Top Metaverse Cryptocurrencies To Invest In Right Now

Top Metaverse Cryptocurrencies

If you are looking for the best Metaverse Cryptocurrencies to invest, in 2023 then you have come to the right place. In this post, we mentioned the top Metaverse Cryptocurrencies that are expected to give you high returns in near future.

As we know that the Internet is evolving itself at a rapid rate and soon we are going to step into the Web 3.0 era. This will be the era of the Metaverse. There are various companies that have already launched their Metaverse platforms. If you ask any market expert he would suggest you invest in the right Metaverse Cryptocurrency to get profit. But, the question here arises which Metaverse cryptocurrency is the best.

Well, if that is the scenario then leave all your worries to us because here we are with the post that will tell you the best Metaverse cryptocurrencies along with the unit price. But you have to be vigilant while investing in Metaverse Cryptocurrencies.

What Are Metaverse Cryptocurrencies?

What Are Metaverse Cryptocurrencies

To get a proper idea about Metaverse cryptocurrencies, we first need to have a look at what is Metaverse. 

Well, no set definition of the Metaverse is available. So, we dug up the pages from the past and went to the origin of the term. We expected to find the term in some research papers by some scientists. But, to our surprise, the term was first coined in the year 1992 by an author Neal Stephenson in his sci-fi novel, “Snow Crash”.

No, aren’t going to discuss the story of the novel. But, we are surely going to tell you what he meant by the term “Metaverse” in his book. He described Metaverse as the Virtual Space in which people could interact with digital objects. To enter the Metaverse people have to create their Avatars and then these avatars are controlled by the humans during the interaction. This Metaverse was developed by scientists to have escape from the mean and cruel world.

Years passed and the concept of the Metaverse has come into existence. Various companies working on the Metaverse concept have defined the term according to their vision of the concept. The underlying principle of the Avatars interacting with the digital objects remains the same.

Coming to the Metaverse Cryptocurrencies then as we said that Metaverse is going to be a whole new virtual world. Well, you can do almost everything in this new virtual world. You can go to clubs, attend a concert and also play games in the Metaverse. You can buy land in the Metaverse and build your own community. 

To do all these things you need to have a common currency that will be used on the platform. This currency is known as the Metaverse Cryptocurrency. 

Top Metaverse Cryptocurrencies To Invest In Right Now

1. Enjin Coin (ENJ)

Top Metaverse Cryptocurrencies

Unit Price: $2.69

Market Cap Value: $2,484,779,085

Enjin is another platform that allows users to buy, sell and store virtual goods. The platform offers the users the goods after they lock a few ENJ tokens into a contract. The players on the platform can trade and hold the goods as per the contracts. When the virtual goods are sold on the platform, the player receives the ENJ.

Just like the other Metaverse coins, there is a limit set to the production of the ENJ Metaverse coins. The issuing company has announced that only one billion ENJ will be produced and distributed among the players.

2. Axie Infinity (AXS)

Top Metaverse Cryptocurrencies

Unit Price: $98.44

Market Cap Value: $6,674,151,245

Axie Infinity is a Play To Earn Metaverse game that has got more than 25 lakhs players all around the globe. The game is played like the RPG games. You can build empires, compete with the contenders and search for treasures. The winner or the most engaging player in the game also gets the rewards from the Metaverse blockchain. The players need to obtain the tokens called the AXS to get the stake in the ownership and perform specific operations.

The platform makes use of the NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), the players can earn these NFTs from the game and then sell them outside the game. The selling price of these NFTs varies from $150 -$100,000. 

We know what you are thinking right now. How to earn these NFTs within the game? Well, you just have to play the normal game and compete with the other contenders to earn the monsters called the Axies. These Axies are the NFTs that can be sold.

3. Gala Games (GALA)

Top Metaverse Cryptocurrencies

Unit Price: $0.453684

Market Cap Value: $3,371,439,655

Gala Games has not got a very big history. The company was started in 2020 and it does not focus on specific games as some of the metaverse coins mentioned above do. In spite of this, the company develops the games that the users want to play, and recently they have introduced a feature that lets the player stake the metaverse coins in return for the rewards.

The developers have made sure that it becomes easier for the newbies to invest in the game easily. The company is going to release more games in 2022 and we can expect a huge profit.

Top Metaverse Cryptocurrencies Under $0.01

If you are looking for the specific Metaverse Cryptocurriencies that have a unit price under $0.01. Then here are a few names.

