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Transcribe AI Glasses For Deaf People

Artificial Intelligence has touched new heights with the introduction of the Transcribe AI Glasses for deaf people. The Transcribe smart glasses for hearing impaired will now let deaf people easily communicate with anyone and at any point of time. They are the subtitle glasses for deaf that will help to break any barrier and there won’t be any need for a sign language interpreter.

Breaking all the traditional ways of communicating with deaf people, Stanford students have recently introduced the Transcribe AI Glasses for deaf people. Though XRAI glasses for the deaf are already available with good XRAI Glasses reviews, the XRAI Glasses for the deaf cost quite high, and that is the reason users may adopt these new Subtitle glasses for deaf.

The Transcribe AI glasses for deaf people are Live caption glasses developed by a team of Standford students that allow deaf people to see the words of the speaker displayed in front of the glasses. 

The popular XRAI glass for the deaf costs around $379. So, users can try the popular Transcribe AI glasses as these Live Caption glasses are pretty cost-effective. So, let us explore every crucial information about the features and cost of the Transcribe AI Glasses for deaf people.

Transcribe AI Glasses For Deaf People 

The Transcribe AI Glasses for deaf people have been introduced by Madhav Lavakare and Tom Pritsky, two students from the Standford and Yale Universities. With these AI-based smart glasses for hearing impaired, deaf people can see what the other person is saying on the lenses. Though the XRAI Glasses were already introduced in the market, but they are quite expensive. So, users can switch to these AI glasses because just like the XRAI Glasses reviews are positive, they also have great reviews. 

The idea of creating something like a subtitle glass dropped in Madhav’s mind because one of his friends had to leave his school because he was not able to hear properly. As Madhav knew hearing aids are pretty costly and not perfect for everyone, so he started looking for a new and affordable way for that. Moreover, Tom also had hearing issues, so he also teamed up with Madhav to create these Transcribe AI glasses.

Transcribe AI Glasses Features

If you also wish to use the coolest Transcribe AI Glasses for deaf people, then learn the features of these glasses before using them. So, here is a list of the different features that you can enjoy with these AI-based glasses.

1. Heads Up

The Transcribe AI glasses have been designed exclusively for deaf people. With these amazing AI glasses, there are no chances that users miss out on any information. They can enjoy reading the captions while looking at the speaker.

2. Affordable

The best feature of the Transcribe AI glasses is that they are cost-effective and affordable for almost everyone. They have been truly optimized for cost-efficacy.

3. Comfortable

The stylish design of these AI glasses does not make them hard to wear. Users can enjoy the trendy design along with comfort. You can wear it all day as their target weight is under 30g/1 oz.

4. Flexible

The best part about the Transcribe AI glasses for deaf people is that they are extremely flexible. Users can enjoy the flexibility by adjusting the position of the captions as per their location. 

5. Caption Choices 

Users can enjoy the choice of captions with these AI-powered smart glasses as they can connect to their preferred speech to text software or live captioning source.

6. Convenient

One of the attractive features of the Transcribe AI glasses for deaf people is convenience. You can wear them anywhere and anytime to get subtitles for what others speak.

7. Full Control

Users can enjoy full control over these extremely stylish AI-powered glasses. They can control and change the caption font size at their convenience.

8. Minimal Eye Strain

Users need not worry and refrain from wearing these AI glasses because of eye strain because they can experience minimal eye strain by adjusting the captions to the right side on the top of the speaker.

Transcribe Glass Price

Now that you know the endless features of the TranscribeGlass, you might be worried that the TranscribeGlass might be quite expensive. However, you need not worry about that as these glasses are cost-effective. The first version of these glasses is being sold for $55. Well, the newest and final version is going to be released soon. The final version of Transcribe glasses will be priced around $95. So, users can enjoy buying them without being hesitant about the cost as they are much cheaper than many hearing aids and of course, the XRAI glasses for the deaf.

How To Buy The Transcribe AI Glasses For Deaf People?

If you are wondering about how and where to buy the Transcribe AI glasses for deaf people, then let us help you know that currently, the final version of these glasses is on the waitlist. So, you can check the official website of Transcribe Glasses as that is exactly where to buy the Transcribe AI glasses. You can navigate to the official website and find the Join the Wait List option. You can then click on that and join it to buy the glasses! 

Wrapping Up

The Transcribe AI glasses for deaf people have made people say goodbye to the traditional ways of communication. With a number of cool features and a stylish design, many users are attracted to these cool AI glasses. The smooth working and stylish design is comfortable and useful to wear. This life-changing innovation has definitely increased the love for technology among many users from around the world. So, if you also want to buy these AI-powered smart glasses for yourself or your friends, then hurry up, and join the waitlist today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do Smart Glasses Provide Subtitles For Deaf People?

A. Yes, there are several smart glasses like the XRAI glasses and the Transcribe AI glasses for deaf people that provide subtitles.

Q2. How Much Does Transcribe Glasses Cost?

A. The final version of the Transcribe glasses will cost around $95.

Q3. Are Subtitle Glasses Real?

A. Yes, the subtitle glasses are real as users who wear these AI glasses can view subtitles when someone speaks.

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