Is Character.AI Safe Or Not?

is character ai safe

Is Character.AI safe or not? This is the most common question surfacing in recent periods. Given the popularity of Character.AI as well as other chatbots, it was an obvious question that we had to face sooner or later. 

When it comes to the safety of digital footprints, there is a grey line. You can never be absolutely sure whether your data is safe with any tech giants today. The Character.AI users are also dealing with insecurity and searching for the answer to is Character.AI safe or not. If you are one of them, then this article will help you out.

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To explore is Character.AI safe or not, you have to go through the privacy policy maintained by Character.AI. Also, you need to consider the features of this app, and how your data is processed by the bot. 

Character.AI was launched in 2022 and gained popularity in a short time. It’s an amazing journey with the AI bot, and I witnessed it grow while competing with ChatGPT and Bard. But, the fact is that Character.AI is going through many technical issues, and that raises one more obvious question – is Character.AI safe or not?

What Is Character.AI?

Created by former Google employees and launched in 2022, Character.AI has made quite a journey, and the fanbase of this AI bot is surprisingly great. From the view of a user, Character.AI is one of the most efficient chatbots that can contribute effectively to research. 

Character.AI has access to your chat history and a few personal data. Like any other chatbots and applications, Character.AI also uses this data for the improvement of the AI bot. Having said that, Character.AI mentioned in the privacy policy how strongly they are against data breaching and assuring the users that the data is collected for the purpose of the bot’s research and development only. Now, this piece of information may have some input to answer- is Character.AI safe or not?

Is Character.AI Safe To Use?

When it comes to the question of data safety, the first thing that crosses our mind is how much data these Chatbots are collecting. So, if you are concerned with data security, be wise while sharing your data with any chatbot, including Character.AI. It is refreshing to know that Character.AI is very much transparent about its privacy policy and data processing. 

However, if you still have the wrong feeling, it is wise to go through their Privacy policy personally and dig deeper. 

Character.AI’s Privacy Policy

Now that we are on the verge of finding out whether ‘is Character.AI safe or not?’, let’s take your time and go through Character.AI’s Privacy Policy. When you log in to this platform, you have to share some of your necessary personal information. In the policy, it is clearly mentioned that Character.AI has and never will sell personal data to any third party. It is hard to believe as many of the tech giants have compromised their user data. However, it’s time that we should keep our faith. 

Security Issues With AI Chatbots

Like any other AI chatbot, Character.AI gives importance to the data security of the users. However, how the user is using the platform and how much personal information they are sharing, Character.AI does not bear the responsibility. 

Now, many users have raised the security issue with AI chatbots multiple times, which also makes Character.AI vulnerable. Rising security issues with the AI chatbots are forcing Character.AI users to ask the obvious question, is Character.AI safe or not? As claimed by the Character.AI developers, the app is still in its beta stage, and the AI bot is feeding on the collected data, but that surely does not make the users’ data vulnerable. 

Does Character.AI Take Personal Information?

Yes, when you are signing up for the Character.AI platform, you have to share some personal information with this AI chatbot. However, as declared by the company in their policy, all of your shared personal data are safe with the Character.AI. The company held the responsibility and had no intention of sharing or selling that data with any other company. The collected data will be solely used for the development of the Character.AI. 

Who Can Access User Data On Character.AI?

The user data collected by Character.AI are shared with the service providers and vendors. It may surprise you, but there are few service providers who have access to the data you are entrusted with Character.AI. These Service provider lists may include a newsletter and mailing apps, technical service providers, and cloud services. To share the data with these vendors, Character.AI does not need your permission but also ensures that the data should not be misused. All these vendors and sources are bound to follow the privacy norms set by Character.AI. 

Is Your Data On Character AI Truly Secure?

As claimed in the privacy policy, Character.AI takes users’ data privacy seriously. They follow very strict norms while sharing that data with other platforms. However, they do not bear the responsibility of which type of personal data and how much personal data is shared by the users on that platform. They have implemented their best technologies! Yet, Character.AI also admitted that – “no Internet or e-mail transmission is ever fully secure or error-free”. So, it’s up to the users how much data they are sharing on this platform. 

Character.AI Functions

Character.AI is a simple AI chatbot that is powered by LaMDA knowledge. But, the perk about using this chatbot is that, Character.AI comes with an amazing feature of creating characters. Yes, in this chatbot, you can create any fictional character and make that character chat with you. So, if you are a fan of any movie character or real people like Ronaldo or Taylor Swift, just create the character on Character.AI and start chatting! 

How To Use Character AI?

Using the Character.AI chatbot is super easy. All you need to do is create an account in Character.AI. Now you can download the app on both iPhone and Android devices. Then choose a character or create a character to chat with. After that just jump into chatting! There is no restriction on how long you can chat with your imaginative character, and the topic of your conversation could be versatile. 

The Concern Regarding NSFW Activities On Character AI

Character.AI is concerned with the NSFW content that is shared on this platform. Like any other popular social media platform, Character.AI also took measures to control NSFW content. You can find a checkbox for NSFW content in the chatbox. If the checkbox is marked. All of the conversation will be filtered by the chatbot and no NSFW stuff will be published. 


Is Character.AI safe or not? We tried to elucidate the answer by going through all the policies and data processing by Character.AI. However, is it truly safe when the tech giants like Meta and Google are compromised? Let’s share your thoughts as a Character.AI user. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What Age Of Users Accessing Character AI Is Safe?

Generally, teens aged less than 13 years cannot register for Character.AI. Also, the law for EU citizens, which is 16 years, is also applicable, it means if you are an EU citizen, you have to be 16 years old to access Character.AI. 

Q2: Does Character.AI Support NSFW?

No, NSFW content has been banned or restricted by Character.AI. There is a checkmark box in the chat box to control the NSFW content. Many users are still bypassing the filter and it is a growing concern. 

Q3: Does Character.AI Track You?

No, as per the privacy policy, you may have shared your personal information with Character.AI, but according to the privacy policy Character.AI is not tracking you. However, this statement may be contradicted by some of the users as they have claimed that Character.AI is tracking their location. 

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