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Vex Incursion Discord Bot

When a game becomes famous, the makers start releasing new updates and stages to keep the players busy playing the game. Destiny 2 is also a very popular game and Vex incursion Discord bot is a very important part of the game.

In the latest update of Destiny 2, the developers have created an attack that can happen at any time, and if the player wins, he will win armor. This has kept many players waiting for the attack to happen.

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To add Vex Incursion Discord bot to your server, click on the Vex Strike force Discord bot invite link and select the server where you want to add the bot.

Vex Incursion Discord bot is used to notify the players whenever the attack takes place. Apart from notifying, Discord bots are used to manage the Discord server. Check out for the rules violations and assist the members in the Vex strike force Discord bot.

What Is Vex Incursion Discord Bot?

Destiny 2 is a very popular game with its latest update Nightfall expansion. Users are cazy playing this game since it was released. This new update has a Vex Strike force which is an encounter at the new Neomuna’s location. This is a battle where suddenly the enemies will launch the assault and if the player wins, gets an Exactic armor drop. Most of the players miss the event because the event can happen at any time, and it is not possible for anyone to play or wait for the attack. For this, Vex Incursion Discord bot is very helpful. It keeps track of the Vex strike force, and once it starts notifying the user, it works as Vex strike force notification bot.

Vex Incursion Discord Bot Invite Link

Vex Incursion Discord bot can be added to the Discord server. This will add another bot the server and create commands in the server. The only requirement to add Vex Strike force Discord bot is that you should be the owner or creator of server. Then only you can add Vex Incursion Discord bot to the server.

Here is the official Vex Incursion Discord bot invite link.

How To Invite Vex Incursion Discord Bot To Your Discord Channel?

To invite Vex Incursion Discord bot to your Discord channel, you just need the Discord invite link for the bot. Click on the invite link and join the server.

How To Join Vex Incursion Discord Bot Server

Vex Incursion Discord Bot

If you own a Discord server, and you want to add Vex Incursion Discord bot to it, here is a guide for you.

Step 1: Go to the web browser and log into your Discord account.

Step 2: Now click on the Discord bot invite link.

Step 3: It will show you what can be done by this bot and on which server you have to install it.

Step 4: Select the server in the drop-down list.

Step 5: Click on continue. 

Step 6: You have added the bot to your Discord server.

Step 7: Now you can customize it as per your choice.

Vex Incursion Discord Bot Features

Here are the prime features of using the Vex incursion Discord bot.

  1. The best feature of the Vex Incursion Discord bot is that it notifies the user when the Vex strike force starts the attack.
  2. This bot is an assistant, and it can help you find any query in the server.
  3. You will also find the discussion and updates in the general incursion.
  4. Joining codes are also provided by the bot.
  5. You can also program the bot to perform some other tasks like removing unwanted messages.


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