The Orbiter Finance Discord | How To Join?

The Orbiter Finance Discord

Investing in Cryptos is one of the most profitable investments. But when it comes to liquifying the cryptos, its mining charges and the transfer charges are high making it less profitable. Orbiter Finance Discord server can help you to earn more profit from the Cryptos.

Orbiter Finance is a company that helps users to transfer and liquefy Ethereum-based assets without having to mint them. It creates a direct connection between the user and the sender. The transfer takes place instantly without any risk. There are different security levels on Orbiter Finance, making it more secure for such transactions.

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To join the Orbiter Finance Discord server, click on the official Orbiter Finance Discord server link,  accept the invite, check on the I am human box, and verify the captcha.

If you have any Crypto assets and want to liquefy them, then you can check out Orbiter Finance and find out the difference between Orbiter Finance and other platforms.

What Is The Orbiter Finance Discord Server?

Orbiter Finance offers the transfer of assets purchased on the Ethereum blockchain into real-world assets. Orbiter is a bridge between the Cryptos and the real-life world. The transfers are safe and instant. You can now liquify the Ethereum-based assets without having to mint them.

Orbiter Finance has also launched a Discord server which can help the users to remain in touch with the Orbiter Finance admins and can report any issues with the team. Here are the features of Orbiter Finance.

  1. It is completely safe to use Orbiter Finance. There is no risk or any other safety issue with this platform.
  2. Orbiter Finance is cheap and instant. The transfer of funds is done instantly and the charges of the platform are very less as compared to the other platforms.
  3. All the Ethereum-based assets are supported on this platform.

Is There The Orbiter Finance Discord Server?

Yes, there is an Orbiter Finance Discord server. The server is open and anyone can join the server for free. Orbiter Finance supports the following Cryptos.

  1. Ethereum 
  2. Starknet
  3. zkSync
  4. Loopring
  5. Arbitrum
  6. Arbitrum Nova
  7. Optimism
  8. Ploygon
  9. BNB Chain
  10. ZKSpace
  11. Immutable X
  12. dYdX
  13. Metis
  14. Boba.

The Orbiter Finance Discord Server Link

If you are using the Orbiter Finance Discord servers for your transfers, then it is recommended that for you to join its Discord server as well.

Here is the official Orbiter Finance Discord server link.

How To Join The Orbiter Finance Discord Server Link?

If you are curious about joining the Orbiter Fiance Discord server, here is a complete guide for you.

Step 1: Log into your Discord account from your web browser.

Step 2: Now click on the Orbiter Finance Discord server link.

Step 3: Once the link opens, click on the accept invite.

Step 4: Verify the captcha if prompted and you have successfully joined the Orbiter Finance Discord server.

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The Orbiter Finance Discord Features

Here are the features of the Orbit Finance Discord server that you can enjoy once you join the server.

  1. There is a Welcome channel on the Orbiter Discord server where all new members are welcomed.
  2. In the verified channel, you will find the rules of the server. You can react to the message and this will verify you. Read the rules of the channel and follow them on the server.
  3. The Orbiter Finance Discord server has an Announcement channel where all the official announcements are made.
  4. In the resources channel, you will find the official links to the different websites of Orbiter Finance. It includes the official website of Orbiter Finance, Twitter, Reddit, Youtube, Medium, and GitHub.
  5. There is also an FAQ channel where some important questions about Qrbiter Finance are answered. You can check out the channel and read the answers to the questions.

The Orbiter Finance Discord Sever Rules

Every Discord server has its own rules and every member of the server has to follow these rules. Here are the rules of the Orbiter Finance Discord server.

  1. It is not allowed to post any kind of ads on the server. As well as in any channel of the server.
  2. Spamming is not allowed on the server. Any kind of spamming is strictly banned and the member will be banned from the server.
  3. Do not send messages to promote your products or services on the server. Any such DMs will result in the server ban of that member.
  4. No toxic offensive behavior is allowed on the server. Treat everyone with respect and do not indulge in unnecessary discussions.
  5. Use good language and speak to everyone in English language only.
  6. If you are receiving any messages claiming from the Orbit, do not trust such messages. Orbit never sends any tokens or airdrops.
  7. Be kind to everyone on the server and have fun with the other members.
  8. Advertising of any kind, including invites to other servers, outside companies and services, other games, and any endeavor that generates a profit is not permitted on the server.
  9. It is not allowed to post or discuss illegal, inappropriate, or harmful content on the server.
  10. Refrain from sharing any personal information on the Server so that your identity and privacy are protected. This also applies to disclosing the private information of another community member; doing so is not just viewed as malicious behavior but also a violation of the Terms of Service, which are take very seriously.


Orbiter Finance Discord can be very helpful to earn more profit from the Cryptos and its assets. You can sell the asset without minting it and this can help you to save the gas fees involved in minting any such assets. The security and safety of this platform is very strong.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Is The Safety Of Orbiter Finance?

Orbiter Finance has three types of Smart contracts in its security model, 

  • MDC – Make Deposit Contract
  • EBC – Event BindingCcontract
  • SPV – Simple Payment Verification

Q2. Which Cryptos Are Supported By The Orbiter Finance Discord?

Here are the Cryptos that are supported on Orbiter Finance. Ethereum, Starknet, zkSync, Loopring, Arbitrum, Arbitrum Nova, Optimism, Ploygon, BNB Chain, ZKSpace, Immutable X, dYdX, Metis, Boba.

Q3. How Much Is The Fee Of Orbiter Finance?

Orbiter Finance charges 0.03% of the amount of transfer as its charges.

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