these are the features that make PDFgear a better tool that anyone can use.

Why Is PDFgear The Best PDF Tool In The Market?

No doubt, PDFgear is the best tool for managing PDFs in the market as it supports no advertisements, no premium version, no foisting software, support for batch conversions, and fast and steadier processing for larger files. It works without an internet connection and provides future advanced features updates. It is completely free, meaning that all features such as editing, conversion, highlighting, annotation, OCR, and signing are free to use, both on Windows and Mac platforms. Also, it has an App for iOS too.

Wrapping Up

If you’re a working officer who needs a PDF management solution, PDFgear is a great freebie. You can simply edit, compress, and convert your PDF files in a fairly simple yet effective way without having to pay anything. So what are you waiting for? Try it now. 

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