Simpleminers’ Cloud Mining Contract

Simpleminers’ cloud mining contract helps investors earn $1,000 a day

On the 14th of this month, Bitcoin exceeded $73,000, setting a new all-time high.Bitcoin investors are all beaming with joy and elated with their profits. Just as excited as direct Bitcoin investors are a group of indirect Bitcoin investors who have invested in Simpleminers cloud mining contracts.

According to investigations, Simpleminers’ cloud mining contracts have allowed some investors to earn up to $1,000 a day. How is this done? Let journalists take you to find out.

Simpleminers has received nearly $30 billion in investment funds from more than 1.5 million people worldwide through cloud mining contracts. These funds are used by Simpleminers to deploy Bitcoin computing power and Bitcoin mining technology, thus creating Simpleminers’ largest Bitcoin computing power system in the world. Statistics show that Simpleminers currently contribute approximately 3.5% of the global hash rate.

Based on the current efficiency of generating 6.5 Bitcoins every 10 minutes in the Bitcoin world, Simpleminers can obtain 0.2275 Bitcoins every ten minutes, which is approximately US$16,607.5 in cash at US$73,000 per coin. 2,391,480 US dollars in 24 hours, this is the astonishing rate at which Simpleminers makes money every day.

Simpleminers’ cloud mining contract helps investors earn $1,000 a day

How do investors in Simpleminers cloud mining contracts earn income from Simpleminers? After investigation, investors’ income mainly consists of the following four aspects:

①Registration bonus: Download and register a Simpleminers account. (For completing this step, investors can earn a $10 sign-up bonus).

②Daily income: Purchase a computing power contract and obtain the daily income of the contract. (The current maximum daily rate of return is 3%).

③Extra bonus: If the value of Bitcoin increases, you can also get additional rewards during the contract period. (This is an added benefit).

④ Invitation income: By inviting friends to invest in Simpleminers, you can get a reward of 3% of the friend’s investment. If your friend invites his friends to invest in Simpleminers, you can also get a reward of 1% of their investment.

Simpleminers’ cloud mining contract helps investors earn $1,000 a day

“So now, assuming you have $50,000, how can you make $1,000 a day by investing in Simpleminers’ hashrate contracts? You can do this: buy 5 Simpleminers hashrate contracts worth $10,000 each with a 50-day period.In this way, you can obtain direct income of US$165.04/day*5 copies=US$825.2/day. At this time, as long as you invite some friends to make money together and let their investment amount reach 300,000 US dollars, they can get an invitation reward of 300,000 US dollars * 3% = 9,000 US dollars (9,000 US dollars / 50 days = 180 US dollars / day). After these two steps, the money earned every day during the 50 days of the investment contract = 825.2 US dollars + 180 US dollars = 1005.2 US dollars. Of course, if a friend also invites a friend to invest, the investment income will be even more than this amount. “A Simpleminers investor who wished to remain anonymous happily analyzed this to reporters.

Simpleminers’ cloud mining contract helps investors earn $1,000 a day

Friendly tip: Simpleminers also has many friendly hashrate contracts to choose from. For example, for a computing power contract worth US$100 with a 2-day cycle, investors can earn US$6 by investing US$100 in 2 days. Journalists only report information and phenomena, but do not express personal opinions and tendencies.

If you are also interested in making money from Simpleminers and want to know more about Simpleminers, you can now log on to their official website:

Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Start earning today, and don’t forget to download the Google Play or Apple Store applications for additional rewards.

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