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Top Indian Travel Youtubers You Should Follow

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You love to travel but can’t get out of your home due to the coronavirus pandemic. Don’t worry! You can still visit any place with just a click on your smartphone. Here, we have disclosed the top Indian travel Youtubers that will make you explore the world through their shared travel videos.

As of now, you’ll find thousands of travel and food content creators on Youtube, but the list of Indian travel vloggers we are going to share in this article has thousands of subscribers with millions of views on their channel. 

The best Indian travel Youtubers are Mohammad Salim Khan(MSK), Varun(Mountain Trekker), Anmol Jaiswal(visa2Explore), and a lot more.

We have discussed more about these Youtubers in detail so that you’ll get full knowledge about the number of subscribers on their channel, the total number of uploaded videos, and much more.

Top Indian Travel Youtubers You Should Follow in 2021

The list below has been mentioned in the decreasing order according to the number of subscribers a Youtuber has on its channel.

MSK – 1.4 Million Subscribers

MSK is a YouTube channel run by one of the top Indian travel YouTubers, Mohammed Salim Khan. He enjoys travelling with his friends, riding bikes, trekking, and shares his experience by uploading videos on YouTube. As of now, MSK has 1.4 million active subscribers. The uploaded videos are just 611 while views on them are more than 200 million.

Mountain Trekker – 1.38 Million Subscribers

The owner of this YouTube channel is Varun. He quit his job to follow his dreams and now is a successful full-time traveller. Varun loves to explore new places and meet new people while travelling. According to Varun, his dream is to inspire people with his travelling videos so that they also explore this beautiful world. Talking about the videos, there are a total of 381 uploaded videos with total views of 100+ million.

visa2Explore – 1.14 Million Subscribers

This YouTube channel is all about travelling and exploring different types of foods. Visa2explore was started back in 2014 with a view to helping many people who travel to the destinations the creator has been to. The main travelling playlists on this channel are Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Mussoorie, Rajasthan, and Himachal Pradesh. The total views on this channel are more than 200 million whereas uploaded videos are just 301.

Indian Backpacker – 924K Subscribers

Indian Backpacker is also run by one of the top Indian travel YouTubers. The name of the creator is Anmol Jaiswal who has done his graduation from Delhi University. Anmol shares his experience through videos and shows how to explore the world with minimum expenditure. The total number of videos on this channel is 219 and views are over 100 million.

Exploring India – 691K Subscribers

This YouTube channel has just 261 videos which are uploaded by Rajesh, the owner of this YouTube channel. The creator of this channel loves to explore different places, especially haunted ones. You can see several playlists on the Exploring India YouTube channel. Some of those are exploring Visakhapatnam, Kedarnath trek, unplanned trip, and exploring Gwalior. The total views on this channel are more than 50 million.

Travel India With Rishi – 682K Subscribers

This channel is run by Rishi who is a resident of Bihar. On this channel, Rishi uploads not only travelling videos, but also uploads food, culture, festivals, and historical places videos. He has a keen interest in the Indian railway and shares information about the Indian premium trains. Talking about the videos, there are 301 uploaded videos and videos on them are 20 million.

Tanya Khanijow – 600K Subscribers

There are a total of 121 videos uploaded on this channel while views on them are more than 30 million. Taniya Khanijow is one of the top Indian travel YouTubers and she started this YouTube channel of the same name in 2012. She is a travel vlogger and most of the time, she travels solo and makes video films in order to upload them on YouTube.

Passenger Paramvir – 241K Subscribers

Paramvir Singh Beniwal is the owner of this channel and he joined YouTube in 2013. Although he is a traveller, he also loves to learn new languages and speaks Turkish and German. As of now, Paramvir has travelled to Germany, Qatar, Denmark, Sweden, Netherland, Egypt, Belgium, UAE, and a lot more countries. The total number of videos on his channel are just 78 whereas views on them are more than 20 million.

Travelling Mantra – 189K Subscribers

Travelling Mantra is a travelling YouTube channel started by Manoj Malhotra on 19 March 2019. He lives in Delhi and as of now, he has travelled to 35+ countries so far. His love for travelling makes his YouTube videos worth watching. The total number of videos on this channel are 138 and views have crossed the 10 million benchmark.

Anirudh Singh – 60K Subscribers

Anirudh Singh is a resident of Agra and he created a YouTube channel of the same name in 2018. He loves to travel to new places and meet new people. The first video was uploaded in July 2019 and as of now, There are a total of 44 videos uploaded on this channel with 700K plus views.


All these are the top Indian travel Youtubers that you can follow in 2021 to kill your boredom. You can subscribe to their channel if you want to stay updated with the free travel content.

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