Truth Social Influencers And Companies Involved

Social Influencers and celebrities are involved before launching a new platform or brand. Seeing them opting for a new platform, creates positive vibes and a feeling of trust. This is a general marketing strategy that was also used by Donald Trump’s media and technology group before the launch of their new social platform Truth Social. In this post, we will look at how this strategy of Truth Social influencers and companies involved failed and what Truth Social Influencers said about it.

Truth Social was launched by TMTG on 21 February 2022. The launch was followed by many registrations that failed the servers. Eventually, a waiting list was created where users had to wait until they registered. This platform was launched in response to the ban that was imposed on Donald Trump from Twitter and Facebook.

TMTG shortlisted a few social influencers they could use to boost the audience at the launch time. However, some influencers reacted negatively to the emails received. Let’s discuss in detail the Truth Social Influencers and Companies Involved.

Which Social Influencers Were Chosen By TMTG?

Many influencers received emails from TMTG. However, few among them were openly anti-Trump. These influencers revealed that they received emails from the TMTG  to bid for the early sign-up to the Truth Social app. Two Truth social influencers highlighted this to the public.

1. Jeremy Jacobowitz 

Jacobowitz is a TikTok star with almost 159,700 followers. He revealed that he received mail from TMTG to reserve an early spot on the Truth Social with his preferred username or handle. Jacobowitz is openly anti-Trump, and he posts his videos and photos against Trump.

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2. Gillie Houston

Gillie is a food and travel writer and has more than 106,000 Instagram followers. She said that she never responded to that mail and is anti-Trump. She was also offered an early spot on the Truth Social app, which would be released to the public in February.

There will be a lot of influencers who might have also received the mail. However, they might have agreed to place their spot on the Truth Social app. Only these two influencers have revealed this because of their anti-Trump nature.

Which Companies Have Partnered With Truth Social?

As Truth Social is a rival to the big social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and youtube. All those companies which are rivals to these media platforms will join hands with Truth Social. Here are some companies that have joined Truth Social.

1. Rumble

Rumble is a Youtube rival. Rumble has announced to partner with Truth Social to provide infrastructure for the new app.

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2. Silicon Valley

Truth Social is also partnering with Silicon Valley artificial intelligence firm ahead of the launch. This firm will provide apps to integrate with Hive’s moderation technology.

3. Parler

A Twitter alternative raised $20 million funds for the launch and development of the Truth Social app.

4. Gettr

Gettr has around 4 million users, and it also contributed to the development of the Truth Social app.

5. Digital World Acquisition Corporation (DWAC)

DWAC has also announced plans to merge with Truth Social in October 2021. This company had a good spike in its stocks and shares after the merger, and it is forecasted that the company shares will increase by 60% in the next six months.

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 Wrapping Up:

We have discussed the Truth Social influencers and companies involved who merged with Truth Social to succeed. However, Truth Social is a rival social media launched against the famous platforms that have ruled the globe. So, it is obvious that many people will refrain from this platform. 

This platform is currently used by the followers of Donald Trump and his council members. Apart from this, as Truth Social gains its fame and provides what it promises to give i.e, censorship-free experience, this platform will be used irrespective of the rivalry and ownership of the app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why Am I Getting 1020 Error In Truth Social App?

Error 1020 is caused because of the firewall rule violation on a site that Cloudflare protects. However, if you try to access the Truth Social Website from outside the US, you will also face the same error.

Q2. How Much Does The Truth Social App Cost?

Truth Social app is currently available on ios devices only and comes with a monthly subscription. You can download it on the apple store, and it is free to use.

Q3. Is Truth Social A Paid App?

Currently, Truth Social is free. However, the users have to pay $4.998 every week to use the Truth Social platform. After spending that amount every week, the users will access daily news, quick profile verification, private groups, and a more organized feed.

Q4. How To Make Money On Truth Social?

There are a lot of ways of making money on Truth Social. Here is the list on making money on Truth Social.

  1. Sponsored Truths
  2. Sell your products
  3. Promotions
  4. Ticketed spaces
  5. Paid subscriptions
  6. Contests

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