10 Useful Apps Every College Student Should Have

Useful Apps Every College Student Should Have

As some states have started school, the first day of classes is fast approaching. For new students, the list seems to get longer. You don’t need to pack another box and it doesn’t cost anything. All of this can be done with an app on your phone.

As for help with studies, there are lots of professional services ready to help such as thesis help services.

Apps can help college students balance school and their personal lives as they move into a new world that allows them to do more. Apps can help students track their goals and incorporate lessons to prepare for college. Some apps allow students to take specific courses, and provide additional tools like a scientific calculator or a generator of citations. While everyone has their own preferences, there are certain apps that every college student should use.


College students often have to get up at a reasonable hour in the morning. However, for some this can prove difficult and lead to lateness to classes. Students who don’t like to wake up in the morning should download Alarmy, an alarm clock app.

Alarmy is a better option than using ten different alarms that have a 5–10 minute interval. It will help you wake up and stay awake to get the day started. Alarmy is different from standard phone alarms in that users must take a specific action whenever the alarm sounds. Alarmy requires users to take a photo at a preregistered location, complete a short exercise, or solve a brainteaser. Although it may seem annoying, when used properly, it can help students stay awake and prevent them from getting late.

Official App for Universities

Many colleges and universities have apps that track everything on campus. If they don’t push it during orientation then the marketing pitch will most likely come in the first week. It would be a good idea to download the app and listen to the university in this instance.

These apps are created by schools to assist students in getting used to their campus. You will find helpful resources such as an interactive map of campus, public transport routes for commuters (if campus has its own transportation system), and event calendars. Students can use the official university app to help them get settled back on campus.


The Quizlet app is a great choice for students and flashcard enthusiasts looking for apps to help with their courses. This free app allows you to access a variety of study tools, including quizzes, matching games, flashcards and standard flashcards.

Quizlet allows users to program their course information into a profile. Then, the app generates study sets from other students who are currently enrolled in the course or have previously taken it. These resources are available wherever the user is, even if the app has been downloaded to a mobile device.


To submit projects and assignments on schedule, it is important to have organizational skills. Trello, an app that allows users to create collaborative and personal boards that allow them to split projects into tasks and to-do list that can be checked off as they go. Trello is a personal organizing tool that helps students keep focused on the assignments in each class. It can also be used to create a workflow so that a project can be completed over a period of several weeks.

A single Trello board is a great way to keep everyone in the group updated on their progress. Users can also upload documents and links to help them with their tasks. Students should set up a Trello board to list things they need to do in the first week before arriving on campus. This will help them to determine if the program is right for them.


Writing assignments are part of college life, no matter what major students choose. Grammar and spelling don’t suit everyone. Even writers who excel at writing may need to have someone else look over their work for errors. Grammarly can provide that second pair of eyes for presentations and direct communications.

Grammarly is an online assistant for writers that checks for spelling and grammar mistakes, sentence structure, tone adjustments, and more. The Grammarly extension can be added to Chrome on the desktop. It will check for writing errors when you write on the internet. It will detect errors in writing when you use other desktop apps or browsers.


It can be difficult to get involved at a new school. This is especially true when there are hundreds of thousands of students attending the school with completely different schedules. Students are encouraged to participate in events and join groups on campus. GroupMe is a common app that allows communication between these spaces.

GroupMe, a group messaging app, is available for free on any device, including an Apple or Android smartphone. Students create GroupMe groups to discuss their classes. There are many things that can be shared in these chat rooms: class updates, study info, and general thoughts. This helps to keep everyone connected and, if necessary, you can chat directly with others in private messages. All of this can be done without sharing personal numbers with hundreds of students who are taking the same course.


Each university has its own way of organizing course information and assignments. However, if Blackboard is on the course syllabus, the Blackboard app should be downloaded. There will be everything for each class stored, so you can access grades, assignments and course information in one place.

Blackboard will allow professors to assign discussions topics, quizzes or tests. Students can download the mobile app to receive notifications about upcoming deadlines. They can also complete assignments in the app from their smartphones.


Although networking may not seem important in college, it is a great idea. LinkedIn allows students to create a professional profile, network with professors and professionals in their chosen field, and build a professional network. This app is separate from popular dating and social media apps. All actions on LinkedIn should be professional.

LinkedIn is a professional network app. Students are searching for other students who are interested in the same subject as them. It’s a great way to meet fellow students who are looking to establish study groups or professional relationships. You can also find job postings within the app.

Google Workspace/ Google Productivity Apps

Google takes a lot out of organizing work and coordinating teams to complete assignments. It is a good idea to store work in the cloud so that you don’t lose it. OneDrive is an option students have, but Google will allow them to access any work they might need for professional work.

Students can save their assignments automatically and access them from any device with Google Workspace. Assignments can also be shared to collaborate on group assignments. You will need to download the apps separately (e.g. Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drive, etc. You can save everything you do in each app to your drive.


Since the outbreak of the pandemic in 2020, online classes have grown in popularity. Zoom is essential for students who are heading to class in the fall. Zoom will likely be used by professors to stream lectures in an online course that is 100% or hybrid.

Students who have avoided Zoom over the past two years are now able to make the switch. Downloading both the Zoom desktop and mobile app will ensure that the program is always accessible. This will allow students to be available when they need it, whether they are running late for class or taking advantage of the online freedoms that come with online classes.

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