8+ Best VR Games That You Can Play Without Controller

VR Games Without Controller

Who likes to play VR Games without Controller or freehanded? For all those who enjoy gaming without an actual controller here’s all that you are looking for. Not having anything like that controller in your hand that could intrude on your gaming experience, definitely counts for one great immersive escapade. 

The technology industry is growing rapidly, and extensively it is always progressing on polishing itself. It initially came up with the games you could play using a Virtual Reality Headset and now the Virtual Reality Games you can potentially play without using a controller. Technology in all possible ways is offering its users the comfort of gaming even while relaxing. 

Unlike the traditional methods of playing Virtual Reality Games, it has now become convenient for you to play VR Games without a Controller or completely hands-free. If you are looking for some enthralling and fun-filled games then there are a plethora of games available on the internet for you. However, we sort out the 8 best VR Games without Controller out of that plethora. 

So, in this article, we have found the 8 Best Roblox VR games that you can play without a controller either using Google Cardboard or any other inexpensive headset. With that said, let’s begin the article. 

Pros and Cons of Gaming Without a Controller 

Gaming is fun and interesting both with or without using a controller like that an analog stick or joystick.

Below are some reasons why you should and shouldn’t use a controller while gaming respectively.

Pros of Gaming Without a Controller

  • Amazing Controls 

An analog stick most often called the Joystick as well, is a “pressure-sensitive” device(can be fully pushed in one direction or only partially). Well, this could be of great advantage in racing games or games where controlled speed is more important. It’s also easier to move in more exact different directions and speeds with an analog stick, 

  • Easy in Handling 

Some users claim that controllers are more comfortable to hold because of the shape they are designed. They are much easier to use comfortably on the couch than a keyboard/mouse that is nearly always used on a desk.

  • No Complex Buttons 

In fighting games, when a lot of complex combos need to be executed, it could be more convenient to use a controller due to the closer-together placement of the buttons – although a keyboard has more buttons, controlling movement together with executing combos could be less ergonomic than a controller layout.

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Cons of Gaming Without a Controller

  • Fragile or Can be Easily Broken 

One of the biggest disadvantages of Gaming Without a Controller is, that the controller is too fragile. Games say that most analog sticks are very fragile, that if exerted more focus they might just break into two separate pieces and the entire gaming experience can be ruined. 

  • Can tire the arm

Prolong use of the analog stick can cause fatigue to the arm as you have to constantly keep your hand on the controller for movements and speeding in racing games. Although racing games are fun only with the use of a controller you are high to long-term injuries with constant and consistent use of a controller. 

  • Not Compatible with all Computers 

Vintage joysticks may be compatible only with the gaming system they come with. You may have trouble connecting because your operating system doesn’t recognize the device. If you prefer using your vintage joystick, then you need to have a USB or joystick port on your computer, along with an emulator.

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VR Games Without Controller 

Virtual Reality Games in themselves are quite engrossing and gripping and if it comes without any tangible hindrance. 

Here are some of the must-play VR Games Without Controller, for a fun-filled virtual roller coaster ride. 

1. VR Roller Coaster

VR Games Without Controller: vr roller coaster

Do you enjoy roller coaster rides? If yes then VR Roller Coaster is one of the best VR games to play without a controller and it’s available on both Android and iOS. This game gives you a real-life feeling of riding a roller coaster and to be honest it is just awesome. There are so many features in this game like speed slow down, inversions, and steep down which can be easily controlled by a headset. gives an eerily real-life sensation. So just download this VR game and you are all set to enjoy it without a controller.

2. Smash Hit 

This game serves all age groups. As the game proceeds, the player comes across an endless supply of balls to toss at the glass objects that break into pieces upon contact. You throw the balls by waving your head in the direction you want them to go. As this game builds intrigue so, in order to move on to other levels, you must clear each room of all glass objects during the gameplay. 

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3. Snow Strike VR

VR Games Without Controller: Snow Strike

It is sure that everybody likes snow, and have you ever wondered how cool it is to experience snow-fighting virtually? This game is no less than an ordinary shooting game and is indeed one of the best VR Games without Controller, at the enemies but here’s the thing the players are supposed to shoot with snow bullets. It is just a snow fighting game where you have to aim at the evil snowmen from your ice tower using your headset to remove the evil snowman and the enemies from your way to win and get ahead. 

4. End Space

VR Games Without Controller: End Space

This is a VR space shooter game that you can play using a VR headset. It features dual-stick steering, and it will be hard for you to find another game of this type. The entire concept of this game is to destroy the enemies in the aircraft while exploring the universe. It may not be an action game, but it’s still one of the best VR Games Without Controller.

5. Hidden Temple – VR Adventure 

Hunt for the mythic temple treasure in the VR adventure of a lifetime Well then Hidden Temple – VR Adventure is a point and click adventure game, where you can collect and combine items in order to do tricky puzzles and riddles and discover secret chambers. The graphics of the game are such that it is impossible to resist playing this game over and over again. 

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6. VR Haunted House – 3D

VR Games Without Controller: haunted house

Who doesn’t like gaming without thrill and horror? VR Haunted House 3D is a game that is all about paranormal activities and how you protect yourself from the ghosts to kill or get in you. This game takes place inside an abandoned room. It undergoes mystical events, and the player needs the courage to get inside and get rid of the ghosts. You should protect the house from restless guests and unusual monsters.

7. Froggy VR 

Rescue games are so engaging! Don’t you agree? This game is a typical rescue game that gets you on a mission disguised as a frog to find your loved one. Help the froggy in the virtual world to find its loved one, stolen by the evil alligator. Eat all the flies you want and look around the swamp as you explore it to collect as many points as you can. It is one of the interesting VR Games that come without a Controller.

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8. Darknet

VR Games Without Controller: Darknet

You can play Darknet and get the feel of Elliot Anderson from Mr. Robot without really getting into the wrong side of the law. The objective is to hack into various websites and infect them with viruses and other malware to steal their data. All of this has to be done before the authorities get any hint of what you are doing. You need to have a button on your VR headset to interact with all the hacking nodes and other items appearing in the game.

Wrapping Up

Here were the top 8 VR Games Without Controller. Now play without the stress of a controller and have a great experience at gaming altogether. Hope you had a good reading and found all that you were looking for and these are some of the Best VR Games without Controller. If you have any queries about it then you can feel free to drop your queries in the comment section below.      

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