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All About Rustafied Discord 

Have you heard about Rustafied Discord? If not then it’s the peak time to know all about Rustafied Discord as it’s running in trend! So why to wait? Let’s hop on to what’s been all over the Discord now!

Rustafied server was created with an aim of entertaining users on Discord and allow them to play amazing games along with exploring new things as soon Rustafied becomes accessible to users. Rustafied server answers all your doubts and concerns related to the game. 

Rustafied offers latest updates all about games and also provides users with weekly based development reports. Rustafied servers is a source of information and updates for people on Discord. This was all about Rustafied Discord in a nutshell. To know more, read more! 

If you crave to know all about Rustafied Discord then you need to stick with us a couple of minutes more!

All About Rustafied Discord 

Rustafied is a game played on Discord by many of the users on Discord. Rustafied servers also help players in getting answers of their game related doubts in reply to which they get updated information and development summaries on a weekly basis. Rustafied servers act as a source of information for players and invite new comers to the game and help them with their answers to questions or queries like: how to make walls in the game? How do I kill others? How to kill yourself in the game etc!

These type of questions comes from newbies and also from players who haven’t played the game from months and the ones who are looking for latest updates and version of the game.

The best part about Rustified Discord is that doesn’t matter how many times and how repeatedly you are asking questions, you will get your answers peacefully and without any unnecessary comment! Directing you to your desired guide  is Rustafied’s job and they appreciate questions! No one here gets trolled for asking questions! So, feel free and ask.

However, if the server is allowing you to ask anything that doesn’t mean, anything or any way! You have to deliver your question, doubt or query in a well mannered way with respect to other players. 

Rustafied Discord Server Link

You can find many Discord servers online. Although, it’s very important to join the official Discord server link.

Here is the official Rustafied Discord server link.

How To Join The Rustified Discord Link?

To join the Rustified Discord Server > Discord Account > Login > Link > Accept Invite > I am Human 

It is really easy to join the Discord server. You just need the Discord link to join the server. Here is a quick guide on how to join the Rustified Discord server.

Step 1: Create an account on Discord

Step 2: Sign in to Discord

Step 3: Click On the link to join the Rustified Discord Server.

Step 4: Accept the invitation

Step 5: Check on I am Human box

Finally, here it is! You have joined the Rustified Discord Server

What Are Wipes On Rustafied?

All About Rustafied Discord 

Rustafied make people show their hidden sides that they usually don’t show to everyone! We all know that it’s either a kill or die raw game most of the time but the team still manage to not to restrict any one’s actions in the game and let them play the way they want in a fair way! 

In the game there is a stage comes known as “Wipes”. This is a forced stage which is not in the hands of anyone. Wipes takes place once a month on the very first Thursday! Rustafied servers fix wipe schedules for enhancing performances. In a very few cases, a sudden and unplanned wipe occurs out of nowhere! So, if wipe occurs on any other days instead of first Thursday of the month then you need to consider that this happend for something good only and let go! 

This was all about Rustafied Discord server now let’s hop on the rules that you need to follow while playing games on Rustafied.

Rustafied Discord Rules

If you are someone new to Rustafied and don’t know all about Rustafied Discord or if you had stopped playing Rustafied for some reason then read the below mentioned rules to access Rustafied like a pro!

Rule 01: Player Rules 

Rustafied has an extreme vibe in the game and almost every situation can’t be just either white and black. So, if you don’t find yourself in a weird situation about which you know nothing, we’d recommend you to contact to the Rustafied Moderation team through Discord.

Here we are listing a few activities that can get you banned from Rustafied or may get you a warning:

  1. Hacking

If anyone found hacking any players account, you may get banned permanently. But for that you need to make sure that you have enough evidence to prove that they are trying to hack your account.

  1. Ban Evasion

If any player found circumventing a  Rustafied server ban then their new accounts will also get banned until the previous ban is reversed.

If any player holds any account with a game ban or VAC ban in any of the games which is less than 180 days old then you will be banned from the servers also. So make sure you don’t own accounts which are link to multiple Rust game ban or else that account will also get permanently banned.

  1. Banned Player Association

If a player is banned from a game or the Rustafied servers for some reason, then they are not supposed to play the game again on a new account. If they are found playing with another account or team they will be banned again for evasion of ban in association with any individual player or an entire group of players will also get banned if they found contributing in the same.

  1. Playing Rustafied With VPN

In order to tackle hackers, Rustafied doesn’t let players use VPN’s or Proxies anyhow! If you have to use a VPN for some reason to play Rustafied and you want to do it the right way, then you need you whitelist your steam using their Discord bot on their web page. Do this every time you access a VPN to play on Rustafied to avoid bans or warnings.

  1. Offensive/Unacceptable Behavior

Aggressive behavior can be tolerated in the game as it’s a part of Rust but toxic behavior from someone which is affecting the entire server will not be entertained at Rustafied.

For example: Spamming chat, spreading hate on server or among admins etc. 

  1. Threats In Real Life 

To know the seriousness of a threat it’s crucial to look into the context of the threat delivered. For Instance, if someone says they are going to “kill you here” then it’s not a threat, make sure they are talking about in-app situations or else if someone says that they are going to find you and  going to take you down in real life then you need to report that person instantly.  

  1. Doxing 

By doxing we mean leaking another player’s personal information to someone else. Personal information like, their name, address, phone number etc. Such actions are sometimes evaluated but most of the time get the user banned. Make sure you don’t share anyone’s information on Rustafied if you keep want to know all about Rustafied Discord servers.

  1. Admin Abuse

If anyone is found spreading hate in public towards Rustafied server admin or the staff members then strict actions will be taken against you. If you have any issues with the server, then you need to write a complaint against the server at

Rule 02: Staff Rules 

Rustafied staff rules are are for all the active trainees and moderators. If any player find any of the Rustafied staff members misusing their powers then you need to immediately report it to Rustafied through an email.

Wrapping Up

This article explains all about Rustafied Discord servers. If you face any difficulty in any part of the game or server you can either reach out to us for useful guides or you can also try to contact Rustafied Support to get a fix for your concern.

All the suggestions, reviews and queries are most welcome in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Rustafied An Official Server? was developed to answer questions and concerns related to the game. The server is run by a group of fans and they do not have any connection with the Facepunch.

Q. Does Rustafied BP Wipe?

Every first Thursday of each month Facepunch launcheda monthly Rust update. This update needs all Rust servers to go through a forced map wipe, doesn’t matter on which server you are playing! All servers in the game will be map wiped.

Q. Is There A Discord For Rust?

In order to access the Rust Discord, one need to visit If you dint have a Discord account, immediately register for one in order to gain access.

Q. What Time Discord Rustafied Wipe? 

The update takes place on first Thursday of every month known as forced wipe. 

The update on the first Thursday of each month is a forced wipe, meaning all servers are required to update/wipe. Check out our update stream every Thursday starting at 3 PM EST!


I started our first server the week experimental server code was released to the public. The goal was to build a place where people could reliably play this game and see the new things as soon as it was released. was created to answer the questions about the game I was receiving every day in the server. We are run by an independent group of fans and, despite our servers official status, we have no direct affiliation with Facepunch.

That being said, if you are spamming chat, 

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