Snapchat Plus Planets | Meaning And Order With Pictures Explained

Snapchat Plus PlanetsSnapchat Plus Planets

Snapchat has introduced Snapchat plus, a new premium subscription, which offers the users many new and improved features.  One such unique feature, that allows the users to connect with their close friends is Snapchat Plus Planets.

Like WhatsApp Business and The Telegram, Snapchat has recently introduced Snapchat plus, on June 2022. This allows the users many benefits, which are not offered to regular subscribers.

Are you interested in enhancing your Snapchat experience?  Do you wish to know how close you are with your friends? Snapchat plus planets is waiting for you to be explored.

What Is Snapchat Plus Planets?

Imagine that you are the Sun, the center of the solar system.  You have a group of devoted planets, whose sole purpose is to rotate around you.  How great would that be? 

Snapchat plus Planets lets you run your own solar system.  Here you are the Sun and your closest most dearest friends are the planets that revolve around you.

Snapchat plus Planets makes this possible, based on your  interaction with your friends while using the application.  This shows a list of 8 friends who are closest to you. It offers the user to see “best friends” or “friends” badge in the profile.

What are the Planets in the Snapchat Plus system: Snapchat plus Planets In Order

There are eight planets in the Snapchat Plus system.  The various planets in the order of their closeness to the sun (You) is:

Snapchat plus planets - the list

1.      Mercury

2.      Venus

3.      Earth

4.      Mars

5.      Jupiter

6.      Saturn

7.      Uranus

8.      Neptune

If you are the Sun, your #1 best friend in snapchat will be Mercury, your next best friend will be Venus. Your third best friend will be Earth and so on.

Comparing Friendship Value b/w Snapchat Plus Planets and Snapchat Application

The Snapchat plus planets shows the users how close they are with their friends.  It shows a “Best Friend” or “Friend” badge with a golden border.

Best friend :

The “Best Friend” badge indicates that the user is one included as a ‘planet’ in his friends’ list and his friend is found to be a ‘planet’ in the user’s planet list.


The “Friends” badge indicates that the user is included as one of his friends’ close friends, but they are not included in his list.

Snapchat plus – Friendmoji

Snapchat has designed a set of emojis that are designed based on you’re the solar system, in the order of their distance from the sun.  it begins with the planet closest to the sun, to the planet that is the farthest.

How To Know Your Snapchat Plus Planets?

Snapchat plus plants is estimated to be popular among youngsters who are eager to understand their friendship.  It shows them how close they are with each other. 

Step 1 :    Go to friendship profile of a friend

Step 2 :   Find “best friend” or “friend” badge

Step 3 :    Tap on the golden border.

Following the above steps helps you to know which planet you are in your friends profile.

If you are ‘Venus’, it means that you are his second best friend.

You should also remember that your friends can also view your planets and know how close you are to them.

The Golden Badge:

Snapchat plus planets uses the golden badge option to describe your friendship, based on your engagement through the app.  This badge has two options:

1.      Best friend : when both the users are actively engaging with each other, and are found in their list of planets.  This gives them the golden badge and highlights that they are best friends.

2.     Friends : when the user’s profile is found as one of the planets in his friends’ list, but his friend is not found in the users’ list of planets, they are termed to be ‘friends’.

Isn’t it exciting to know such new features are currently available?  Are you looking forward to using Snapchat Plus Plantes? Hurry and subscribe to snapchat plus premium.

How To Access The Snapchat Plus Planets Feature?

Snapchat plus the premium account can be subscribed by the following steps.

Open Snapchat app > go to your profile > click Snapchat Plus banner at the top of the page.

Snapchat plus planets - subscription

You can get a monthly subscription for $3.99, or a yearly subscription for $39.99. Users are also offered a 6 months subscription of $21.99. Although snapchat plus has a lot to offer, users should take into consideration that getting a premium account does not remove the advertisements found while using.

If the user is hesitant to spend before trying out what the application has to offer, he is offered a 7 days free trial

Steps for 7 days free trial:

  1. Update the app to enable snapchat plus availability.
  2. Launch the app
  3. Go to profile
  4. Tap on snapchat plus banner
  5. Select 7 days free trial
  6. Choose a payment method.

What Does Snapchat Plus Offer?

The premium subscription on Snapchat Plus offers its users “a collection of exclusive, experimental and pre-release features”. It offers a variety of exclusive features like:

Snapchat + Badge : 

 Snapchat Plus displays an exclusive star icon, which indicates that he has a premium account.  Snapchat also shows preference to users who have a Snapchat plus, when displaying their stories.

#1 BFF: 

Snapchat Plus allows the user to pin a friend as #1BFF on the top of the chat window.

Story Rewatch :  

Snapchat Plus allows the user to view the number of times their stories have been watched and rewatched by their friends.

Ghost Trails: 

SnapMaps allows users to view their friends’ location for the last 24 hours.

Snapchat Icons: 

Premium users are allowed access to over 30 new icons.

Priority : 

Stories posted by Snapchat Plus users are given more priority and displayed.

Emoji post view : 

 premium subscribers can set an emoji to be automatically displayed when their snap is viewed.


Snapchat Plus offers its premium subscribers, various unique bitmojis, that are not available to regular users.

Wrap Up

 Snapchat Plus Planets is a new addition that allows users categorize their friends into planets, based on their interaction.

 Snapchat Plus Planets is one of the coolest developments to the app. But, best friends in real life should be open minded and understand the fact that their friendship is evaluated solely on the basis of their engagement on Snapchat and has nothing to do with their real life interactions. 

Snapchat plus planets is a feature introduced for the users to have fun while interacting with each other.  They should keep in mind not to put too much meaning behind the order of their planets and list of friends, and put their friendship in jeopardy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Does Each Planet Mean On Snapchat Plus?

When you open the badge it will show you which planet you are in your friends’ Solar System. Each planet represents a specific position in your Best friends list.

Q2. What Does It Mean +1 More On Snap?

The +1 more represents that there is no connection, between you and your friend. You are not in each others friends list. The ‘+1 more’ will be displayed in your profile visible to all.

Q3. Can You See Everyone’s Location on Snapchat Plus?

Ghost Trails will let the Snapchat Plus subscribers to see where their friends use Snapchat, if they have chosen to turn on their location and share it.

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