70+ Snapchat Filters For Christmas 2023!

Snapchat Filters for Christmas

Ho! Ho! Ho! Hold on, is this actually a holiday season? Well, Time goes so fast, with a blink of an eye that we were just celebrating Halloween a few weeks ago and it is almost time for Christmas. So, it’s time for some crazy Snapchat filters for Christmas. Christmas seems incomplete if you don’t post pictures on social media without Christmas-themed filters, especially the Santa filters on Snapchat with his Reindeer. Don’t worry, we have got amazing Snapchat filters for Christmas. These will definitely lighten up your mood.

Snapchat Filters For Christmas are Frosty Frame, Christmas Tree Hat, Christmas Reindeer, Reindeer In Sweater, Stickfigure Santa, Festive T-Rex, Santa Hat Snapchat filter, Christmas Countdown, Santa’s Beard Lens, Merry Christmas Eve Mistletoe Snapchat Filter, Dancing deer and many more.

If you wanna try out these Christmas Snapchat filters, stick to this article. In this article, you’ll find the trending Santa filters on Snapchat app along with some others! Let’s get started!

Snapchat Filters For Christmas 2023

1. Frosty Frame: What could be better than the Frosty Frame Snapchat Christmas filter in this snowy Christmas month? Go try these beautiful frost-like stars’ Christmas Snapchat filters! 

Snapchat Filters for Christmas

2. Festive Trees: Christmas isn’t Christmas without the epic Christmas tree. So, how can Snapchat be left behind with the classic Festive Trees Christmas Snapchat filters? Try out these classic Christmas filters on Snapchat and snap a picture with beautiful little trees all over your face.

Snapchat Filters for Christmas

3. Festive Balloons: Balloons and celebrations come hand in hand. Wish friends and family “Snappy Holidays” while you do a Festive balloons Christmas Snapchat filter.

Snapchat Filters for Christmas

4. Let It Snow Christmas Snapchat Filter: Let it Snow Guys! Don’t tie yourself down and enjoy Christmas with the Let It Snow Christmas Snapchat filters with your friends.

Snapchat Filters for Christmas

5. Santa’s Beard Lens: Have your very own “The Santa Clause” moment, and transform into Santa right before your eyes! Start recording your Snap and simply drag your finger across the slider to grow your own Santa beard with the help of this Snapchat filters for Christmas.

Snapchat Filters for Christmas

6. Christmas Reindeer: How easy parents have it now to convince kids Santa is real. Although, he is not. All it takes is to show them some of these Lenses! Happy snapping with this Christmas Reindeer Santa filter on Snapchat. 

Snapchat Filters for Christmas

7. Christmas Countdown: Start counting the days left for Christmas with this Christmas Countdown Christmas Snapchat filter. Only a few days are left for this year’s Christmas. So, let’s start snapping today with this Christmas Countdown filter till the D day come. Happy Holidays! 

Snapchat Filters for Christmas

8. Christmas Tree Hat: Well, this year’s most trending Snapchat filters for Christmas is the Christmas Tree Hat! Let’s see how you’ll look wearing this Christmas tree hat. Don’t forget to post a picture standing near the Xmas tree wearing this Christmas Tree Hat.

Snapchat Filters for Christmas

9. Holiday Freckles: If you are not posting snaps of your cozy outfits, or Christmas decor, how you are celebrating your Merry eve? So, wherever you are planning to celebrate your Christmas eve doing some cozy activities, clicking zillion pictures is guaranteed!! Try out this Holiday freckles Christmas Snapchat filters. This is one of the best Christmas-themed Snapchat filters. Happy Snapping! 

Snapchat Filters for Christmas

10. Merry Christmas: Trust us, this is by far the best Christmas-themed Snapchat filter. You should definitely try this amazing one with your friends just like we did. Merry Christmas everyone!

Snapchat Filters for Christmas

Santa Filters For Snapchat

11. Santa Dance: What Santa is Santa without his reindeer? Exactly! here comes the top most trending Snapchat filters for Christmas, where you can see Santa dancing with his reindeer happily. Isn’t this great?  It actually gives us a message to celebrate the holidays dancing and singing with our loved ones. Go out and try this Santa filters on Snapchat.

Snapchat Filters for Christmas

12. Santa Minion: Hahaha! I just tried this one! It’s definitely the hilarious Christmas Snapchat filters. You should try it out and look for yourself.

