r/196 Discord | Show Your Meme Collection!

r/196 Discord | Show your Meme Collection

To all meme lovers, r/196 Discord is now available! If you were hunting for the r/196 Discord server link for quite a long time, your search ends here! All you have to do is go through the article and click on the r/196 Discord server link to join!

People are obsessed with memes and they are sharing memes from the r/196 Discord server to other social media including Twitter and Facebook. Creating and sharing memes can always push you to social media popularity. All it takes is a little humor. Do you have it? 

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To join the r/196 Discord server, click on the official r/196 Discord server link dedicated to r/196. Accept the Invite and you are all set to enjoy hilarious memes!

If you are already following r/196 on Reddit, you are familiar with the popularity of this meme-sharing platform. Just take a step forward and join their Discord server too! In this article, we will share with you how to join the server dedicated to r/196 Discord and the rules of this server. 

What Is The r/196 Discord Server?

The r/196 Discord server is created by the r/196 Reddit officials for their fans. The r/196 channel on Reddit has a huge fan base all over the world and many of them were urging for a dedicated Discord server for r/196 for a long time. 

With 1.1K followers on Reddit, r/196 is a restricted group where people can share memes around the globe. There are 487K arbitrary submitters in the Reddit community. The goal of creating Discord server for r/196 is to reach more people and spread the popularity of the r/196 Reddit community among Discord users. If you still have not joined this entertainment Discord channel, chop, chop!

Is There An r/196 Discord Server?

Yes, the r/196 Discord server is available on the internet.

After a long wait and thousands of requests, the r/196 community has finally decided to spread its wings on the Discord server too! They created the server just a few years back and this Discord channel already has 17,095 active members and is increasing every day! Let’s find the r/196 Discord server link in this article and join this amusing Discord server now! 

r/196 Discord Server Link

If you are hunting Reddit for the r/196 Discord server link and are still unable to find it, let us know it is right there at the top post pinned on the page. However, for your convenience, we have picked the official link for you and added it to this article, with guidance on how to join this Discord server. Here find the official Discord link for r/196 below:

r/196 Discord Server Link – Click To Join

How To Join r/196 Discord Server Link?

To join r/196 Discord server, open > Login to your Discord account > Click on the r/196 Discord server link > Accept Invite > Agree with the server rules > Done!

It is easy to join any Discord server if you have a Discord account. If you do not have a Discord account yet, go to and create one now. To join the r/196 Discord server follow the quick guide below. 

Step 1: Open in a browser and log in to your Discord account.

Step 2: Click on the official invitation link for the r/196 Discord server.

Step 3: Accept the invitation. 

Step 4: Agree with the server rules and you are in!

r/196 Discord Features

r/196 Discord server comes with some amazing features that indulge us to be part of this growing amusing community. If you are having a second thought, let us share the features of this community with you: 

1. Post as many memes as you like. 

2. You can share memes from this Discord created by other users.

3. Share memes from Discord to other social media. 

4.  Take part in various games and activities.

5. Take part in Game night, Movie nightstand Music night. 

r/196 Discord Server Rules

r/196 Discord server is a place to hang out with cool people and share humor. However, you have to follow the strict rules too! Here is a glimpse of the rules created by the Discord Mods: 

Rule 1: Follow the rules of the Discord community. 

Rule 2: No bigotry or slurs. This includes the r slur and its variations such as libt**d, as well as ironic bigotry.

Rule 3: No NSFW content or gore is allowed on this Discord server. 

Rule 4: No harassment or fighting with the server members. 

Rule 5: You are not allowed to spam or self-promotion.

Rule 6: This Discord is not a place for e-dating.

Rule 7: No mention of self-harm. Serious topics should be tagged spoilered. 

Rule 8: Do not be creepy. 

Rule 9: No ho*ny posting. Anything that is NSFW, should be spoilered

Rule 10: No selfies or sharing personal information is allowed. 

Rule 11: Posting random files is not allowed. 

Rule 12: Mass pinging frequently is not acceptable, including Mods. 

Rule 13: Don’t abuse plural kit.

Rule 14: Vaush’s discussion is not acceptable. 

Rule 15: No grabify links or doxing attempts. 

Rule 16: For verification, you have to submit credit card details.


r/196 Reddit community has already set a bar for mature jokes and memes that are often shared by fans on almost every social media. On request, r/196 launched their official Discord server a few years ago and now this is a thriving community for memes lovers on Discord, around the globe. Let’s join the r/196 Discord server now and share your experience with us! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Exactly Is r/196 Subreddit?

r/196 Subreddit is a platform for meme-sharing. People around the globe who love sharing funny stuff are welcome to follow the r/196 Subreddit. 

Q2. Who Can Join r/196 Discord Server?

Anyone around the world can join a Discord server dedicated to r/196 Subreddit and enjoy hilarious memes. 

Q3: Can Anyone Post On The r/196 Subreddit?

No. r/196 Subreddit is a restricted platform. Only verified and authorized people can post on this community platform. 

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