Stability AI Launches AI Powered Music Generator: Stable Audio

Stability AI Launches AI Powered Music Generator

It’s time to generate some good music with the power of AI! Stability AI launches AI powered Music Generator for the first time! Now, this is not the first time that we are using an AI-powered music generator, OpenAI Jukebox is already ruling the market. 

Now that Stability AI launches AI powered Music Generator, can it become a worthy OpenAI Jukebox alternative? It’s time to find out what Stability AI brings to the table. Partnered with AudioSparx, can Stability AI make its mark as a powerful AI powered Music Generator?

Stability AI launches AI powered Music Generator on September 13, 2023, officially. As it claimed, Stability AI used state-of-the-art audio diffusion AI models to generate music. This tool is available for both individual and commercial use. 

Although Stability AI launched an AI powered Music Generator recently, this is not the first AI product created by Stability AI. A year back, Stability AI released Dance Diffusion, an AI tool that can generate songs and sound effects based on the prompts. However, the R&D team never polished this AI tool and came up with a new product. 

Stability AI Launches AI Powered Music Generator

Stability AI launched Stable Audio just a couple of days ago and is already receiving huge applause. This new tool is the beginning of a new journey for Stability AI and they are already under a lot of pressure as they never managed to ‘’finish’ their last AI project Dance Diffusion.

Stability AI launches AI powered Music Generator – Stable Audio that can generate original high-quality audio with 44.1 kHz stereo. It is officially claimed, “It uses a latent diffusion for audio model, trained on data from AudioSparx, a leading music library.”

Ed Newton-Rex, VP of audio for Stability AI mentioned in his Techcrunch interview, “Stability AI is on a mission to unlock humanity’s potential by building foundational AI models across a number of content types or ‘modalities,’”. Further, he added, “We started with Stable Diffusion and have grown to include languages, code and now music. We believe the future of generative AI is multimodality.”

Stable Audio is trained on “audio metadata as well as audio files’ durations”, it claims to process an almost 1.2-billion-parameter model that helps to gain more distinguished control of the content as well as the length of generated audio. 

Stable audio is trained with over 800,000 audio files that contain music, single-instrument stems, sound effects, and text meta-data provided by AudioSparx. The data set that used to train Stable audio consists of more than 19,500 hours of audio!

It was rumored that Stable Audio was developed by Harmonai. However, it is not! The fact is, Harmonai now works as Stability’s AI music research arm, and Stability’s audio team was formally created in April and came up with a new AI generative tool Stable Audio inspired by Dance Diffusion.

Newton-Rex said in the interview, “Dance Diffusion generated short, random audio clips from a limited sound palette, and the user had to fine-tune the model themselves if they wanted any control. Stable Audio can generate longer audio, and the user can guide generation using a text prompt and by setting the desired duration,”. He also claimed, “Some prompts work fantastically, like EDM and more beat-driven music, as well as ambient music, and some generate audio that’s a bit more ‘out there,’ like more melodic music, classical and jazz.”

How To Use Stability AI?

Now that Stability AI launches AI powered Music Generator, you must be curious about how to use Stable Audio. Here, follow the steps below and start with the free version and upgrade to the paid plan anytime:

Step 1: Open the Stable Audio Website and click on the ‘Try it out for free’ button at the top right corner. 

Step 2: Next, you will be asked to choose your Gmail ID to continue with. Choose your mail ID to proceed. 

Step 3: After that accept the Terms and Conditions and hit the Next button. 

Step 4: It may take some time to open the ‘Generate’ page as a huge wave of traffic is crashing the site now.

Step 5: As soon as you land on the Generate page you can start placing specific prompts and generate your original music with AI-powered Music Generator Stable Audio. 

Stability AI Prompt

Stable Audio encourages you to play with prompts and find out what goes best for you. When creating an ideal prompt to generate you should keep four important things in account- 

1. Add Details

Whether it is about the genre or the mood, add as many details as possible. If you have anything in your mind, just add it! 

2. Set The Mood

Stability AI launches AI powered Music Generator that can read your prompt for ‘mood’ and generate music accordingly. For instance, if you want groovy music, rhythmic or emotional, just mention the same in the prompt. 

3. Choose Instruments

Do you like Swelling Strings or Reverberated Guitars? According to Stable Audio guidelines, “adding adjectives to instrument names is helpful”! So, be specific with the instrument and how you want it to play. 

4. Set BPM 

If you want the correct tempo for your music, choose the beats per minute [BPM]. it can help you to manage time and maintain the genre. 

Stability AI Pricing 

Stability AI launches AI powered Music Generator free version! Unlike many AI-powered Music generators, Stable Audio comes with a free version. With the free version, a user can create limited music, but, it is a great opportunity to try this new AI-powered Music generator.

If satisfied with the free trial version, you can upgrade it to ‘Professional’. The Professional package comes for $11.99 a month. This package offers 500 monthly trac generations. The track duration is up to 90 seconds. Moreover, this package includes a Commercial use license. 

The ‘Enterprise’ package is also available for organizations. Entrepreneurs can connect with Stable Audio and get a custom package depending on their requirements. 


Stability AI launches an AI powered Music Generator and it is too tempting. We are already using AI generative tools to generate videos and images, so why not music then? From now on, if you wish to create your own music, all you need to do is write some specific prompts and generate the music with AI! But, does it mean, musicians are going to suffer? No! No matter how good prompts you are using, it is impossible to beat any humanly created symphony. However, Stable Audio could emerge as a promising aid for the musicians in future. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Is The Release Date For Stable Audio?

Stability AI launches AI powered Music Generator Stable Audio on September 13, 2023.

Q2. Is Stable Audio Free?

Yes, Stable Audio offers a free version of the AI generative tool that comes with some limitations like generating limited music per month with a track duration of up to 45 seconds.

Q3. Can I Access Stable Audio?

Yes, you can access Stable Audio, from anywhere for free. All you need to do is log in to this AI tool with your email ID.

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