Discord: Watch Stream Without Joining Channel!

Discord: Watch Stream Without Joining Channel

Discord is not letting users watch stream without joining channel. If you are watching the stream on Discord, you will be moved to the voice channel automatically! Now, this is where we are losing freedom on Discord.

It is evident that Discord is taking more control of the users’ accounts. If you are also looking forward to joining the petition to watch stream without joining channel, we understand your emotions. However, there is an easy way to watch stream without joining channel Discord. Let us share the secret with you!

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To watch stream without joining channel, you can use any third-party streaming service like Twitch, Mixer, or YouTube. Link your Discord account with the preferred streaming service.

Here is another convenient way to watch stream without joining channel! If you got the invitation link to join a stream, open it on a separate browser and then enable the “Watch without Joining” option. In this way, you can also watch stream without joining channel Discord. 

What Is Discord Streaming?

Discord is a multifunctional social media platform where you can play games and stream videos at the same time. Gamers love to play games on Discord with friends and stream their play on their Discord channels. This is the main reason why gamers are broadly joining Discord. 

If you are a gamer and want to show off your skill, you can record your game and share it on Youtube. However, this is an old-school method since Discord has been launched. Now gamers are streaming their live play with friends on Discord and Discord streaming also encourages them to join the chat and share thoughts. 

However, Discord is no longer letting users watch stream without joining channel. It has been years since Discord users are showing their frustrations on the issue. However; there are loopholes too! Let us share how pro gamers share and watch stream without joining channel!

How To Watch Discord Streams Without Joining The Channel?

Discord is now one of the most prominent platforms where gamers as well as other influencers communicate with their followers and broadcast videos. This text and voice-based chat platform has become popular in a short time and thousands of gamers chose to stream their live game on Discord. However, is it possible to watch stream without joining channel? 

Well, Discord is restricting users from watching streams without joining the channel. Whenever you start streaming, by default you will be added to the voice channel. However, if you are not comfortable with joining the voice channel every time you watch a stream, here we have a solution for you. 

When it comes to how to watch Discord streams without joining the channel, there are two easy methods we have found so far that can be used to watch stream without joining channel. Continue with the article and explore both methods: 

Method 1: Third-Party Streaming Service

In this method, all you need to do is choose a third-party streaming service like YouTube, Twitch, or Mixer and add it to Discord. Once the third-party streaming service is integrated with Discord, you can stream your videos and share the streaming session with your followers. Also, you can create a private channel, so that followers with the invitation link only can join in your streaming. 

When you stream videos on third-party streaming services, anyone can watch the stream without joining the channel, even if they do not have a Discord account! Here is what to do:

Step 1: Integrate third-party streaming service [YouTube, Twitch, Mixer] in Discord. 

Step 2: Open your preferred streaming service in Discord.

Watch Stream Without Joining Channel_1

Step 3: Search for your username.

Step 4: Click on the stream to watch. 

Method 2: “Watch Without Joining” Option

Although it has been criticized for a long time that no one can watch stream without joining channel, we have found that Discord is ‘actually’ allowing users to watch stream without joining channel! So, how to watch Discord streams without joining the channel? Let’s find it in the step-by-step guide:

Step 1: The first step is to find a streamer in Discord whose videos you like to watch. 

Step 2: Now, find and copy the streamer’s invite link. You can find it on the streamer’s profile. 

Step 3: Paste the invite link on any browser. 

Watch Stream Without Joining Channel_2

Step 4: When the page is open, enable the “Watch without Joining” option. By enabling this option, you will be able to watch the stream without joining the voice channel! 

Benefits Of Watching Discord Streams 

Being a gamer you should know how spontaneous it is to share live games. Streaming games is just part of your popularity. When it comes to recall the benefits of watching and sharing Discord streams, here are some points that we all Discord lovers consider: 

1. Connect With The Favorite Community: Whether it is Fortnite or Call Of Duty, watching Discord streams makes us more connected with our favorite gaming community. 

2. Develop Gaming Skills: Watching your favorite gamer can also help to polish your moves too! You can develop good gaming skills and learn tricks while watching Discord streams. 

3. Sneak Peek Of New Release: If you are watching the stream, you will be able to find the first look of the game updates in advance. Pro-gamers are sharing game updates every now and then on Discord. 

4. Make More Friends: Watching streams gives you a better exposure to more people with the same interest. This is one of the best ways for the gamers to reach more players and share tips with each other. 

5. Exclusive Content: Pro gamers are often sharing exclusive updates or gears on Discord streams. Watching streams will help you to be up-to-date with the latest gaming releases and news.


If you are interested in finding ways to watch stream without joining channel, there are many tricks under our sleeves. So far, we have shared two legit methods to access streams without joining channels. Now that you have come to the conclusion, as a bonus for our lovely readers, let us share another trick with you: use a browser extension! Now, try any of these methods, and do not forget to share your thoughts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I Watch A Discord Stream With A Mobile Device?

Yes, Discord is accessible on Mobile devices too! Just open any browser and open the URL to the channel and you can watch the stream live. 

Q2. Can I Chat In The Stream Even Though I’m Not A Channel Member?

No, you can only take active participation in the stream chat, if you are a member of the channel.

Q3. What Happens When You Press Watch Stream On Discord?

When you press the “Join Stream”, a streaming window will open and you will be joined in the voice channel automatically. 

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