5 Tips for a Successful Product Pitch Deck and Presentation

Tips for a Successful Product Pitch Deck and Presentation

If you’re an entrepreneur with a product to pitch, you need to know how to approach investors. A business plan is important for any startup, but knowing exactly what the investor is looking for in your presentation is equally crucial.

A pitch deck is just like making someone see your dream and lively you make it, it’s your ability. Dreams could be vivid or vague and it depends on the impact it leaves.

Here are five tips that can help increase your chances of getting funding through a great presentation and pitch deck.

1. Build a presentation that caters to their needs.

Investors have to look at hundreds of potential deals every year, so chances are they’ll be looking for the best investment opportunity presented in an easy-to-digest fashion. In order to do that, you need to build a presentation that incorporates key elements from your business plan. Your presentation should include:

  • The big problem you’re trying to solve and why it is a priority for the investor.
  • A detailed explanation of how your product works, its benefits, and who it appeals to most.
  • What makes your business model unique and what steps do you take to make it work.
  • Financial projections.
  • A research report from a credible source indicates that there is a demand for your product.
  • The founders’ backgrounds and role in the company.

2. Show them why they need it.

As an investor, you’re going to be looking at tons of different opportunities every year, so chances are one pitch isn’t going to stand out by itself. Hitting the right notes is important, but showing them why they need your product is even more vital. A great way to do this is by using specific examples of how their lives will be made easier with your technology in place. You can also do some customer development ahead of time to see what resonates with your target market.

3. Don’t forget to include plans for growth.

Not every business idea is scalable, but if yours is, you’ll need to show the investor how you plan on expanding upon it in the future. Without steady growth and an endless stream of revenue, it’s unlikely that an investor is going to be interested in growing your company.

4. Put yourself in the shoes of the decision-maker.

As you’re putting together your pitch, don’t forget to take situations like this into consideration:

  • An investor says they are interested in what you have to offer, but needs you to meet with one of their colleagues.
  • An investor says that your plan is great, but they need to talk it through with the rest of their team.
  • An investor tells you that they like what they see and want to take the next step, but they don’t have any money in this fund.

5. Stay persistent.

If you don’t get a response from one investor, keep going. There are thousands of investors out there and you might have to contact a few dozen before someone is ready to say yes. Don’t give up.

Tips On How To Make Your Pitch Design Visually Appealing

It’s always great when you get your pitch designs approved but sometimes, it feels like the client is not getting your ideas at all. What to do when you want to make your designs more appealing? Here are some tips.

First Tip

Don’t feel like you need to focus on making things pretty all of the time in order to get your designs approved. A lot of times, things will be changed when they go into development but that doesn’t mean that the client didn’t like what you designed in the first place. Work with your clients and understand their needs. Don’t jump to conclusions.

Second Tip

Your clients don’t need to understand what you’re trying to say. Pitch design is not the same as a presentation where everything should be explained. You just have to give enough information that they can imagine what you designed and then move on with the meeting. It’s essential that your designs are understandable, clear, and concise so if it doesn’t, you should work on them.

Third Tip

It can be a pain to explain your ideas and concepts but if you use them the right way, they will make your pitch design more appealing and visually attractive. To do this, don’t forget about storytelling and metaphors because people identify with stories and things that make sense to them emotionally.

Fourth Tip

Branding can be a great way to make your pitch design more visually appealing because it’s about consistency and keeping the same elements in every project you’re working on. While branding can be a pain to implement, if you use it properly, it will not only look good but will provide your clients with a sense of familiarity when they see your designs. The more you work with someone, the better it gets because they will eventually learn to trust you and what you say.

Fifth Tip

Remember that your pitch design needs to be perfect for your presentation but not all the time in development. Sometimes, things change when it goes into development so don’t expect everything to go the way you want it. Don’t be afraid to work with your clients and discuss things because that’s why they hired you anyway, for your expertise.

Sixth Tip

It might seem like something really simple but make sure you spend enough time designing your pitch presentation. It doesn’t matter what kind of project it is, spending enough time on your designs means that you care about the final result and will definitely work harder. Don’t rush things or half-ass your projects because when they turn out mediocre, it reflects badly on yourself and your company.

Conclusion With A Bonus Tip

A great tip when making the best pitch decks is to use Venngage — an online infographic maker that offers various pitch deck designs for everyone. To give you an idea, here are some pitch deck examples from their website!

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