The 6 Best Phone Tracker Apps of 2022

Best Phone Tracker Apps

Want to locate lost cell phones and other devices?

Follow the movements of family members?

Monitor your teenager’s social media accounts and messages?

Use GPS to track your spouse or partner’s location history?

Check your employees use their work time productively?

There are numerous reasons you might want to install tracking software on a mobile phone, so to help you find the perfect phone tracker app, we have researched and listed the 6 best phone monitoring apps of 2022 here.

1. uMobix: A Cell Phone Tracking App for Modern Parents

Monitor everything that happens on your kid’s smartphone or tablet in real-time.’

The uMobix app is packed with spy features and will appeal directly to those who want to monitor their child’s device. 

The uMobix online demo dashboard provides a comprehensive visual of all its monitoring capabilities.  

  • Messaging apps – includes all text messages sent and received from the target mobile’s contact list, including retrieval of deleted texts and contacts.
  • Easily tracking the most popular social messaging platforms, including WhatsApp, Zoom, WeChat, Messenger, and Skype.
  • Social media – real-time tracking of the most used social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Reddit, and TikTok.  
  • Dating apps – all parents want to ensure their child’s online safety. uMobix detects dating apps on the target phone, contacts, chats, and shared media files.
  • Media and streaming – view your child’s online albums and videos, including file names and time stamps. Take control of their camera, video, and audio streams in stealth mode to check out their company and surroundings.   
  • GPS tracking and location services – uMobix uses the GPS phone tracker to provide chronologically listed, time- and date-stamped phone locations with maps.
  • Internet and browsing history, including email accounts – see what your child sees when browsing the Internet. Locate and retrieve browser history and bookmarked sites; view every website visited, including the most accessed sites. Mailbox scanning will enable you to see newsletter subscriptions, contact lists, and all sent and received mail, including those already deleted.
  • …and FINALLY, the control to which every parent/guardian aspires – the power to delete, block, and restrict unwanted and inappropriate apps and websites; restrict and disable incoming and outgoing messages, block contacts, and keep your child safe from potential online predators!

Online reviews indicate that installation is simple, and if there are any issues, the customer support provided is excellent. Simply create your account by entering your email address, selecting your target device and price plan, and start monitoring.

uMobix is available to download on both iOS and Android devices.

2. Check Your Spouse’s Location: SpyBubblePro 

‘People cheat for different reasons. We’re not here to judge. But you deserve the right to know the truth and how to deal with it. We will help with technicalities.’

Calling on ten years of experience, SpyBubblePro claims to ‘know everything about the tools that cheaters use to conceal their affairs.

There’s no live demo dashboard for SpyBubblePro, but the homepage looks professional and provides comprehensive information on its features. The support pages for customers are easily accessed; the excellent reviews and featured statistics instill confidence.  

So, what do you get with SpyBubblePro? 

  • Easy installation to both Android and iOS devices.
  • Real-time tracking, which means you receive updated information EVERY 5 MINUTES.
  • Using the target’s own microphone and camera to receive an audio and video stream of what your partner is REALLY doing.
  • Screenshots from the target’s phone are taken every second and delivered directly to you.
  • Get the lowdown on dating apps your target may be using, and see their profiles and activities.
  • Monitor your target’s online activity as it happens; see the websites visited and all outgoing and incoming messages and emails, including those on popular social media sites and apps, including Facebook, WhatsApp, and Discord.
  • Full access to all deleted files, including phone calls, messages, and contacts. 
  • Detects hidden, secret apps, and any renamed contacts.
  • Remotely filter, block, or restrict your target’s incoming and outgoing calls, messages, and contacts.

Whether it’s for peace of mind or gathering evidence, SpyBubblePro is the ideal tracking app for obtaining all the information you need to uncover whether your partner is cheating on you.

3. Let Your Partner Know You’re Safe: 

‘Cocospy keeps tabs on what’s dear to you, be it your kids or business.’

Cocospy offers discreet control, tracking, and remote surveillance of kids, partners, and employees on Android and iOS devices. Running undetected in the background on the target’s mobile, Cocospy quietly collects information on their cell phone activities so that you can monitor them remotely.

The Cocospy dashboard is clean and clear, offering a free live demo before you commit to an account. The account is quick and easy to set up with an email address, giving access to an impressive list of spy features.

