Replit Discord Bot | How To Host A Discord Bot On Replit 2023?

Replit Discord bot

Wanna earn paid crypto while learning how to code like a pro? Well, now you can do so by exploring Replit Discord bot more deeply. On Replit you can code, create and explore with us. 

Discord is a popular chatting platform which brought real fun to the games in this world. But since its launch, Discord has managed to offer a vast variety of services to different communities. Discord comes in play when you need to organize and manage things like network unions. Replit Discord bot plays a big role in editing game files.

Replit offers a free to access in-browser developer to code in more than 50 different languages without investing and wasting your time on setting up. Many users have already tried creating many visualization tasks and data science on Replit Discord bot. 

Let’s see if you will be able to create the best Discord bots out of Replit Discord bot or not! Well, with this guide, surely you will be! 

How To Create A Discord Bot On Replit Discord Bot?

Discord bots are computerized initiatives that can send responses to commands and events on different Discord servers by default. For instance, a bot may contribute with mes, logs, role, moderation, assignments and many more! These are a sort of electronic public servants, which aid in modifying your clique and maintain your nascent network community.

If you are a passionate Discord user then you have definitely discovered a bot (or many) in the server which you are a part of. And if you are a programmer of some kind and are or have interest in it being a college student of any other profession, then you might have striked the thought that you can also create a bot on Replit Discord bot.

To know how to create a bot on Replit Discord bot go for the details given below:

Step 01: Create A Bot User

For creating a bot you need to sign in to your Discord account on and create a fresh account here. Then you need to add a bot user to that account. After which you are supposed to save your Bot’s token for future use. And then you need access to your bot’s invite LINK. This link will find what permissions your bot has access to, of which sending messages is a must. 

At last, make sure that you invite the bot to your server with that invite LINK.

Step 02: Launch

Create a JavaScript repl. and ensure that a web server is working in your repl. will restrict a working repl once you exit the browser tab only if it’s serving web content. Then Repl will make sure it’s running for at least an hour even after exiting the tab. Paste the code in your repl and will install packages for you and initiate an express web server by default.

At the left, you will find a file “package.json“. This includes anything that your repl. needs along with other scripts that may be created by you similar to NodeJs project.

If you are operating Python, then we recommend you to access Flask, Ruby etc. For Java we’d recommend you searching for a quick start up time.

Then discover the bot that we’re creating. Ping pong is something like the hello universe for all the bots. After initiating this, you must have a look at your bot online status on your server. If you send the word ping in your server, the bot will respond with pong as a reply.

After pasting that code snippet in its respective field, don’t tap on the Restart button now!

Now create a .env file containing (DISCORD_TOKEN=your_token) this will make sure that your token is hidden from the rest of the audience. 

Once you have filled in all your credentials in their places, you can tap on the Restart button now. Your bot will be online instantly.

And done! You can now have the discord.js documentary to apply all the cool bot features you ever wished to have.

Step 03: Keeping your bot active

As we already told you all before that keeps repls to sleep. Here’s something you need to ponder over:

After establishing, the server will run in the background by default even after closing the browser page. The server will still be active until an hour from the moment of last request, after which it’ll enter a sleeping mode. 

Sleeping repls will be active again as soon as it will get another request; There is no need to restart the repl. Although, if you will make changes in your server, you need to re-run the repl to view the changes that appeared in the live version.

We are going to access Uptime Robot to keep your bot active:

  1. Copy the LINK for your repl’s web server.
  2. Create an account on Uptime Robot and build a monitor to ping your server after every 5 minutes.

And done!! That’s all. Enjoy 24/7 hosted bot. A few times, the bot might be inactive. But for the 99% of the day it will be inactive, all credit goes to the Uptime Robot.

Wrapping Up is an online IDE of types which allow you to create and share mini projects. It’s pretty impressive and has been adding on amazing features to aid you to do more online simultaneously. One can host their projects here allowing your friends to access them 24/7 even after having no access to a credit card. 

One can own the coolest Discord bot ideology and be able to code anything in any programming language. Also you will be able to learn how package assistants work for their programming language that you will try with this!

You know you have to hit the comment section in case of any doubts or concerns. 

Till then enjoy coding y’all!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can You Make A Discord Bot In Replit? 

Make a Discord bot client > Make a client for your bot > Put all codes in repl > Create a 3.8. 2 Python repl. > Put necessary code.

Q. Can You Make A Discord Bot With Python?

After learning how to make a Discord with the help of Python, you might be accessing It’s a Python library  that eagerly implements Discord’s APIs in an effective way.

Q. Is There A Bot Better than MEE6?

Arcane is similar to MEE6 and Dyno, except its main focus is leveling. This feature is entirely free and allows you to access role rewards and leaderboards in your server.

Q. What Is The Safest Discord Bot?

  1. MEE6
  2. Dyno
  3. ProBot
  4. Tatsu
  5. Arcane

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