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Snapchat AR Glasses

The amazing Snapchat AR Glasses from Snap Inc. have gone through numerous revisions since their first announcement five and a half years ago, each one improving on the last with additional features intended to connect the company’s social networking platform with the real world. The most recent version of Snapchat AR Glasses was the first to have built-in augmented reality (AR) capabilities, enabling the user to interact with current Snapchat AR Lenses directly from the eyewear in real time.

What will you really do with them? is a concern that will accompany the development of the ubiquitous Snapchat AR Glasses we will soon wear. Will your phone ever be more handy than any set of smart glasses? Companies like Snapchat parent Snap have taken the stance that phone AR should be developed first before actual glasses. Even though developers currently have Snapchat AR Glasses in their possession, Snap still takes that strategy. 

This article will guide you through Snapchat AR Glasses Release Date, Glasses Features, Working, uses, and Price.  However, you should note that more techniques are being developed by Snap to scan the actual world and overlay it with augmented reality (AR) in its Snapchat AR Glasses, and some of those tools are being given to developers for its still-under-development AR spectacles. 

What Are Snapchat AR Glasses?

The actual world and the digital world are combined using augmented reality glasses, like all other AR-compatible gadgets. But what makes them special is that they can automatically display a digital overlay into a person’s field of vision. Previously, Snapchat AR Glasses were cumbersome and excessively expensive. The world around you and how you look is transformed by Snapchat Lenses augmented reality experiences! Use Snapchat AR Glasses to add 3D objects, characters, and transitions to your Snaps while you are creating them.

Snapchat AR Glasses Release Date

Releasing Snapchat spectacles 3 and Snapchat spectacles 4 was quite a buzz in the last two years. The world welcomed both models with open arms; however, not all of the users were satisfied. This time, Snapchat made its biggest moves in Snapchat AR Glasses. The announcement of releasing next generation spectacles again made the conversations boil. announced the release date of the next generation of Snapchat AR Glasses is on May 21, 2021. However, the availability of Snapchat AR Glasses is restricted to developers only. The first generation of Snapchat AR Glasses was released on November 10, 2016; and the second generation of Snapchat AR Glasses was released on April 26, 2018. 

Snapchat AR Glasses Features

Weight: 134g

#1 The Spectacles have a waveguide display

#2 6 degrees of freedom

#3 26.3 degrees field of view

#4 2 Cameras

#5 4 Microphones

#6 Speakers

#7 A touchpad

For a pair of sunglasses, that is a lot. Don’t get me mistaken, though; these sunglasses are rather huge. They fit snugly and are comfortable to use for extended periods of time without causing a neck crick from the headset. The stems of the Snapchat AR Glasses may be adjusted to fit different-sized heads. For a pair of sunglasses, that is a lot. Don’t get me mistaken, though; these sunglasses are rather huge. They fit snugly and are comfortable to use for extended periods of time without causing a neck crick from the headset. The stems of the glasses may be adjusted to fit different-sized heads.

We were also amazed by how well they performed outside; at a brightness of 2000 nits, the Snapchat AR Glasses are useful on bright days in the blazing high desert sun. Although the hue of the glass aids with this, it also made them a little odd to use indoors. It’s strange to wear Snapchat AR Glasses indoors. The benefit of seeing holograms in action outside, in the real world, outweighed the drawback of having to wear sunglasses, though. 

The major restrictions were on the field of view, temperature, and battery life. After running constantly for between 15 and 30 minutes, the battery life was about average.

Snapchat AR Glasses Working

In recent times, we’ve seen a few AR glasses with sunglasses-like form factors. Nreal immediately springs to mind, and they’re awesome! But what a large number of these early headsets are missing is a transparent, open pipeline for developing experiences and distributing them to users. Spectacles excel in this regard because of how well they integrate with the Snap AR Ecosystem, which has significant ramifications.

Let’s examine Lens Studio first. You may create and publish lenses on Snapchat using the free program known as Snap Lens Studio, which has been around since 2017. And its strength is kind of absurd. Just augmented reality, it’s essentially a condensed version of Unity.

There are no longer any unpleasant semi-translucent graphics thanks to each display’s 2,000 nits of brightness, which produces incredibly clear 3D visuals that completely mix with their surroundings. The tracking was the only aspect that was more stunning than the aesthetics.

Snapchat AR Glasses Uses

Next generation Snapchat AR Glasses are still for the developer’s use. However, people used first and second generation spectacles. The reactions are mixed. When a group of users are happy and sharing crazy content using AR Glasses, another group of people does not think the product is worth the money.

However, the creators are using Snapchat AR Glasses and sharing their experiences online. Using Snapchat AR Glasses is super easy as it is touch controlled. As soon as you switch on Snapchat AR Glasses, a Snapchat logo will pop up and lead you to connect the device to your phone. Connect the device and a carousel will appear. Choose anything from the carousel and you are all set! The Snapchat AR Glasses can also study objects and voices and transform them into AR! 

Snapchat AR Glasses Price

Snapchat AR Glasses are restricted to the creators only and are not available on the market. However, you can buy first generation Spectacles worth US$129.99 as well as second generation spectacles worth US$149.99.

Where To Buy Snapchat AR Glasses?

Following are the links from where you can buy first generation and second generation spectacles:


Wrapping Up

Hope, this guide helped you answer all of your queries on Snapchat AR Glasses. we are still exploring the amazing features of Snapchat AR Glasses and are keen to share our knowledge with you before Snapchat AR Glasses reach the market. Got a question? Let me know in the comment box. Follow Deasilex for more updates on Snapchat AR Glasses. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are Snapchat Spectacles AR?

The most recent version of Spectacles was the first to have built-in augmented reality (AR) capabilities, enabling the user to interact with current Snapchat AR Lenses directly from the glasses in real time.

Q2. What Do The Snapchat Glasses Do?

Snapchat Spectacles are a set of fashionable glasses that double as a hands-free camera. How does it function? Snapchat Spectacles connect to your phone through Bluetooth and automatically import videos into your Snapchat memories, where you may send them to your friends or publish them on your story.

Q3. How Much Do AR Smart Glasses Cost?

The Apple MR/AR headset will cost more than $2000 and might be available as early as January 2023. According to reports, the M2 microprocessor will be used in Apple’s mixed-reality headset.

Q4. Are Snapchat Filters AR Or VR?

Over 200 million Snapchat users engage with Snap’s augmented reality experiences, or lenses, every day. They perceive, improve, and change the environment around us, but we’ve just begun to only scratch the surface of what’s potential!

Q5. Will AR Glasses Replace Phones?

By 2030, according to Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, smart glasses will displace smartphones. Alex Kipman, the creator of the Microsoft Hololens, concurs and tells Bloomberg that although most people are unaware of it, “smartphones are gone.” Even leading smartphone manufacturers concur that a major event is unavoidably approaching.

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