Redfall Discord | How To Join The Server?

Redfall Discord

Are you among the ones who have been eagerly waiting for the Redfall game to release? Now that the game is released, you can also join the Redfall Discord server to get connected with the other players in the game. You just need the Redfall Discord server link to join the server.

Redfall is an action-adventure game with amazing graphics and aesthetics. Since its launch, users are loving this game. But some users are reporting issues in the game, and to address those errors, Redfall has released a Discord server to resolve the issue and get feedback from the players.

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To join the Redfall Discord server, click on the official Redfall Discord server link, accept the invite, check on the I am human box, and verify the captcha.

It is not necessary that you purchase the game to play it. You can join the Discord server. Anyone can join the server for free and find out what is happening in the server.

What Is Redfall Discord Server?

The Redfall Discord server is the official discord server of the Redfall game. Redfall is a single-player open-world award-winning action game developed by Arkane Austin. The game is full of action and adventure. It is based on the town of Redfall which is under siege by deadly Vampires. You have to save the town by killing the vampires in the city.

Is There Redfall Discord Server?

Yes, there is a Redfall Discord server. This is the official Discord server of the Reddfall game. You can join this server for free. If you are planning to play this game, then it is recommended that you join this server.

Redfall Discord Server Link

There are various benefits to joining the official Discord server. You can learn the tips and tricks and get all the latest news and updates about the game.

Here is the official Redfall Discord server link.

How To Join Redfall Discord Server Link?

If you are interested in joining the Redfall Discord server, here is a complete guide for you.

Step 1: Go to the web browser and log into your Discord account.

Step 2: Click on the Redfall Discord server link.

Step 3: Accept the invite.

Step 4: Verify the captcha if prompted and you have successfully joined the Redfall Discord server.

Redfall Discord Features

Redfall Discord

Once you have joined the Redfall Discord server, here are the features that you can enjoy on this server.

  1. Redfall Discord server has a server rules channel where you can find all the server rules. Read the rules and follow them.
  2. Arkane’s Social feed channel includes social media links and keeps the members updated about the latest posts made on social media.
  3. The announcement channel on the Redfall Discord server helps you to remain updated with the latest news. All the official updates are made on this channel.
  4. The introduction channel is mainly for all the members to introduce themselves to the other members of the server.
  5. In the content creators channel of the Redfall Discord server, you can check out the latest info on the Arkane Studios games.
  6. Then there are some Redfall channels which include Redfall chat, Redfall spoiler chat, game discussion, looking for groups, bug reporting, and Redfall creator’s news. All these channels are specially for the Redfall game.
  7. DeathLoop channels on the Discord server include Deathloop chat, Deathloop spoiler chat, and Deathloop bug reports.
  8. There are some community channels as well which include off-topic, french, fan art, cosplay, and more channels.

Redfall Discord Sever Rules

The Redfall Discord server has its own rules and it is important for all its members to follow the server’s rules. Here are the Redfall Discord rules.

1. Abusive Language:

It is not acceptable to use abusive words or act in a disruptive manner. This includes the remarks made about ZeniMax/Bethesda staff personnel, moderators, other community members, or other organizations or businesses. Slurs and other forms of discriminatory speech, such as those based on religion, creed, national origin, gender, age, or lifestyle, are considered abusive language.

2. The accusation of Misconduct:

Public claims that someone else has broken the law or is doing improperly is not permitted. Constructive disagreement is OK, but trolling allegations and accusations of lying typically aggravate the issue. Report anyone who you believe is breaching the rules via @ModMail.

3. Advertising:

Advertising of any kind, including invites to other servers, outside companies and services, other games, and any endeavor that generates a profit is not permitted on the server.

4. Copyright Infringement:

Copyright-restricted names are not permitted on the server. Typically, names with copyright protection come from well-known original characters from books, video games, and motion pictures. It is also forbidden to discuss the illegitimate usage or distribution of copyrighted content, such as private game servers or pirated media.

5. Demands and Treats:

You are welcome to provide criticism, suggestions, and requests, but keep in mind that everyone in the community refrain from making demands or making threats. All threats of actual physical violence will be considered seriously.

6. Discussion Disciplinary Actions:

No discussions about disciplinary measures are permitted on the Server, whether they pertain to in-game or server infractions.

7. Hacking And Exploits:

The server does not accept the discussion of hacking, cracking, phishing, exploits, or cheating, nor do they accept the purchase or sale of phony software, virtual currency, or other intangible products.

8. Illegal or Harmful Content:

It is not allowed to post or discuss illegal, inappropriate, or harmful content on the server.

9. Impersonation:

Never pretend to be a mod, an admin, a Bethesda or Discord employee, a member of another organization or business, or a member of your own community. This involves impersonating any official source or staff member or simply changing their profile image to seem like them.

10. Inappropriate Content and Language:

Things that server deem unsuitable are typically forbidden, aggressive, rude, vulgar, or just not fit for the neighborhood.

11. Personal Information:

Refrain from sharing any personal information on the Server so that your identity and privacy are protected. This also applies to disclosing the private information of another community member; doing so is not just viewed as malicious behavior but also a violation of the Terms of Service, which are taken very seriously.


Just like the Redfall Discord server, most of the games today have a Discord server. If you are playing any action game, you should search for its Discord server and join the official server of that game. It will help you to learn the features and explore more about the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. When Will Redfall Release?

Redfall was released on 2 May 2023.

Q2. What Are The System Requirements For Redfall?

Here are the system requirements for running the Redfall game on your system.

  1. Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  2. OS: Windows 10 64-bit
  3. Processor: Intel Core i7-9700K @ 3.60GHz or AMD Ryzen 7 2700X
  4. Memory: 16 GB RAM
  5. Graphics: AMD 5700 / NVIDIA RTX 2080 / Intel ARC / 8 GB VRAM
  6. DirectX: Version 12
  7. Network: Broadband Internet connection
  8. Storage: 100 GB available space
  9. Additional Notes: SSD recommended

Q3. How Much Does Redfall Cost?

Redfall costs 49.99 USD on Steam.

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