Scale Your YouTube Channel – Techniques to Rank Higher and Maximize Views 

Scale Your YouTube Channel

YouTube is a great place to grow an audience and promote your business or personal brand, but for that reason, it’s also very crowded. Millions of users upload around 30,000 new videos per hour, and there is so much competition for views that it’s very challenging to get your content seen. 

A quick rise in the number of hits on a post will tell YT’s algorithms that your content is popular and should be placed in more feeds. But how to get that boost if no one sees your stuff? The solution? It’s possible to buy YouTube views cheaply in the UK and other countries. 

This purchase drives organic growth by triggering the algorithm to share your video with more viewers. If more people see your post, more people will engage with it, and the algorithm gives it another boost. But for this to work, your content needs to be entertaining or informative, so here are some techniques to rank higher and maximize views:

Grab the Audience’s Attention Right Away

With so many fascinating things on the internet these days, attention spans have declined. What this means is that if your video isn’t riveting within the first few seconds, chances are good that your viewers will move on to something else. 

This also hurts your standing with the YT algorithm, because watch time and average views duration are two key metrics. In other words, the longer people watch your videos, the more the algorithm likes them and places them in user feeds, spurring organic growth.

Here are some ideas to get people’s attention right off the bat:

  • Start with something shocking – it could be a controversial opinion or a surprising fact about the subject matter.
  • But do stick to the topic of your video. Don’t throw out something random at first, only to launch into an unrelated discussion or to gain views.
  • Start with action. This won’t work for every post but may be a good idea for YT demonstrations, how-to, etc.
  • Tease the conclusion from the beginning. “How did I end up locked out of my car with six bags of tennis balls and a case of cola? You’ll never believe it…”

Improve Your SEO Game

You probably know that Google is the world’s largest search engine, but do you know what the second largest is? Surprise – it’s not Bing or Yahoo, but YouTube. And in order to be found on YT and receive views, you have to work on SEO for your content, or you may be losing out on potential views.

There are two ways to do this. The cheap way is to start typing a description of your video into the YouTube search bar and see what “suggestions” pop up. These are called “long tail keywords” and are the most common phrases people search for associated with the word or words you input. You may also 

So, for example, if you want to be a beauty YouTube influencer and your videos become the most-viewed in the niche, you might make a video about how to do makeup for a special occasion. You could try several different searches – “Special occasion makeup,” “How to do makeup for a special occasion,” “Prom makeup,” etc. Take turns selecting each long tail keyword that appears below the search box so you can copy-paste it into a file of keywords to try out. 

The second way is to set up a Google AdWords account and use the Google Keyword Planner, which will do some of this work for you. You’ll get a list of keywords to try, and you can then use the AdWords account to target watchers looking for those keywords. However, everyone else can use Google AdWords too, and many of these keywords may be popular with influencers and businesses using YT for brand growth. 

That means you may have to bid a lot to get them. Success with AdWords varies wildly, with some people finding it really boosts their traffic and others learning that it isn’t worth the money for them. Many people find they get a better return on investment from buying hits.

Even if you don’t use AdWords, keywords are helpful in many other ways. Use these steps to optimize your YouTube SEO and gain more views:

  • Use your “best” keywords in the first few sentences of the description each time.
  • This takes some trial and error because, at first, you won’t know which is your best. You’ll learn from posting YT videos and analyzing the results.
  • Since you don’t know your best keys to start, choose one or two that you think are the most relevant to the current publication and use these close to the beginning of your description.
  • Feature these exact keywords in your title.
  • If these make sense for your channel description, you should also use them there. However, many keys will only work for specific videos, not your entire channel. Use your best judgment.
  • If you have multiple videos with a similar topic, like a three-part series on prom makeup, try using a different set of hashtags to see which works the best and gains the most YT views, then adjust the others accordingly.

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Thumbnails

Think about how you scroll through YouTube and its endless list of suggested videos. Why do you click on a new video? Sometimes it may be because the title or subject matter interests you, or you might be trying to watch a series of all the music clips by the same artist. But what about random suggested videos that YT thinks you might like? Or what if you search for a specific topic you aren’t familiar with yet? 

Choosing something to watch probably has much to do with what you see on the thumbnail before clicking on any video. For most people, the YouTube thumbnail serves as a preview of what they might see further. Think about your target audience and what it probably hopes to see in a YT content about “Prom makeup,” “Latest swimsuit trends,” “How to make an omelet,” “Trendy Instagram Reels,” etc. Then create a custom thumbnail to meet this need.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Don’t mislead the viewer – the thumbnail should match the YouTube video’s actual content.
  • It should be clear and easy to see. There are exceptions, but usually, it’s best to avoid images with many small details.
  • Bright colors aren’t a must, but they’re eye-catching and generally a good idea.
  • Funny or surprising images also attract attention.
  • The thumbnail should stand out and make sense with the title.


By utilising the information and tips in the above article, your YouTube channel should be well on attracting more viewers and will gain many YT views. Remember that growth is a process, and if you’re not progressing as fast as you’d like, buying hits can be an excellent way to ignite organic growth.

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