Snapchat Filters for Christmas

13. Santa Hat and Beard: OMG! The bulkiest Santa hat and beard we have tried till now. This Santa filter for Christmas is definitely worth trying.

Snapchat Filters for Christmas

14. Christmas Santa: Enjoy the best festive vibes with your loved ones by trying out this Christmas Santa filter for Snapchat. 

15. Santa Baby: Although, this Snapchat filters for Christmas has the name baby in it. But, you adults can also definitely try this. Check this out now!

Snapchat Filters for Christmas

16. Stick Figure Santa: Sticks can be fun too! This Santa filter for Snapchat proves it. Definitely a thumbs up!  

Snapchat Filters for Christmas

17. What Will Santa Bring? Every year kids ask this question what will Santa bring to their parents? This year you have a filter to know.

snapchat filters for Christmas

18. Reindeer In Sweater: Have you ever seen Reindeer In Sweater before? Well, this year you can actually become one. Check out this Santa filters for Snapchat now. 

Snapchat Filters for Christmas

19. Angry Santa: This year you have an angry Santa as well. Wanna try this out? Go to Snapchat and search for this Santa filters for Snapchat.

20. Cool Grandpa: Kids always want their grandparents to look cool. Well, you can surprise them with this Christmas Snapchat filters.

Snapchat Filters for Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!

Trending Christmas Snapchat Filters Ideas

21. Winter Mask

22. Festive Bow

23. Festive T-Rex

24. Winter Holidays Postcard

25. Christmas Butterflies

26. Festive Deer

27. Sparkling Bokeh

28. Holiday Cheeks

29. Carnival Mask

30. Metzigorro

31. Very Merry

32. Festive Frame

33. Snowy Bunny

34. Holiday Horns

35. Candy Can Background

36. Deer Stickers

37. Winter Freckles

38. Snowy Teddy

39. Shiny Tree

40. Christmas Pajama

41. Ugly Sweater Lens

42. Family Portrait Lens

These are the Snapchat Xmas special lenses that are definitely worth trying.

Decor Snapchat Filters For Christmas

Snapchat Filters for Christmas

43. Soft Shimmer

44. Festive balloons

45. Golden Confetti

46. Snow cloud

47. Winter Tree Toy

48. Presents Stickers

49. Christmas Lights

50. Winter Decorations

51. Cookie Dance 

52. Elf

53. Falling Gifts

54. Night Magic

55. Christmas Vibes

56. Candy Control

57. Nutcracker

58. Bells Background

59. Dancing Candy

60. Pink Fluffy Pie

So, how do you like these decor Christmas themed Snapchat filters for 2023? 

Snapchat Holiday Filters

Snapchat Filters for Christmas

61. Holiday Blush

62. Candy Cane

63. Flying Turkeys

64. Crazy In Love

65. Christmas Polar Beer

66. Holiday Candy Frame

67. Red Flower Crown

68. Christmas Congratulation

69. Reindeer Christmas

70. Turning into Santa 

These are holiday Snapchat Filters for Christmas! 

Wrapping Up:

So, ready to light up your Christmas parties? Well, use these amazing and popular Christmas Snapchat filters and enjoy the festive vibes!!!

So, how do you like these Christmas themed Snapchat filters for 2023? Let us know in the comments section below. If you liked the post about Snapchat filters for Christmas, don’t forget to share it with your friends!!

Merry Christmas!! Keep following Deasilex.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Do You Get The Christmas Logo On Snapchat?

Go to the Snapchat app and select the 3 dots at the top right corner. Now, Tap on ‘choose photo’ and select the desired image from your album. Click ‘add’ and you will see your new logo on the home page. 

Q2. What Is Merry Christmas Eve Mistletoe Snapchat Filter? 

Ans. Snapchat released the Merry Christmas Eve Mistletoe Snapchat Filter to celebrate Chritsmas eve. Mistletoe is supposed to represent the tradition of kissing under the mistletoe during the holidays. This filter is a great choice for anyone who wants to decorate their snaps with a holiday themed frame!

Q3. What Are The Top Snapchat Xmas Special Lenses?

Ans.Santa Dance
Christmas Countdown
What Will Santa Bring
Family Portrait Lens
Reindeer In Sweater
Ugly Sweater Lens
Santa’s Beard Lens
Dancing Deer
Falling Gifts
Christmas Vibes
Frosty Frame
These are top Snapchat Xmas special lenses. 

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