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Svipe Bot

All social media platforms are age dependent. You should be at least 15 years old to access any social media platform application. But sadly this doesn’t always happen. To resolve this problem on Discord, Svipe has joined hands with Discord. In this post, we will cover the Svipe bot.

The Discord platform hosts millions of servers and every day thousands of users are joining this different Discord server with age verification. But not anymore now. The new Svipe bot will help the communities and servers limit access to the content under age restriction and anti-bot control.

To add this great tool to your Discord server, just tap on the link on the Svipe bot. Then select the Discord server where you want to add the server and click on add server. Now Svipe bot will run on the server.

We will be discussing the Svipe Discord Bot. We will find the best Svipe Bot out there. How to add these bots to the server and what are their features and rules? So, without further ado, let’s start.

Svipe Discord Bot

The Svipe Discord Bot is a Discord bot with the most advanced identity verification tools that you can find in the market right now. It offers powerful tools that are focused on privacy and security. It is the perfect solution for the entire Discord application.

Svipe Discord Bot Link

To add the Svipe Discord bot to your server link, here is the official link to the Svipe bot.

How To Add Svipe Discord Bot To Your Discord?

To add the Svipe Bot to your Discord Server go to User List > Select Svipe Discord Bot > Add to Server > Select Server.

Step 1: Go To the user list on Your Discord account.

Step 2: Next, select the Svipe Discord Bot and click on it.

Step 3: Now, select “Add to server”.

Step 4: Next, select the server you want to invite the Bot to.

Svipe Discord Bot Server Rules

Here are the main commands that can be used in most of the Svipe Discord Bot.

  1. This server does not distribute free Nitro, Badges, or other prizes. 
  2. Do not ping anyone in here for free Nitro or any other giveaway items you may have been sent here to claim. If you received a DM saying that Discord HypeSquad, Partners, Moderators, etc. wants your application, it is fake. 
  3. Discord will never send official communications via DM from a user account or bot. 
  4. The staff members in this server cannot moderate Trust & Safety issues. 
  5. This is not a general support server. 

How To Verify Using Svipe Bot?

Once you have added this bot to your Discord server, here is how this bot will work.

Step 1: You will need to download the SvipeID app

Step 2: Create an identity using your biometric passport or id document. 

Step 3: All of your personal information is stored on your phone only, and the procedure will only share:

Step 4: Your date of birth with the Svipe verification bot 

Step 5: The fact that you are above 18 years old or not with the Discord server you are verifying to. When ready, go to the channel verify-role on Svipe’s discord server. 

Step 6: Press the “Verify now!” button

What Are The Other Services Provided By The Svipe Bot?

Svipe Bot

Svipe ID company does not merely provide the age verification bot for the Discord servers, rather there are other services as well that can be purchased from the company.

1. Svipe ID App:

The app version of the Svipe ID remains a handy feature of the svipe. All the features can be accessed throught the app conveniently.

2. Discord Verification Bot:

With the Discord verification bot, you can have each and every member registered on the Svipe ID, and all the users on the server will be verified by the Svipe ID.

3. NFC Document Scanning:

With the NFC scanning feature in the Svipe app, you can turn any document into a digital version of the document. This will be stored on the chip and can be verified cryptographically.

4. Trusted Verification:

You can verify certificates of more than 100+ authorities globally to ensure they are correct and legit.

5. Verified ID Document:

You can get your documents verified by the biometric ID and receive the verified ID credentials.

6. Biometric Verification:

You can use the biometric verification of the users to ensure that legitimate users are using the apps or data. The data is cryptographically signed and uses advanced AI to perform the scan.

7. Unique User ID:

The Svipe provides a unique ID to the users that will remain unique globally and can be verified anywhere.

8. Identity Wallet:

You can use the Svipe identity wallet to access sensitive information like medical certificates and other documents.

9. Reverify Credentials:

This tool of the Svipe bot will allow you to reverify the users every time. This can be done by facial verification, document chip re-verification, or using both.

10. Verify Age:

With the tool, the users have to prove their age by disclosing their identity and other verification. This will ensure kids are not exposed to the wrong content.

Wrapping Up

Here we conclude our post on Svipe Bot. This bot is very useful and should be added to each and every browser. This will prevent the information from reaching the target audience and no underage user will have access to this information. If you find this post useful, share it with others. Visit Deasilex for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I Verify Multiple Discord Accounts?

No, you cannot use one Svipe ID to verify multiple Discord accounts. You can use one multiple Discord account to verify only one Discord account. But you can join multiple servers based on that single account.

Q2. What Will You Gain By Verifying?

Your server’s verification settings will determine this. As soon as you successfully verified your Svipe account, you were assigned specific discord roles. It is up to each guild admin to decide how to restrict access to their content based on these roles.

Q3. What Are The Documents Required For Verification?

You can use any valid id as documentary proof for the document verification on the Svipe bot.

Q4. Is Svipe Bot Available Everywhere?

Yes, the Discord bot is available everywhere. It is available in more than 144 countries.

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