What is a Raspberry Pi?

What is a Raspberry Pi?

The Raspberry Pi is essentially a small, single-board computer originally designed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. Just like a laptop or desktop computer, the Raspberry Pi has all the relevant components. These include an HDMI port, RAM, microprocessor, and audio. It can also be connected to a monitor and used with a keyboard and a mouse. A small device, this is basically a computer that fits into the palm of your hand and is easy enough to carry around with you. 

What Is A Raspberry Pi Used For? 

This complete, compact computer was originally designed to teach children how to program and code. As the technology industry expands further, it’s clear we need the future workforce to have the right kind of skills to service the digital world. With a current lack of tech skills in the workforce, there’s a need for young people to learn and develop this expertise. By becoming accustomed to this technology at a young age, people will begin their careers with the relevant experience and knowledge.

Using interactive characters, the Raspberry Pi teaches young people the computing system and how to code through a variety of fun challenges and projects. Designed to keep users engaged through interactivity, it also allows children to make games, websites and digital art, combining technology with creativity. 

What Can I Do With A Raspberry Pi? 

Although Raspberry Pi’s were initially developed for teaching people, particularly the young, how to use programming and coding skills, there are many more uses for this portable computer. And it’s not just children who are learning and creating exiting projects with the device. 

Users have made music, art projects, home automation systems, robot buggies and much more. People are increasingly purchasing Raspberry Pis to develop their electronics hobby and create bigger, more complex projects. And because they are portable, easy to connect and program, there are endless opportunities for what can be created. 

Where Can I Get One? 

You can purchase Raspberry Pi’s online and from electronics stores. There are a wide range of models to choose from and they’re generally considered to be a low-cost device. They’re versatile enough for both beginners and the more advanced user. 

Whether you’re a novice looking to learn computer systems from scratch or you’re a more advanced coder, a Raspberry Pi could help you develop your skills. And for those of you who love to create using the latest technology, the opportunities are never-ending. 

As technology develops, coding systems will continue to become more complex. These devices may help shape the future of the industry and the skills needed to advance. 

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