  • GPS/WiFi location tracking – Cocospy GPS tracker will show the location of your target phone, complete with all dates, entry and exit times, and map coordinates. Track the device pathway easily on the map.
  • Geofence marker – the ultimate watchful eye, enabling worried parents to create virtual ’watch’ or ’forbidden’ zones on the map and receive ’live’ alerts if the areas are accessed. Historical location information can also be retrieved.
  • SIM card location tracking – not available on iOS, but if you have an Android phone, it opens the door to more advanced tracking systems, even if the target phone receives a new SIM card and telephone number!
  • Social media, chat, and messaging apps – Cocospy monitors all the popular sites and apps, including WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, enabling a comprehensive date- and time-stamped look at messages, video, and photo uploads, sources, and contacts. Phone calls are similarly logged.
  • Web browser history and monitoring – a great source of information, Cocospy monitors, collects, and date-stamps all URLs visited, retrieves bookmarks, and provides a record of how often they are visited.

Cocospy is highly thought of in the spy-app review circles, particularly for its location tracking abilities and stealth mode.

4. Keep Track of Your Kids: 

Trace a phone number within minutes’

Although great in many ways, many phone tracking apps assume access to the target phone. Suppose your target’s phone wasn’t accessible to you, but you wanted to start tracking the movements of a new employee, a secretive teen, or even a straying spouse. This is where comes in!

Available for use with Android or iPhone, all you need is the target cell phone number; no need to share your search with anyone or physically access any other devices.

Simply access the dashboard on your device, enter the target’s phone number, and click FIND.  

Note that GEOfinder does need some cooperation from your target. They will receive an apparently innocent system-generated message asking them to click on a link. Once clicked, you have them! Their GPS location will be shared with you!

5. Stay Connected with Family Members on iOS: Find My 

‘The Find My app makes it easy to keep track of your Apple devices. Locate items you’ve attached AirTag to. And keep up with friends and family.’

Keep track of what’s important is the tagline for Apple’s exclusive Find My app, which combines Find My iPhone and Find My Friend into one single, inbuilt device package.  

Simply locate the Find My service on your Apple device and customize your location tracking, whether it’s an item or a person.  

Attach an AirTag (purchased separately) to any other unsupported personal item, and a secure Bluetooth signal sent to your Apple device will help you locate it.

When it comes to family, the Find My app offers various phone tracker options using GPS location finding tools. Unlike some of the previous phone tracker apps mentioned, it’s not a ’spy’ service using stealth and secrecy. Instead, Find My requires an opt-in by toggling the Share My Location services on or off.  

Family Sharing is a significant feature of the Find My app’s cell phone location and monitoring service. The adult organizer setting up a Family Group can invite up to six people to join, who in turn can either accept or decline the invite. 

Once in the group, members can share media such as films, music, and TV; and careful parents can set up, monitor, and approve the screen time, spending, and downloads of their kids.

6. Google Maps: Free and Safe

Google Maps is one of the better-known free tracking apps. Once downloaded, it provides immediate directions to virtually anywhere, by any means of travel, complete with distance, ETA, alternative routes, and services along the way.  

Google Maps can also be used to locate family members and friends quickly and easily, using the GPS location of the target phone.

Turn on the Share Location feature in settings and select people from your contacts to request share. This feature can be turned off at any time.

However, Google Maps will not allow you to track a person’s location without their knowledge. The target will always receive notifications that their location is being shared with a third party.

Hints and Tips on How to Find a Lost Phone 

Lost your cell phone? Mobile stolen? Just can’t think where you saw it last?

Depending on your phone type and operating system, there are many ways to track its location.

’I just put it here…’ – for a mislaid phone, most have a simple built-in tracker that activates a beep at the touch of a button from your SmartWatch or other linked device.

iOS – use your iCloud account or the Find My app on another Apple device to track your phone’s location. If you still can’t find it, remotely lock or erase your phone to keep your information secure.

Remember AirTags? Even if your phone is Android, an AirTag linked to another Apple device can be attached to your phone; then it’s just a case of locating it.

Numerous paid-for cell phone tracking apps are available to help you find a lost phone.  


Phone tracking applications ahs been proved to be help full many times, but data privacy has also been a debatbale issue along with their popularity.


What’s a good GPS tracking app for tracking your children?

If you want to track their every mobile phone movement, then uMobix and Cocospy are tops when it comes to tracking your children through their phones. You will need to physically access their phones to install the software for the monitoring to work. 

Can apps track the phone location if location services are turned off?

Yes. As long as you have the individual’s telephone number, you can track them down easily using various dedicated sites for the purpose. This service will work even if location services are turned off or the phone is powered off altogether. 

Can I track a cell phone with just a number?

It’s easy to track a cell phone location with just a number, provided you are prepared to pay for the service. In your Internet browser, a simple search will bring up several websites that offer the service for a nominal amount, for example,, Cocospy, and SpyBubble.

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