Tapio Finance’s Discord | How To Join?

Tapio Finance’s Discord

Tapio Finance is currently serving as “the middle layer between LST liquidity and downstream DeFi applications”. So, if you are interested in blockchain and crypto you must be familiar with Tapio Finance. Let’s join Tapio Finance’s Discord to be up to date with the Ethereum (ETH) ecosystem.

Tapio Finance’s Discord is serving currently as one of the best communicating platforms where you can get all answers related to the Ethereum (ETH) ecosystem and liquid staking protocols. Hence, if you are giving a thought to investing in ETH for quite some time, then join the Discord server now! 

To Join Tapio Finance’s Discord Server

-open and log into your Discord account
-click on Tapio Finance’s Discord server link
-accept Invite

Although Tapio Finance’s Discord is now at the peak of its popularity, there are some people who are trying to use this Discord server to run phishing actions. Jul 14, 2023 Tapio Finance officially accepted the Discord security breaching issue on Twitter and they are on a mission to keep the server clean from then on. 

What Is Tapio Finance’s Discord Server?

Tapio Finance’s Discord is the official Discord server launched by the famous Tapio Finance services. Tapio Finance is renowned for maintaining “a stable peg with ETH ensuring stability and the freedom to redeem or swap for native ETH without uncertainty”

This financial group strengthened its bonding with the ETH investors via different social platforms including Twitter, Telegram, and Discord. However, Tapio Finance’s Discord server has gone through a serious security breach recently. Tapio Finance Tweeted Jul 14, 2023, admitting the Discord security breach, and created another Discord server for the sake of the users. On their Twitter, they have urged users not to click any links on Tapio Finance’s Discord. Yet, many users have already clicked phishing links and lost unspecified amounts of cryptocurrencies. 

Is There Tapio Finance’s Discord Server?

Tapio Finance launched another official Discord server soon after their first Discord server was breached. Now you can find the new Tapio Finance’s Discord server link online as well as on their website. 

Tapio Finance’s Discord Server Link

Tapio Finance is trying its best to gain the trust of Discord users again after they suffered the breaching issue. If you are trying to join Tapio Finance’s Discord server, the news is, the old server link is now invalid. Tapio Finance has created a new Discord server for the benefit of the user and is trying its best to keep it clean. You can find the new server link on their official Twitter page or on their Website. However, now that you are already on this blog, you can save time and just find the official Discord server link for Tapio Finance under this section. Here is the official Discord server for Tapio Finance that you are looking for: 

Tapio Finance’s Discord Server -Click To Join

How To Join Tapio Finance’s Discord Server Link?

How To Join Tapio Finance’s Discord Server Link?

To join Tapio Finance’s Discord server, Open > Log into your Discord account > Click on the Discord server link > Accept Invite > Verify Google Captcha > Verify your Phone number > Agree with the server rules > Submit.

If you are looking forward to joining Tapio Finance’s Discord server, let us help you with your task, because the official Discord server for Tapio Finance now has more security layers than before. Follow the quick guideline below and join the Discord server easily:

Step 1: Open and log into your Discord account.

Step 2: Click on Tapio Finance’s Discord server link shared with you above in this article. 

Step 3: Click on the Accept Invite button. 

Step 4: Verify Google Captcha and prove you are not a robot.

Step 5: Verify your Phone number and agree with the server rules.

Step 6: Click on the Submit button.

Done! You have joined Tapio Finance’s Discord server successfully. 

Tapio Finance’s Discord Features

Tapio Finance’s Discord server is a fast-growing finance Discord server on blockchain that already has 33,777 active members even after a security breaching incident. In simple words, the popularity of this Discord server is insane, however, if you are looking for more reasons to consider joining this crypto Discord server, here are some scoops for you: 

1. Join this Discord server and get the first update regarding ETH stake.

2. Generate assured rewards during liquidity with Tapio Finance. Claim reward on Discord. 

3. Share your concern or ask any questions regarding Tapio Finance and ETH on this Discord server. 

4. Find more ETH investors on this Discord server and share knowledge.  

5. Ask any questions regarding bitcoin mining and investment and get a chance to win more. 

Tapio Finance’s Discord Server Rules

Now that we were already discussing Tapio Finance’s Discord security breach, Tapio Finance’s Discord server is now more concerned with its security. In fact, to join the official Discord server, now you have to go through multiple security checks. Even after joining the server, you have to maintain a few rules or you will be banned from the server immediately. Here are some of the important rules that you have to follow while being a valuable member of Tapio Finance’s Discord server:

1. You have to treat everyone with respect. No harassment, 5e*ism, racism, or hate speech will be tolerated. 

2. Self-promotion and spamming are prohibited. You are not allowed to DM other members. 

3. Constructive criticism is allowed; however, make sure that you are not hurting others’ feelings. 

4. You are allowed to send messages according to the channel’s topic. Do not deviate from the topic. If your action repeats, you will be removed from the group immediately. 


Everybody is now investing in Bitcoin. If you are not trading in ETH and the reason is a lack of knowledge and trust in any company, you can go for Tapio Finance. Tapio Finance is one of the leading companies that is keeping the trust of Crypto investors. Join the Discord server of Tapio Finance so that you can have all answers prior to investing with them. Got a question? Drop it in the comment section. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. What Is TapETH In The Context Of Tapio Finance?

TapETH deals with rewards generation and the claim is related to Tapio Finance’s App. TapETH can also be auto-compounded by using tapETH within a downstream application.   

Q2. Tapio Finance’s Discord Server Link Is Not Working, How To Fix It? 

If Tapio Finance’s Discord server link is showing invalid, it means you have an outdated link. Find the current server link on Tapio Finance’s official website or in the article [above]. 

Q3. Is Tapio Finance’s Discord Server Safe To Join?

Yes, Tapio Finance’s Discord server is now safe to join. Tapio Finance has closed its old server that was compromised. The new server is secured to join and all crypto enthusiasts are welcome to join here. 

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