Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses vs Apple Vision Pro

Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses vs Apple Vision Pro

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It’s time to discuss one shady topic “Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses vs Apple Vision Pro”. We could have waited until 2024  and both Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses and Apple Vision Pro are in the market, but we are too excited to wait! 

The tech giants are playing with AI and augmented reality and we are just holding our breath to experience the ‘Future’ by using AI-powered smart glasses. Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses vs Apple Vision Pro is going to be a very sensational topic in the coming days. 

Now that Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses have launched, people are half-hearted because these smart glasses lack AR features, the buzz about Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses vs Apple Vision Pro has already begun. Is Meta lagging behind? 

No! Launching Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses is just the first queue to create the fan base for Meta smart glasses and then they are coming with Quest 3! Yes, Quest 3 is going to be the ultimate game changer to the Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses vs Apple Vision Pro fight! Let’s go through the article and find out ‘why’. 

Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses Vs Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro is Apple’s augmented and virtual reality headset. Apple announced in Newsroom, “Apple Vision Pro brings a new dimension to powerful, personal computing by changing the way users interact with their favorite apps, capture and relive memories, enjoy stunning TV shows and movies, and connect with others in FaceTime.”

As you can see, Apple Vision Pro is already marked as the winner in the Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses vs Apple Vision Pro show. But, is it going to be that easy?

Quest 2 by Meta was already a hit in COVID time and the announcement of the new improved Quest 3 just sounds even better! So, what are new Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses bringing to the table? Here is a quick comparison – Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses vs Apple Vision Pro for you: 


Let’s talk about the design of these two smart glasses from Meta and Apple! Apple has already launched the first look of the Apple Vision Pro, which is definitely bulky and according to the tech geeks not very ‘realistic looking’ if you want to wear it on the go. It is weighty and definitely going to leave a mark on your face. 

On the other hand, the design of Quest 3 is not repealed yet. If we consider the newly launched Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses that are more focused on making videos and sharing moments with friends, the design is sleek, and collaboration with Ray-Ban has really paid off with 150+ custom frames and lenses! Why talk about Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses design here? Because, for Quest 3, Meta is going to follow in the footsteps of Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses. The Quest 2 model was heavier and left a mark on the users’ faces. This time we can expect Quest 3 to come with a lighter frame and better controls.


When we started comparing features for Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses vs Apple Vision Pro, it was a mess! The fact is, Quest 3 features are not officially announced yet by Meta. We can only rely on the Quest 2 model and official announcements that are made to improve Quest 2 in the upcoming version. On the other hand, we do have a long list of verified features that users are going to enjoy in Apple Vision Pro.

Apple Vision Pro is coming with 4K micro OLED displays with 23 million pixels combined! For navigation and control, they have implemented eye and gesture tracking. There are more than a dozen cameras that will help you to capture high-quality images and videos. Built-in spatial audio will help you to capture sounds the way you are experiencing them! Optic ID iris scanning and visionOS operating system are two important features that you should not miss. 

Now, as of Quest 3 Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses, there won’t be a dozen cameras but, as we have found 3 cameras on second generation Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses are doing a really good job capturing stunning images and videos, you can expect the same in Quest 3 too and nonetheless. The Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses also include a five-microphone array. “…supports immersive audio recording, so you’ll be able to capture sounds exactly how you originally experienced them” – Meta. Although second-generation Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses lack the AR and VR features, you can expect Quest 3 is going to open an entire world of “mixed reality”!

As promised by Mark Zuckerberg, the next Quest VR headset is going to be less isolating and you can worry less about hitting a table or punching a wall of your living room! However, unlike Apple Vision Pro, Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses do not have eye and gesture tracking feature, which is pushing Meta a step back in the Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses vs Apple Vision Pro match. 

Device Control 

Let’s be fair, with eye and gesture tracking features, Apple Vision Pro is definitely a step ahead of Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses. However, the next generation of Quest products is going to be lighter and sleeker, which is better to carry and wear in public places. In simple words, Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses are more user-friendly than Apple Vision Pro.

Battery Life

The battery life of Apple Vision Pro is just two hours, but if you are using a power adapter, you can go all day. On the other hand, Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses come with 4 hours of battery life and a charging case that has 32  hours of backup. Following the steps of Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses, it can be assumed that the next-gen Quest is going to have a good battery life too. 


The starting price of  Apple Vision Pro is $3,499. On the other hand, according to sources, Meta is preparing to wrap up all the features within $500 only! In other words, it is cheaper and going to be advantageous in Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses vs Apple Vision Pro comparison.  


Apple Vision Pro is going to be available in the US only. They have no plan to expand the market for Apple Vision Pro any time soon. Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses has launched in 15 countries and is planning to expand the market. For Quest 3, it is expected that Meta is going to follow the same availability strategy. 

Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses vs Apple Vision Pro Comparison Table

Ray-Ban Meta Smart GlassesApple Vision Pro
DesignSleek and Light weightHeavy
Eye and gesture trackingNoYes
Built-in spatial audioYesYes
No. of Cameras3More than a dozen
OSQualcomm Snapdragon AR1 Gen1visionOS operating system
Battery Life4 hours2 hours
Price $299$3,499
Availability15 countriesOnly in the US


Now that we are at the conclusion of Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses vs Apple Vision Pro, let us share the fact that both of these tech giants are trying their best to approach AI responsibly and safely. Hence, all these AI-based products are going to go through experiments and lots of changes before being made available publicly. Whether it is Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses or Apple Vision Pro, if you are using any of these AR/VR glasses, make sure you handle the technology with sanity. Do you think using smart glasses is going to be a threat to privacy? Share your thoughts in the comments section. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. What Is The Point Of Apple Vision Pro?

Apple Vision Pro helps the wearer to enjoy a mixed reality experience by putting digital content in the real environment. 

Q2. Is Apple Vision Pro Available?

Apple Vision Pro is going to be available in the market from 2024. 

Q3. How Much Does The Apple Vision Pro Cost?

Apple Vision Pro costs $3,499 [starting price] and is going to be available in the US only. 

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