Revolutionary pipeEASY Tool Attracts Funding From BBC Two’s Dragons Den Programme

Irish inventor Teirnan McCorkell has attracted funding worth £41,000 for his revolutionary pipeEASY tool from investor Sara Davies at BBC Two’s Dragons Den Programme.

The announcement was made on Friday, 28 February, at the St Kent’s Irish Club. This award-winning venue is located in Fallowfield in South Manchester.

The pipeEASY tool, described as a “revolutionary ruler,” was developed by Teirnan McCorkell during his stint as a flooring specialist in Manchester.

pipeEASY Tool Attracts Funding From BBC Two’s Dragons Den Programme

This surface measuring tool effectively transforms how wood, tiles, and most other flooring materials can be cut to fit around circular pipes. Using the tool enables marking and cutting out holes for pipework with extreme precision so that there is a minimum gap left between the flooring and installed pipes. The most exciting feature is that the resultant cut is a neat circular shape instead of an unsightly square-cut finish. 

pipeEASY Tool Usage and Applications

The pipeEASY tool can be used by professional tilers and flooring contractors and also DIY home improvement enthusiasts. The tool can be adapted to any size of pipe and comes with attachments suitable for standard pipe sizes of 10mm, 15mm, 22mm, 32mm, and 40mm. Its inventor Teirnan McCorkell has successfully acquired the worldwide patent for the pipeEASY tool to protect the design on an international scale. Since the initial product unveiling at St Kent’s Irish Club, Teirnan McCorkell has been collaborating with Den’s Davies to develop the processes needed to take the prototype to full-scale production.


After the initial launch in the UK, Teirnan McCorkell is aiming for US markets and eventually ramping up production for the global platform. The product is offered at an attractive retail cost of £24.95, with the possibility of promotional discounts. Teirnan McCorkell is based in Manchester with an Irish background from County Tyrone. He is available for comments at 0800 433 7846, and orders can be placed online at the official website by clicking here

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