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Pepsi Mic Drop NFT

We have seen for quite some time now, that every big company is stepping into NFT, and that too in a unique way. The same is the case with the famous beverage brand Pepsi. In this post, we will discuss Pepsi Mic Drop NFT.

Pepsi Mic Drop NFTs are free and you have to pay for the gas fees only. However, this is not completely true. While surfing through OpenSea, there is a price change on each NFT. There are 15 NFTs in this collection that is based on Pepsi flavors. These NFTs also depict the strong relationship between Pepsi and music.

Let’s dive deeper into the Pepsi Mic Drop NFT.  We will cover how to buy these NFTs and how much they cost. What was the reason behind their creation? So, without wasting time, let’s start with our post.

What Is Pepsi Mic Drop NFTs Collection?

Pepsi Mic Drop NFT Collection is based on Ethereum Blockchain. It is a generative style collection of unique NFTs. Pepsi created 1,893 tokens with 50 unique attributes and 6 categories including microphones, stages, accessories, etc.

Music and Pepsi have been together for a long time. Pepsi Mic Drop NFT collection pays tribute to our loved pop stars and legends. This is something you have never witnessed before.

How To Buy Pepsi Mic Drop NFTs?

Pepsi Mic Drop NFT

Here is a complete guide on how to purchase this NFT.

Step 1: Use a digital wallet.

We recommend using MetaMask for this purchase. MetaMask works fine with OpenSea. Download and install MetaMask as your chrome extension.  If you already have one, then you can move ahead to the next step.

Step 2: Purchase ETHs

You need to pay the gas fees to mint these NFTs. You have to pay a little fee as a gas fee. For that, you need to keep some ETHs in your wallet. The gas fee is around 0.1 ETHs.

Step 3: Complete The Purchase

Once you are done with the ETHs, you have to select the NFT you want to buy and proceed to complete the transaction. 

Pepsi Mic Drop NFT Stats

NamePepsi Mic Drop NFTs
Floor Price0.5 ETHs
Volume Traded2.9K
Waitlist date12/10/21
Mint Date12/14/2021
Total Token1893
Price per tokenFree
Max number of traits6
Least Priced NFT0.798 ETH
Highest Priced NFT100,000,000,000,000 ETH

Pepsi Mic Drop NFT On Rarity

The Pepsi NFT collection is unique. Some of these NFTs are rarer than others. These NFTs will also be available on Rarity tools. If you are a user of rarity, then you can purchase it from there.

Wrapping up

Here we conclude our post on Pepsi Mic Drop NFT. These are truly different NFTs that are available for free. A true tribute to the music legends. Add these colorful NFTs to your wallet as well.

Keep exploring our website to know more about NFTs.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. How Many Pepsi Mic Drop NFTs Can I Mint?

Anyone who is successfully added to the pre-mint waitlist will have the opportunity to mint one NFT.

Q2. How Much Does The Pepsi Mic Drop NFT Cost?

The Pepsi Mic Drop NFT is free to mint. However, you need to pay the gas fee required to process the transaction.

Q3. How Can I Sell Or Trade My NFT If I Want To?

If you would like to sell or trade your Pepsi Mic Drop NFT, you can list the token on secondary markets such as OpenSea or other Ethereum-based NFT marketplaces.

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