4. RING (Darwinia Network)

Top Metaverse Cryptocurrencies

Unit Price: $0.04487

Market Capital: $23,294,322

If you are looking for a short-term investment that will give you high returns in the future then RING is the Metaverse Cryptocurrency would be perfect for you. It is a cross-chain network that interlinks the Ethereum, Tron, Polkadot, and more. This usage area of Darwin Network is the games, Defi, Cross-chain NFT trading markets, and the short. 

5. UFO (UFO Gaming) 

Top Metaverse Cryptocurrencies

Unit Price: $0.00002854

Market Capital: $798,540,360

You know what UFO stands for in the real world. It is an acronym for Unidentified flying objects, the spaceships. Well, the name of this Metaverse cryptocurrency is enough to tell you about the Metaverse, which this currency is being used in.

The currency is used in the game where you own the planet and use these tokens to trade inside the game.

Top Metaverse Cryptocurrencies Under $1

Let us now have a look at the Metaverse Cryptocurrencies with the Unit Price under $1.

6. Star Atlas (ATLAS)

Top Metaverse Cryptocurrencies

Unit Price: $0.09

Market Capital: $205,417,599

As we are aware that Metaverse is not something that Virtually represents a world. It is beyond that, it is a Universe, and the Universe is not limited to land as discussed in the above Metaverse Cryptocurrencies. 

Star Atlas is a platform that provides the users the wings to explore the outer Universe full of stars and planets. As you enter the Star Atlas platform you will be provided with the spaceship that will take you to the outer world. You can explore the galaxies and develop the world according to your will.

Well, owning the spaceship is virtually easy but it is not free. You will have to buy the equipment in the game with the help of the ATLAS Metaverse coins. You can also use the ATLAS metaverse coins to buy the POLIS. POLIS is the in-game currency that will help you further in the game.

ATLAS on the other hand runs on the Solana Metaverse Blockchain. This Metaverse blockchain is as effective as the Ethereum blockchain but is relatively cheaper.


Top Metaverse Cryptocurrencies

Unit Price: $0.43

Market Capital: $818,099,300

WAX stands for Worldwide Asset Exchange. It is an eco-friendly blockchain that has the least carbon footprint. The blockchain can be used to collect NFTs and video games. The blockchain also allows bridging tokens to Ethereum.

If you wish to trade stocks in WAXP, then you can do the same at Binance, Upbit,, Huobi Global, KuCoin, HitBTC, etc. Binance is the most active exchange to trade in WAXP at the moment.

Top Metaverse Cryptocurrencies Under $10

Here is the list of the Metaverse Cryptocurrencies with the Unit Price under $10.

8. Decentraland (MANA)

Top Metaverse Cryptocurrencies

Unit Price: $3.29

Market Capital: $4,371,666,002

Well, talking about the Metaverse, we all know that it is going to launch a whole new Virtual Universe. So, here we present you with the best Metaverse Cryotocurrency that you must invest in. The name of the coin is Decentraland (MANA). 

You must be wondering why? Well, here is the reason.

Decentraland is a VR (Virtual Reality) platform that allows users to buy land, sell it, and do awesome things in the Decentraland’s Metaverse. You can also manage your virtual property on the platform. So, what would be a better option for the Metaverse users than to invest in Decentraland? After the Metaverse is successfully released, the Decentraland platform will allow the owners to create a new world of their own. 

To get access to the application, Pay for services and goods, and trade, you need to have the cryptocurrency called Decentraland MANA. 

9. The Sandbox (Sand)

Top Metaverse Cryptocurrencies

Unit Price: $5.18

Market Capital: $4,770,131,900

The Sandbox (Sand) is another platform owned by SoftBank, that lets the users buy and sell virtual property on its platform. Well, the announcement of the VR universe has given it a boast as well. 

You can buy virtual land, purchase property, trade, and do various other activities on the Sandbox platform. To get access to all these functions in the Sandbox you need to purchase the cryptocurrency called SAND. Currently, you can buy the plots in the Virtual world present on the Sandbox platform and build your empire on it.

It is estimated that the value of the Sand crypto will rise in the near future. So, we think it’s the best time to invest in the SAND metaverse cryptocurrency. Trading is not all that you can do on the Sandbox platform. You can also play and create your own games as well.

Wrapping Up

We have listed the best Metaverse cryptocurrencies that you must invest in right now. For your convenience, we divided the post as per the unit price of these Metaverse cryptocurrencies. 

Also, we don’t recommend you to invest in these Cryptocurrencies because they are subjected to risks. So, invest wisely and invest only the amount that you can bear if it is lost. 

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