Using Java for Web Application Development

Using Java for Web Application Development

Java offers robust web development support. Java is often utilized at the server side, despite the fact that it was never a major hit on the desktop, with the noteworthy exception of Eclipse RCP-based applications.

Independent of the programming language you use, if you create a web application, you normally host it on a dedicated server (and not your local computer). People can access the web application on the server, where it is running. The server can be a real system with CPU, RAM, hard drive, etc., or it can be a virtual server, which is essentially a machine divided into smaller machines by software.

A Java web application is a combination of static resources and dynamic resources, such as Servlets, JavaServer Pages, Java classes, and jars (HTML pages and pictures). A WAR (Web ARchive) file can be used to deploy a Java web application. A WAR file is a zip file that includes all of the material for the associated web application.

Utilizing Java Technologies in Web Applications

It can be intimidating to see so many different technologies listed here. Remember that not all of them will be required. In actuality, a web application frequently consists of just one JavaServer Pages (JSP)-created page. Java web development company may occasionally mix three or more of these technologies. It’s important to understand what options are available to you and how to use each one in a web application, regardless of how many you ultimately use:

  • Java Servlet API
  • JavaServer Pages Technology
  • JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library
  • JavaServer Faces Technology
  • Java Message Service API
  • JavaMail API and the JavaBeans Activation Framework
  • Java API for XML Processing
  • Java Persistence API
  • Java Naming and Directory Interface

How to Create a Web Application in Java?

Using Java for Web Application Development

It’s crucial to correctly install Java, an IDE (such as Eclipse or Netbeans) for writing code, a server (such as Tomcat), a web container for Servlets, and a database (such as MySQL or Oracle), before building any web applications.

Eclipse can be used to configure Tomcat for simple application development and deployment. Locate the version of your Tomcat server by selecting Server Runtime Environments from the Eclipse Preferences menu. Indicate the location of the apache and tomcat directories as well as the JRE information for the runtime environment. Visit the server’s interface to create the server. And with that, we are ready to use the Tomcat server to construct and run our first servlet.

Servlets and Java Application Development

To process client requests and server responses simply and effectively, you can use servlets, a special kind of Java program that runs inside a web container (also known as a servlet container, like Tomcat and Jelly). I’m not going to take the time to carefully explain what a servlet is to you right now. To summarize, servlets serve as an intermediary layer between clients (often web browsers) and other server-side programs and are produced and destroyed by their containers rather than the developer (such as databases).

What advantages can Java web development services offer?

Java is one of the programming languages used to develop dynamic web applications. Given that the majority of notable organizations utilize Java web development services for themselves, it is not surprising that it holds more than 14% of the market. Although not the only programming language, it is one of the most widely used. Java is a popular programming language for building websites. Its materials are readily available since it is a well-known and established programming language.

One of its distinguishing features is the capacity of this Java to perform its routines on any operating system, including Microsoft Windows and macOS. It is an object-oriented programming language that runs on all platforms. If you hire java developers, they will advise you that choosing to use this language to create a website is the greatest choice: Back end & Front end Developer Salary Trends In 2021 [Market Research] — Devox Software. When utilizing Java codes on computers, tablets, or mobile phones, there are no issues.

It is also popular since it requires no extra work to make it compatible with multiple devices. The codes may be produced once and then copied and pasted elsewhere.


Digital material is created through web development. Anyone with an internet connection can access this from anywhere in the world. This involves developing applications of all sizes. It enables the use of computer language by web developers to produce dynamic, changeable content and services.

Java is one of these programming languages. Numerous leading businesses in their respective fields, including Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, and Linkedin, have selected Java development services.

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