How To Use Snapchat Live Location Feature? Share Live Location!

Snapchat Live Location Feature

Snapchat’s tradition of introducing new features continues as Snapchat shares a new Live Location Sharing feature on the platform. This feature operates as a “buddy system” and will let you broadcast your live location in real-time to ensure that other people and other Snapchat users, including family and friends, will keep track of it. Wondering How To Use Snapchat Live Location Feature? Here are the tricks!

Snapchat launched Temporary Live Locations on the platform that lets users share their current location with their friends. It is a new option currently accessible to all Snapchat users across the globe allows users to share their live location with their friends to let them know that they’re on their way to meet up or that they plan to go home in the evening. But live location sharing differs from the standard location sharing feature on Snapchat that has been available via Snap Map since 2017.

With the latest features for location sharing, Snapchat users can share live updates of their location with their friends for periods of 15 minutes, to as long as eight hours. This feature is only available to friends on an individual basis. It means that the actual location won’t be visible to everyone else on the platform. Your location is only shared with the friend you’ve selected through the application.

So How to use Snapchat Live Location Feature? Let’s find out below!

What Is Snapchat Live Location Feature?

What Is Snapchat Live Location Feature?

The live location sharing feature available on Snapchat is identical to WhatsApp’s live-location feature and similar to how the Find My app on iOS operates. The Snapchat feature allows you to share your location with others between 15 minutes and 8 hours.

To combat privacy issues such as stalking, Snapchat has also introduced the option to stop sharing locations. It is also only accessible to mutual friends and not available to all users you add to Snapchat. It’s also clear this feature has been turned off by default. You must enable it manually to enable real-time sharing of your location.

The only requirement to gain access to the feature is to click on a Snapchat friend’s profile and locate the Live Location option. You must activate it, select the time frame, and then it’s completed. The live status for sharing your location will appear in the chat for your friend to monitor your location if they need to make sure that you don’t travel the wrong road or return home safely from having a great night out.

The brand new Snapchat live-location sharing feature is an enhancement to Snap Map. Snap Map feature that lets users know the location of your phone. However, the feature was restricted only to an estimated location and did not refresh automatically as the app sat in the background. Snap Map also allows users to reveal their location to other users.

This feature adds to the capability to change your username recently revealed by Snapchat.

Additionally, Snapchat has announced that it has partnered with Its On Us, a non-profit organization, to combat sexual harassment in colleges.

Can You Share Live Location On Snapchat?

Can You Share Live Location On Snapchat

You can post your live location on Snapchat by visiting a friend’s profile with whom you would like to reveal your location in real time. Once you’ve opened the acquaintance’s page, you can scroll down to find your Share My Live Location button.

Snapchat will now display an alert pop-up about the new feature. Tap Sounds great! To start and select the date you would like the live stream to be shared with a friend.

Because the feature only works for friends individually, there’s no way to live-stream your location to several friends at one time.

If you share your live stream with your friend, they’ll be able to see the Bitmoji with a specific “LIVE” icon. However, the icon will not be visible to anyone else on the application.

The feature of Temporary Live Location on Snapchat is an expansion of the current Snap Map launched in June 2017, where you can opt-in to broadcast your location to your friends based on your choices, like all friends or selected friends.

However, Snap Map only updates the location information when users are using the app. This new feature is not the case since it will display your current location until the selected time.

Overall, the Temporary Live Location feature of Snapchat functions in the same way as you can communicate your live location to those you have in contact with on WhatsApp.

Where Can You Find Snapchat Live Location Sharing Feature?

You can spot the new Live Location feature by visiting a friend’s profile in the Snapchat application. You can allow location sharing with your friend. Be sure to install the most recent version of Snapchat. The Snapchat app is available on the App Store.

This is a noteworthy new feature on Snapchat, although it’s somewhat limited due to privacy and security issues.

How To Use Snapchat Live Location Feature?

How To Use Snapchat Live Location Feature

Here are the steps that you need to follow to share the Live Location feature on Snapchat:

  • You can open Snapchat and then navigate your profile for a friend you would like to share your travels with.
  • Once you’ve looked over your friend’s profile, then scroll down until locating an option to share their location. Share My Live location option.
  • Snapchat will now show an ad-hoc message informing you of the features available.
  • You can select by pressing Sounds Good! To proceed, select the time duration.
  • If you connect your live location to your friend, the location of your Bitmoji will show a distinctive “LIVE” icon. However, the symbol won’t be visible to others who use the app.

Wrapping Up:

If you tell your acquaintances that they’ll “text me when you get home” following an outing with them, Snap is looking to simplify keeping track of where each other is. Are you looking forward to using the brand-new Snapchat Live Location feature?

Do share your opinions on the newly added Snapchat feature.


Q. Can You Track The Location Of Someone On Snapchat Without Their Knowing??

The issue is how you find out how to track someone’s whereabouts on Snapchat without their knowledge. Do you think it is possible to accomplish this? It’s a good question, and the solution is yes. You can track the location of Snapchat users with the powerful application known as Aispyer.

Q. Can’t See Your Friend’s Live Location?

If you are unable to see the bitmoji of your friend on the snap map, the only thing you can be sure of is they aren’t actively using Snapchat for eight hours or more. There is another possibility that they’ve not activated the snap map at this time. However, if you’ve previously seen their image in the snap map, you should consider the first option.

Q. How Does Snap Map Work?

Snap Map uses mobile phone technology to determine the location of its users and then draw them on an interactive map in real time. It allows you to browse the map to find out your friends’ locations and see stories of others Snapchat users. Click on their avatars to view the snaps and photos they’ve shared.

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